Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Fair!

      When I was little, I went to fairs with my parents. The problem is, I barely remember anything about them. I remember my dad throwing darts and winning me a stuffed animal. I remember doing the duck game where you'd pick a duck out of a pool of water (I was really good at that one and apparently, I get that from my mom, because she got all three ducks right). But that's all I really remember.

     That's why I was super excited that the fair was in town. Of course, in the six years since moving here, there have been other fairs. I only went to Oktoberfest though, which isn't a normal fair so it didn't have all the normal things. The other times, things just didn't work out. This time it did.

     I took about sixty nine pictures and nine different videos of my mom and I playing the games. Unfortunately, since eight of the videos show our faces, I can only show you one. But hey, you'll get to be blinded by my knee, cuteness of baby goats, and you'll even hear my voice!

     Since most of the pictures were different animals and 70% were goats, I'm going to cut back the numbers some and just show you the ones I really liked.

The alleged "World's Largest Pig", weighing in at over one thousand pounds.
The alleged "World's Smallest Horse", weighing in at 53 pounds at 4 years old.
I won him with the dart game. Turns out I take after my daddy for that one too, because I was pretty decent for somebody who never throws darts.
Momma won her with that duck game I told you about. Please excuse the poor innocent random person that ended up in the picture.
This cute little thing is my friend. She (he?) was hiding under the pony guy's chair and I stopped to pet her. She (he?) liked me.
I won the shark playing a fishing game where you had to see how many toy sharks you could hook on a toy rod. I had a total of six in one game (three tries per game).
Momma won him in the shark game. I think she caught a total of eight sharks in her game.
Baby goats are so cute.
Even when they're ignoring you.
Or sleeping in their food.
Or just being cute.
I asked him not to impale me with his long horns and he ignored me.
He just kinda stood there. He was probably happy my phone didn't have flash photography.
I wanted to pet him because he looked really soft but I couldn't reach and sticking my hand through the wires, near his mouth, seemed like it could be potentially painful.
The big sheep walked over and turned the other one into a pillow right as I aimed my phone/camera. It was sweet.
They looked much tinier compared to the big sheep.
She made me wait to take a picture until she ever so slowly finished a huge bite of hay.
Another little baby!
He didn't seem to care about anything as long as he could sleep.
Sorry that one is biting his ass. I like the one that's looking for attention by putting his nose through the wire.
Doesn't she look soft?
Baby goat!
Giant pigs but very small compared to the first one.
Baby goats that loved me!
Baby goats that loved other people! And the other people's feet!

The promised video! For the record, I can count. When I said "And now there's two more", I meant "Now there are two more coming." even though there were a total of four demanding attention.
I asked him not to impale me and he very kindly turned his head away from me.
An itty bitty baby goat.
The itty bitty baby goat's mama who did not seem to like me.
Rams. Never saw them in real life before. I actually wasn't entirely sure what they were. (My guess was mountain goats, which is almost right.)
Texas Longhorn!
He actually pissed for like two minutes straight when I aimed the camera. I guess he didn't want his picture taken.
Oh well.
Duck, duck, goose!
Geese and Thanksgiving dinner!
Oh, wait, sorry.
Geese and turkeys!
He posed for the picture. I thanked him.
At first I thought it was awesome he was standing on the wires and how he must want attention.
Then Momma realized he wanted to lick the outside of my lemonade cup.
I asked him not to impale me and he actually kept turning his head towards me whenever I got within touching distance.
Momma won the monkey in a racing game against me where you aim the water gun at the target.
     Other things not shown include a shooting game that I lost. I shot two holes in the paper and the entire time the paper was moving, but I don't think the BBs in it were strong enough to go through the paper and I think the gun weighed more than I did. There was also a ball throwing game to try to get the ball into a little bowl of fish to win a gold fish. The ball kept bouncing back.

