Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guest Post Saturday: Edition Three

     Oh, gosh, Rachel! Why are you up so early on a fine Saturday morning? Thank you for asking! I'm up so early because since I am working tonight, this was the best time to bring you the third edition of Guest Post Saturday! If you're interested in posting, please check here for everything you need to know and email me at Thank you Emily of Animal Diaries, for writing this post!

     Hey!!! So, I have never done this before, and when Rachel asked me if I wanted to write a blog post, I was like 'Heck yeah!!!' But I was also really nervous... Excited too, but mostly nervous. So, I'm sorry if this is terrible. :]
     I am Emily. I am sixteen. I live in California... On the weekends, I volunteer at a local no-kill animal shelter, which I love. All of the animals are amazing, so sweet, so kind, and so adorable. There are cats and dogs. A lot of the dogs are shy and timid when they first come in, some are super skinny and some have been abused before. The hardest thing is seeing a dog [the cats are usually calmer and healthier] hurt or scared or so skinny.
     There was one dog, Emma. She was a boxer. I saw her the first week I was there. She was really skinny, but so sweet. She loved to give hugs and kisses. Two weeks ago, she was adopted!!! She was not as skinny; she was at a healthy weight and got to go hone with a loving family!!! I was so happy for her, but sad at the same time, because I won't get to see her anymore. It is best for her to go to a loving family and I'm so happy she got that opportunity, but I will miss her.
     Lola is a Newfoundland and black lab mix. She is huge. I went into her kennel and cuddled with her. I felt bad that she was so used to having a home. Her family couldn't take her anymore, so they brought her to the shelter. She loved to play with her ball and her favorite thing to do is run outside in the yard. She doesn't like to play with the Frisbee though; I tried. She does like to do laps. I raced her.
Lola won.
     She played with River and Tess, but Tess is a little bit too rough. Tess bit Lola's foot and Lola made a loud sort of whining noise and ran over and laid next to me, so I just pet her for a while.
     When River came out and they started playing, Lola got her water bottle. She actually drank right out of the bottle!!! [With someone holding it for her, of course... and she did make a big muddy mess with it. haha] She didn't waste the bottle though. She chewed it up and used it as a toy. I talked to a potential adopter while she played. The family loved her so much they filled out a form and were really, really excited to take her home. They said that she reminded them of their dog that had recently passed away. They kind of instantly fell in love with her, which is great!!! If their other dog gets along with Lola, then she will have a permanent home!!!
     This was probably a very boring blog post, but it's something I love doing, going to go play with the dogs and getting to show them love. It's so much fun and I love it. Thanks for reading!


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    1. Thanks so much! I'll be sure to pass along your comment to the writer. (=

  2. I like animals, but have never volunteered at anything like that. My daughter jumps at the opportunity every time.

    1. I would love to volunteer, but I don't have a normal work schedule to go around and I have plenty of (mostly rescued) animals to take care of on my own. haha