Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guest Post Saturday: Edition Four

     Welcome back, folks! This is the fourth edition of Guest Post Saturday. If you've seen recent posts and think, "Hey, I could do that!" then check out this page and send an email to This very cool post was written by my good friend Ashley, over at My Fight Inside.

     Haylo =] My name is Ashley. I am twenty years young, and live in Texas. I am married and have to wonderful children. The first one is 17 months, and the other is now five weeks old. Their names are Jude and Lennon. When I am not on the computer I am either being a mom, or I am at work. Rachel asked me to do a guest post, and I had been racking my mind all week to come up with something. I decided just to post whatever was on my mind. I think I will call it, The list =] Also, I love new people. My MSN is

The list

1. First off, I would like to point out, that I do agree with the saying that Air guitarist have more fun. I mean, you can slam your guitar around on the furniture and not worry about having to break anything.

2. After cleaning up the carnage of trash on our back-porch, I no longer find raccoons to be "cute, like a little bear with tiny hands" but more like a "destructive force of nature"

3. My font just changed, and I have no idea how to turn it back. So the list will carry on in this font.

4. I have come to the realization that I really like drummers. =p Lead vocalist are amazing too. I think guitarist might be alittle overrated.

5.Elections are coming up, for all the people who voted for Obama last election, "just because he was black" should be slapped. It is about politics.

6. I think they should actually make a test for people to vote to make sure they know what is going on. If they fail the test, they shouldn't be able to vote.

7. I would probably fail that test.

8. I would like to meet the genius who came up with calling someone a 'bitch'. I mean, really. what possessed this guy to call someone a female dog?

9. I've decided that I am neither a republican or a democratic. I just have my morals, and that's it. I will not label myself either. They both have their faults, and they bother have their goods.

10. Does anyone see the point of highschools making us take four years of science? I think up to a certain point, it should be an elective. Seriously, physics was the biggest was of time. Because I do not see in my future a man holding a gun to my head telling me to calculate how fast the pencil hits the ground, or else he will blow my head off.

11. Because I said that, it's probably gonna happen.

12. I am not sure if this list is holding any interest or not, but I am having a great time typing it, so let's continue yes?

13. Common sense is so rare, it should be considered a superpower.

14. I am currently in love with Christofer Drew. He is my future husband. He has the best music in the world. (His old acoustic stuff. His new stuff is okay, but not the best) So back off. He's mine.

15. Avengers is probably one of the best movies. It is a must see.

16. I cheered for the villain in the movie. Loki was just awesome.

17. it never fails--if you work into the wee hours of night, a lawn service will send someone with a leaf blower to, you know, just stand outside your bedroom window.

18. so...the deer that I have been so happy to see in the mornings just behind our back has a broken leg. That's why her knee is so big. :( I'm so sad now. She's only hanging out there because she's probably going to die!

19. So, apparently last night I was sleep-talking a lot --saying thank you to Michelle Obama for supporting the 'Hire our Heroes' Campaign. So funny. ...but seriously, if you haven't checked this program out, please do! Hire our Heroes

20. Three Days Grace Lead singer has a pretty sexy voice. 0.o

21. There's always that one person you can't ever stop thinking about. Even if you broke up years ago, there is always that question of What If?

22. I have a naturally trusting nature, and that has betrayed me in the past many times.

23. Gino is sitting here trying to justify to me why he could tease me for being on the parking sub-committee at Baylor, but there's nothing tease-worthy about the fact that he's on the committee to re-design the Engineering study room at UT. ....geekery, to the very, very happy end of our days.

24. The Horse and His Boy is my favorite book from the Chronicles of Narnia series. --Disney & Mark Johnson, you know you better call me when it's time to start looking for the Director of this film.

25. Gino won't give out meaningless high-fives, so don't ask for one unless you have a good reason.

26. I have an old home-made dollhouse that I was using as a funny shelf system in our house, but we put it on our back porch this spring to use as an organizer for our gardening tools and seeds, etc. Looks like a bird had different plans for our house and doll furniture. I can hear the babies chirping right now!

27. Today is a good day for my gryffindor jacket to greet the world again.

28. after a horrible evening of loathing the creators of any so called "improvements" to the microsoft word interface, I woke up and decided that nerdy anger will do me no good in life. also, MACs are better than PCs

29. This morning as I watched our neighbors dog and cat drink out of their bowls, i had the sudden realization that I am thankful to have lips that can sip...add that to the power of opposable thumbs...

30. I have decided that the moment you can no longer trust to blind-buy your favorite band's new CD is like finding out santa claus isn't real

31. All scene kids look the same to me. (No offense if you are one)

32. I think it's the hair.

33. I am listening to the song Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne.

34. I'm gonna bring that song back

35. THERE'S A BUG BITE IN MY BELLY BUTTON . What kind of torture is this?!

36. Quick, what's the number to 911?!

37. Who ever wrote "suck cock" on the back of my car, thank you.No really, it made my whole day.

38. I have this funny family who like to make me lesbian every chance they get.Jerks.

39. If someone were to bring me some Chinese food right now, well I'd be perfectly okay with that.

50. Screw numbers 40-49.

51. I think I really hate it when people hashtag on Facebook. It's not twitter.

52. I have no more points.

53. Sorry if i bored you to death. Thanks for reading. =]]


  1. lol, I enjoyed your list - and really like the idea of people having to pass a test before voting! I would fail miserably too... but if, for some amazing reason I passed, then I would vote for Obama ;-)

    1. I gave your message to the writer and she was really happy. I also agree about the test to vote. haha I wouldn't fail it though. I would fall asleep and then be asked to leave so somebody else could take the test.

    2. Thanks for passing the message on ;-)... sleep is another good option!