Thursday, April 26, 2012

Too Tired To Think

     My goal is to start posting every Tuesday and Thursday, but to also put up the Guest Post Saturday posts on Saturday (hint hint: send me your posts so I can use them). Considering that posting three days in a row and disappearing for a week or overloading you with multiple posts in a day and not adding anything for five days, I think this would be a better way to do it.

     Unfortunately for somebody (me) who was awake for roughly twenty-two hours and working for fifteen of them on five hours of broken sleep and two half hour naps (which really didn't help), that makes it really hard to think, even after sleeping. Unfortunately for my favorite internet people (you, dear reader, you), that means I'm not up for a huge post about anything.

     Instead, I'm going to ramble a bit before going to get ready for work and trying to find a frappuccino that I already know isn't even in the house, much less the fridge. But don't leave just yet! I will have a photo for you since I don't think my artistic skills (or lack thereof) should be trusted to entertain you right now.

     I have a very short attention span most of the time. I tend to interrupt myself when speaking ("Hey, Momma, remember when I was going to the mall- HAHAHAHAHA Couch Guy...") [I'll tell you about Couch Guy and other adventures with Sissi some other time.] I completely forget what I'm saying, half way through a sentence because my mind is on a whole new topic ("Momma, if you're going to make me record the fish eating ice, then don't................................................... move so much.") When I see something cute, shiny, or sparkly, I will completely forget everything else and totally flip out.

     The best example of the last one is when Daddy and I were walking through a store. He was walking ahead of me because he's a giant and that makes it difficult to keep up with him, plus I was texting while telling him something. Actually, I think I was telling him about whoever I was texting.

     All of the sudden, I looked to the left and saw a huge metal bin full of bunnies for sale.

    "Yeah and then I- HOLY CRAP. THOSE ARE BUNNIES."

     Then I ran over, made friends with the bunnies, and scared some little girl who thought I was going to take the one she wanted to keep. I knelt down, taught her how to properly hold it, bid a upsetting farewell to my new bunny friends, and went on my way.

     I recently told one of my friends about all of this. He said that he was going to use that against me to play jokes on me whenever he could. It figures. But oh well. I didn't see why any of that would really matter.

     The next day, I went took The Youngest outside to play on her little swing/slide set. And a bunny ran right across the yard. I had to behave myself with using colorful language and didn't want to yell since I would scared the kid, but I thought, "HOLY SHIT. IT'S A BUNNY." Then I texted my friend to tell him because it was so damn ironic.

     The day after that, I was taking The Youngest outside again. And BAM. There was the bunny. It stopped and posed and I tried to take a picture but it was too far away. I inched closer but she ran so I wasn't able to get the picture.

     I do have a picture of a rescued bunny that I had that's basically identical to the bunny I saw. Wild bunnies are different than bunnies raised to be pets. Wild bunnies usually don't survive captivity so you should give them over to wildlife rescue people as soon as you possibly can. That's what we did with Rescued Bunny.

     But only after I made friends with her and took a picture, since we found out at the vet the day after.

P.S. I know I said we rescued her, but she was mostly okay. She was brought to me with a cut on a paw that everyone freaked out about. She was okay though, considering she made three escape attempts and was fucking fast.

P.S. #2 And I was so close to writing a post without dropping any F-bombs.

P.S. #3 Huh. This turned out better than I thought. Yay me!


  1. Eeee! Bunnies! (Actually, I don't ALWAYS love bunnies. I hate it when they eat the parsley from my garden.)

    1. lol Bunnies are sweet and cute, but they can be destructive little creatures.