     I ate a hamburger that was supposed to have ketchup, lettuce, onion, and pickles on it. They gave me lettuce and tomatoes, which was very disappointing to my taste buds. Momma ate enough spicy nachos to make an army happy. And we visited the funny lemonade man twice because it was the best lemonade ever. I meant to get a candied apple before we left but I forgot.

     We didn't go on any rides because the only ones they had were the Ferris Wheel and super spinny make you through up rides and kiddy rides. I wanted to go on the kiddy ones but they wouldn't let me. We did play most of the games they had, since it was a pretty small fair. We only had to wait in lines for food.

     Dart Guy was bad ass. When my dart bounced off a balloon (twice) he popped them for me when nobody else was looking. Gun Guy was a looser because that was one of the rigged games you hear about. I know that because my daddy taught me to shoot so there's no way I should have missed that much. Duck Guy was pretty cool  because he was asking questions about my phone and holding up conversations. Shark Lady was funny. She held up conversations and made us laugh and told us the trick to the game, which was cool. Racing Dude was lame. He just kind of stood there and didn't do anything, which was disappointing. Goldish Old Guy was okay. He didn't really do anything entertaining but he was pretty encouraging.

     Next year is going to be awesome, when they come back. Only next time, I'll hopefully have enough target practice in to totally show up Gun Guy and his rigged game.


  1. Such a fun post and I really enjoyed seeing your knees! Totally dazzled by them, I assure you! ;-)

    The video didn't work for me though :-(

    I've been to at least one fair and it was fun - but so very long ago that I can barely remember it. There was a super fast spinning ride that I wanted to go on but my grandmother wouldn't let me (probably good that she didn't - I would have been thrown around because I was so small). Anyway, now I'm dying to go to a fair all over again lol.... *sigh* so many things I want to do!

    1. lol Oh, I'm sure you were! hahaha Thank you though. (=

      I'm not sure what the problem is. It worked when I tested it this morning. I'll try to upload it on Youtube and then put it on here, but I'm too tired to deal with that now. I'll attempt to get it fixed as soon as I can though.

      You should totally go to a fair next time you get the chance. It was so much fun, I don't even know how to tell you. And when you do, make sure you take pictures!

    2. I will buy a camera....I will buy a camera.... I will buy a camera... (maybe if I say it enough it will happen)

      And when I do I'll totally show you my knees ;-)

    3. You will buy a camera... You will buy a camera... You will buy a camera. (Just trying to help lol.)

      That's so sweet. ;) lol

  2. I absolutely loved this post, Rachel! It brought back so many memories of when I used to go to fairs like that when I was younger. I haven't been to one in years!

    I tried to watch your video but it said it was unavailable. :(

    The photos were all fabulous and it's tough to choose a favorite--but I think maybe I liked tint little horse the best. How adorable! :D


    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad that you liked it so much. (=

      I think I fixed the video by uploading it to my youtube account and then linking it from there. It worked when I tested it so I hope that it works for you now!

      Thank you again! I couldn't pick just one favorite if I tried and I was there! haha

  3. cute pix of all those animals! just found your blog... will be back to read more.


    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog and thank you for following!

  4. Whoa thats more animals than I've seen in a lifetime. The games at the fair make me want to go back in time to about 7 years of age - the only fair I've ever attended, and I was too chicken to get on the ferris wheel!

    1. hahaha I've only been on one Ferris Wheel. Never again. It looked all rusty and I felt like we were going to roll away!

  5. Hey there Rachel, I've given you an award, come pick it up!

    1. Thank you so much!!!

      I read the post and commented, but I'm running late so I'll be back later to pick it up!

  6. Sounds like a blast!! Love the animal pics from the fair. Did I mention that I love pigs?? lol ;)

    1. haha Thank you! If I had known sooner (before I finished reading your blog) I would have taken more pictures of the pigs for you! I'm glad you like it though. (=

  7. I love that you are a big person and love the fair as much as a little person would. Fantastic-ness in it's best form!