Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Way. I Was Actually Tagged!?

     I wasn't planning on posting tonight, since I just got off of work. I was planning on posting tomorrow to brag about how awesome my week has been. But then something pretty darn awesome happened. Brett Minor of The Transformed Non-Conformist tagged me in his blog today. Not only is this amazing because I've never been tagged in anything on here before, but I was also mentioned in his friend's blog, The Train's Whistle, yesterday. I think I'm in shock.

     Anyways, the rules say that I have to answer eleven listed questions and then tag eleven people of my choice to answer the same questions. I have to apologize in advance if my answers kinda suck. I'm still in shock and I'm really, really, really excited right now. (This is like your favorite author talking about the book you wrote or something to that extent.)

1) Book or movie and why?

     That depends on the book and movie. For instance, you can't really get the same effects of a comedy story as you can watching a comedy movie. Though, I find some horror stories actually scarier than the movie. Usually, I'd rather just curl up with a book but I also love classic Disney movies. I guess I don't really know the answer.

2) Real book or e-book?

     Real book. I've never read an e-book, so this is probably a biased opinion though. I mean, I know e-books are better for the rain forests and every thing, but I just can't picture it being that great. Wouldn't it be almost the same as curling up with my laptop to read a story? That's the only reason I haven't read The Hunger Games to see what all the hype is about. They're waiting on my laptop but it just feels wrong. Plus, I tend to misplace things and it would really suck to misplace my entire collection of books.

3) Funniest thing you've done in the last five years?

     That really depends on your sense of humor. Some people may find the story of my wisdom teeth removal pretty funny while others might find the time I got in a fight with an old lady in a parking lot amusing. I don't really plan things but I also don't tend to think things through all the way. I don't even know what the funniest thing I've done this week was, but hey, you have two examples anyways.

4) Do you put yourself into the books you read/write or the movies you watch?

     Absolutely. I tend to get emotional over books, when something sad happens. I mean, the end of one book had be sobbing my eyes out just because the girl was leaving her best friend (in my defense, the character was a lot like me and I had just come to the realization my old best friend ditched me for new friends). Movies don't make me cry but I also haven't seen the last Harry Potter movie and that might make me cry just because it's the last one.

     I do write though. A lot. I have too many story ideas that I want to use that I have like fifteen started stories but nothing is finished. I tend to write in the first person, so I have to put myself into them. Plus, I take certain aspects of myself to give to each character. For example, my character Kodie has my temper and speaks fluent Bitch and Smart-Ass, like I do. [Wow, I made it pretty far without cursing in this post!] However, my character Charlie has my "I don't give a fuck" attitude and is easily amused. [They're both girls. For some reason, I like super pretty named like Charlotte and Dokota for girls, but I love them even more when they have boy-ish nicknames.] [They're also different characters from different stories.]

5) How would your best friend describe you?

     I don't know. I'll ask them and post it. {Posted at 11:35 pm.}

     Sis Said: Crazy, loyal, humorous. {Text received at 11:44 pm.}
     Brother Said: Rachel "The Punisher" Kathleen is a time lord born in 1288 serving her 7th century. In 1993 she met a scraggly old homeless man who was actually a wizard, so she turned him into a dog named The Big Dog. Then in 2007 she tripped into a pool of eternal youth, so she has to team up with Rob Schneider and Charlie Sheen to find the cure for hair loss. {Skype received at 1:04 am.}
     Sissi Said: Head strong and ambitious with a good sense between right and wrong-- beautiful on the inside and out. {Text received at 3:53 pm.}

6) Favorite car and why?

     Mustang convertible. Because I actually know what it is, it goes super fast, and I loved riding in it. [The only other car I can really name is an Avalanche, because my dad has one and I was there when he bought it.]

7) Would your choice of party be a catered meal or a barbecue out back?

     A catered meal sounds like it would be for something fancy and a barbecue out back doesn't sound that promising, since my mom breaks out the grill EVERY FUCKING WEEKEND [darn, already two f-bombs] during the summer. Then we live off leftovers for a week. Don't get me wrong, the food is good, but I can only handle so much barbecue and I'd rather my mom cook. (You know, there's nothing like home cookin', and such.)

     That leaves a catered meal, so I guess that's the answer. But in all honesty, both involve food and I like food. I'd probably be like "Oh well, so what if I had barbecue for six weeks straight? It's food!" and then race people to the table.

8) What's your favorite season and why?

     I love snow. We even sometimes get it down here in the south. See?
     But I really hate being cold, so not winter.

