Thursday, May 24, 2012

Being Scarred For Life Was Actually Good

     Today, I thought I should tell you all why almost nothing embarrasses me anymore. I've told you about when I got my wisdom teeth out and a few smaller moments that would have left most people red-faced and trying to block out the horror they had just experienced. But I don't think ya'll really get just how much my mom has scarred me for life, thus making it difficult to embarrass me.

Example One:
     When I was sixteen, the lady I was babysitting for on and off was supposed to take a job so I would be babysitting full time. Since her three little girls were one, three, and four, we thought it would be best for me to take a CPR/first aid class to be certified in case anything were to happen. It was only a two day class, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, if I remember correctly.

     Friday, I realized that I was one of the oldest people there. Most of the people were 11-13 or so, but there was a guy in 8th grade and a guy who's name I recognized. I spent the first hour trying to figure out why it sounded so familiar before he was like, "Hey! You're Rachel! Didn't you go to -insert school name here-? -insert girl's name here- was your best friend, right? I was in -insert teacher's name here- class, right across the hall in 6th grade! I thought you moved out of state? Did you just transfer schools?" Then I remembered who he was. We were never exactly friends, but we were always on friendly terms. After that, we did a lot of talking and caught up on some stuff.

     That night, my mom came to pick me up. I said bye to him and then ran across the parking lot. Half way across, the teacher yelled at me for not looking both ways and that only caused me to stop in the middle of the road. Good going, teacher! Way to make me stop because I think a car is coming when they were all waiting anyways!

     So, the next day, I sat next to the friend and we spent nearly the entire class talking and laughing. You know those people in class that don't shut up and are always causing trouble and should be kicked out, but some how they never get caught? Yeah, that was us. It was nice to have a friend in class, since I was already out of public school by that point, and I had forgotten what it was like.

     Later that day, I think it was some time after lunch, because I remember eating while we were there, my mom came to pick me up again. She swerved into a parking space, got out, and climbed onto the car, wearing a florescent pink and orange jogging outfit. Then she proceeded to jump up and down, while waving her arms, and yell "RACHEL. MOMMY IS HERE TO GET YOU. COME TO MOMMY, RACHEL."

     That barely even phased me. I turned to the guy, I guess he was a friend for those two days but I don't really know, and said, "I guess my ride is here. I'll see you later." before running across the parking lot (I think I forgot to check for cars again) and getting into the car.

Example Two:
     When I was about fifteen or sixteen, my mom and I went to the mall. I think I was supposed to be getting a new outfit for my birthday or something completely irrelevent. Maybe I just had money to spend because when I had money, the first two places you could find me were Hot Topic and F.Y.E. That sounds about right.

     Well, we ended up in Sears, waiting on our neighbor/ride who was looking for some sort of drill. We were bored but we couldn't exactly leave, so we ended up walking around the store when two guys, my age or a little bit older, walked passed us.

     Then my mom whisper-yelled (you know, when you're whispering but doing so very loudly, like you're pretending to be subtle), "Hey, look at those two hot guys! Let's go pick them up!" Keep in mind, she's usually accused of being my sister and younger than her (assumed) age of twenty-five.

     I'm one of those people who believes everyone is beautiful in their own way and all that junk, but to be perfectly honest, these guys were classified under the dork area. They were little kid adorable, even though they were probably fifteen-seventeenish.

     Five minutes later, we're still walking around, they walk right passed us again. I turn around to look, to see if it was in fact the same guys, and they were staring at our asses.

Example Three:
     Sorry guys, but that's all I've been able to think of so far. You have no idea how difficult it is to come up with a third story. Things don't classify as embarrassing to me. Things barely even classify as 'should be embarrassing', which is what I've shared so far. Tell me some of your stories?

P.S. It would be even better if you shared some of your stories for Guest Post Saturday.


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    1. She'll be happy to read this comment while she's at work. haha

  2. OMG I would have died a thousand times over if my mom had done that to me lol... obviously I haven't had enough training in this department!

    Actually, I'm usually the one doing the embarrassing things. One of the most fun times was when I acted retarded on a plane... wait.... I think I should make a post out of this! It will be short, but if that's ok with you, then it can be a guest post.

    1. hahaha It seems like you and my mom would get along really well.

      Also, I would absolutely LOVE for you to write that as a guest post. You have no idea how excited I am right now.

    2. Yes, I think we would lol...

      And great about the guest post! I've never done one before (as far as I can remember) I'll write it up and send it to you asap.

    3. It would probably require a whole new blog just to write about. haha

      I'm so excited now! I did this weird little shriek/squeak thing because I read your comment and totally freaked out. xD

    4. I sent it along to but hope it's ok! Sometimes it's so hard to tell what your own writing is like.

    5. Your post was great! I replied to the email this morning but I don't know if you got it. I had to work all day and I just got home so I'm going to post it now. (= Thank you so so so so so much for the guest post and I would love for you to write another one in the future.

  3. HA! See Rachel I'm not crazy I'm cool! It says so in black and white. And what do you mean by "assumed" age of 25?

    (And yes I am happy with the comment) :)

    1. Well, I could have said "fake age of 25" but I figured calling it an assumed age would be nicer.