Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pet Peeves (Part Three: Social Networking)

     Introducing part three of the Pet Peeves series! This will take you to part one and this will take you to part two. Since I had an orthodontist appointment today, my mom felt bad and told me that I didn't have to help her at work today. Plus, I don't know the area well enough so I have to have her help to help her. Anyways, between the appointment and working at 2 this afternoon, I decided it was time to continue the posts.

     Before I start, let me explain that I don't actually hate social networking. I find it very helpful to keep up with people and communicate with them. I also really like writing this blog. My problem is more with the people and certain aspects of it, but not with the social networking sites themselves. [Disclaimer: I do not encourage you to use any social networking site nor do I discourage you to use it. I don't want to influence anybody about this.]

The New Language:
     I really enjoy different languages. I'm actually attempting to learn German and sign language right now. I also plan to learn as many languages as possible afterwards. However, I only speak a couple languages currently. I speak English, Smart-Ass, Bitch, and Redneck (you can blame my dad for that one). Stupidity is not on that list.

     If you've ever read my blog before, then I'm sure you've noticed that I make all sorts of typos. I leave out words, I replace words with something that doesn't make sense, and there are misspellings (even spell-check makes mistakes). However, when somebody "+h1nk$ 1+$ c001 2 +@1k l1k3 d1$" {that reads "thinks its cool to talk like dis" or in correct English, "thinks that it's cool to talk like this"}, my eye starts twitching. As if I wasn't in enough pain from the orthodontist moving my tooth, I'm in pain from having to give that example.

     It takes forever to read that. It takes forever to learn it. It cannot possibly be easier than using correct English (or whatever language you happen to speak). Sure, I use "brb" {be right back}, "g2g" {got to go}, and "WTF/WTH" {what the fuck/ what the hell}, but that's still better than making somebody cry over the lack of intelligence over their own generation.

     (It also drives me mad when people "TALK IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME EVEN THOUGH THEY ONLY SAID THAT THEY WENT TO THE STORE FOR A SODA". I do not enjoy yelling in my own head.)

The Haters:
     With the new technologies (haha, I sound old, but things become even more advanced every couple months), people find it easier to bully others without risk of getting their own ass kicked. I should know. Brother and I are both in different online schools, so we spend a lot of time online. (Actually, my printer is broken so I'm at a standstill with my school work, but I spend a lot of time online anyways.) Due to this, we get bored and surf the internet.

     Here is proof that I've dealt with haters before.

     The worst part of it all, is that I have been dealing with them since nearly day one that I was on the computer. When I was thirteen. On fucking Neopets. That's a kid's website! The website is made to be as safe for kids as they can get it and Sissi, Sis, Brother, and a few of our other friends who used the site all dealt with people on there. It's only gotten worse since because now people don't need courage to hurt others. All it takes is the protection of a computer screen.

Nobody Remembers To Tell Anyone Anything:
     I apologize for the lame title for this part. I really don't know what to call it and I'm willing to edit it upon getting a cool suggestion. There's your hint, dear reader(s)! (Because, you know, I'm totally subtle like that.)

     Let me back up a teensy bit to explain this next part. My dad's brother divorced my aunt on a Monday and remarried on that Friday. Within six months, he completely ditched my little cousin, as well as the rest of the family.

     About two years ago, my aunt started dating a new guy. Nobody told me until I went for a visit, about five months after the fact. I never liked him, to be honest. He always just seemed like a creeper and I never wanted to be left alone with him, but he made her happy so I stayed silent.

     Eventually, he and his two kids moved in after he proposed to my aunt. Nobody told me. I found out on a visit last summer, when they were all living in my aunt's house.

     On April Fool's Day, I was scrolling down my Facebook wall and discovered a picture of the fiance's sister catching the bouquet. I read the comments and discovered it was his wedding. Basically, I flipped the fuck out because I was so mad. Not one person had bothered to pick up the phone (including my dad, who lives like twenty minutes away from her and has been on the phone with me about four times in the past six weeks) and tell me, "Oh hey, your aunt is getting married".

     This wasn't the first time it happened, and not just with my aunt. It also happened when three different cats my grandparents have owned since I was a toddler died. It happened when my aunt, who I hadn't seen since I was two moved back. It happened when my aunt moved. It happened every time my cousin was shipped to different houses because my aunt was deployed. It happened when my "uncle's" daughter got knocked up. Basically, I was pissed.

     Soon, more pictures popped up. Even though I knew it wouldn't help me feel better, I looked through them because I wanted to see if my redneck-tomboy aunt was wearing a wedding dress. Imagine my surprise when I found out that her fiance married some other chick. Just like with my uncle. But still, nobody thought to tell me that somebody big like that happened.

     In my family, everyone blames everybody else for not keeping in touch. I'm the one who makes the calls every holiday and crap. Usually, only my dad remembers that it's even my birthday. I'm pretty much done trying at this point because nobody is willing to do the same for me.

     Anyways, I apologize. This turned into a rant within a rant. My point is that everyone thinks that posting something on Facebook or Twitter means everybody will already know and they've come to rely on it. What if the internet is down? What if you lost your password? What if you just didn't have time to look? Well, too damn bad for you; you're out of the loop.

     The worst part is that people don't even talk anymore. You're just supposed to know as long as you've been friended. This isn't the type of stuff you should announce on the internet. Well, maybe my "uncle's" daughter getting knocked up is okay to announce, but not the other stuff. Phones are still good for phone calls, believe it or not.


  1. I hate the whole "announce it on facebook instead of actually telling people" thing. Yuck.

    1. Exactly. "Yuck" is an excellent word to describe it. haha

      Thanks for the comment! =)

  2. I have gotten tired of Facebook because it has turned really stupid. People think it is the only form of communication now. I can't tell you the last time my phone rang...

    1. Right!? And then you have all these people buying expensive phones that have EVERYTHING, except minutes on the phone or the ability to make a phone call. I don't even understand it.

  3. I totally agree. People have forgotten how to communicate. I live on Facebook and other sites, but I don't catch EVERYTHING. It is maddening.

    1. It's crazy. I'm pretty sure that some people will forget how to speak eventually, because they spend too much time posting status updates.