     I love watching the color of the leaves change in the fall and rain and the way some rain clouds look. See?
     But I really hate storms. Next to spiders, they are my biggest phobia. Heck, storms may even scare me more than spiders do. And it's not a secret how much spiders scare me. I talk about it all the time. [Like here and here and probably elsewhere, and in the future.] So not fall.

     I love the way things come back to life after winter ends. Things are always so beautiful. See?
     But again, I REALLY HATE storms. And math but that's a whole other story.

     I guess that only leaves one season: summer. The answer to nearly every person who goes to school or works in one. My answer is more because there aren't as many storms, my friends have more time (I'm in an online school so my schedule is different), and I'm not freezing my ass off. Ironically enough, I don't have a picture for it.

9) What specific lesson have you learned: Spiritual, educational, and occupational?

     Spiritual: God will always be there when you need Him, even if you don't know it yet or remember it at that time.
     Educational: I HATE MATH. I REALLY REALLY DO NOT LIKE MATH. I also lack the ability to do it. Does this even count as an answer?
     Occupational: As long as I don't have to get up early, I love working. I am not a morning person though.

10) Besides writing, what's your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time?

     I'm going to assume that the person who made this up isn't a stalker and just assumes that writing is a favorite hobby because I have a blog. That could be the best option for everyone here.

     I'm also going to assume that being with my friends and other family don't count either, since that's pretty obvious.

     That leaves me with working, playing with my animals, and badly singing along with CDs/music on my laptop while getting ready to go to work. But working doesn't count because that's not extra time, that's working. Getting ready doesn't count either because it's also not extra time.

     Playing with the animals, it is!

11) What's one place you can be found at least once every week?

     Being lost in my own mind, at any given place, at any given time... usually when I'm supposed to be listening to something.

The Blogs I'm Tagging:

     I don't think I actually have eleven blogs that I can tag, who I'm sure would pay attention or haven't already been tagged. I'll tag who I can though! (By the way, I'm following all of these people and you should go check out their blogs.)


  1. Thanks for the tag, Rachel!!! The pressure's on now! Be looking for my answers this weekend!

  2. YAY! Thanks for playing.

    I love a good storm AND have a pet tarantula. We might be enemies in real life. However, I do share your hatred for the cold. That may save a potential friendship.

    1. haha Thank you for tagging me! I had a lot of fun writing this. (=

      lol As long as you wouldn't chase me around with the tarantula during a storm, I don't think we would be enemies. Besides, hatred for the cold trumps the rest. haha

  3. Great answers! Thanks for the tag! If I can make it creative and story form then I would love to play. Not sure if I am that creative, but I will see if I can make it work...thanks!

    1. Thank you! =3

      I really hope you decide to try. I'm sure it would be great!

  4. Thanks for tagging me! :) I don't usually do these memes on my blog...not because I don't LOVE reading them on other people's blogs, but because I have a storytelling blog. But still, I really do appreciate the shout-out!

    1. Awww. I was hoping you would play!

      Thanks for stopping by to check it out though!

    2. Now I kind of feel bad. :( But honestly, I'm kind of boring anyway. Ha! And I totally put myself in books and movies. I mentally write in a new character for myself.

    3. Aww, don't feel bad! haha Your comments totally make it up to me! lol And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who does it. Half the blogs I've read that also answered the questions are like "...People actually do that?"

  5. Okay so I really excited that you mentioned me in your blog!!!! You did really great with the questions. I have been thinking about what I'm going to say but, I have been sooooooo tired from the weekend I don't think it will get down until tomm...

    I love storms me and my dad and brother would sit out and watch them and in the midwest they can be intense.

    I posting on my blog that I AM going to put some new music that you havent heard of yet...I'm listing to Chris Cagle Got my country on right now...Great!!!! I don't know why I'm on a country kick right now but, I also make mashups that I need to post as well...

    Hope you had a great weekend...

    1. haha Well, I'm more than happy to return the favor. I've gotten a lot of traffic from your people visiting your blog. (=

      Thank you so much! I was super tired and I thought it was going to turn into rambling gibberish (which it did, a little bit) but I'm glad you liked it. You better post your's tomorrow though. I'm really excited to read it!

      I'm terrified of storms because I've seen waaay too many tornadoes. My house has never been hit but I've seen them following the car, go down across the street... So yeah. lol

      haha I hope you can find some music that I haven't heard yet! I love listening to new stuff! I'm not sure if I've heard that one, but it sounds very familiar, so I most likely have.

      I had a great weekend, especially because I got a bunch of ice cream and took a nap yesterday and my mom busted out the bbq today. haha It seems like you had a pretty great weekend, with your posts?