Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Had Surgery Today

     Yep. I had surgery on my teeth. I'll write about it on Thursday because most likely, something is going to happen while I'm loopy from the medication I'm on. Especially since I haven't really been able to eat because my mouth has been stuffed full of gauze.

     Since I knew that already (though, admittedly, I didn't realize I'd be this coherent), I drew a bunch of random pictures for your enjoyment. I also found an old screenshot from a while ago, when I was messing around on this site called Omegle (commonly known the for creepers, weirdos, and super bored people- I was one of the latter) that makes me laugh my ass off.

     That's actually how The Stud Dog jumps. I drew everything except the cape. Sissi added in the cape but put "SSS" and when I corrected her, she changed the last S to a D. That's why it's all big and bold. And no, it isn't a sheep, but it's nice to know that I know how to draw sheep if I try to draw my puppy.

     I told Momma it's not even easy to draw a circle on a laptop mousepad and she didn't believe me. I challenged her to try it and this is the result. We're not entirely sure what it is but Sissi and I agree that it might be a flower. We would like your opinion to figure out what it is.
     Momma told me to draw a train and then she made a joke. I didn't know how to draw the engine though and she pointed out there were no windows. My reasoning? It's a cargo train. Duh.
     Brother and I have decided we want to live in a castle with Sissi and Sis and whoever else we decide we love enough to invite. I'm assuming he meant something better than the castle Momma told me to draw. I can only hope.
     That's the screenshot. That girl was so fucking funny to talk to. I would have saved more of the conversation if I had thought about it, but I didn't.

     Oh, and that's a random picture of a giant spider that scared the hell out of me by being over The Bunny's cage. Pretty big spider, eh?

     That's all I have this time. I was going to draw more pictures but I didn't have any more ideas and then I ran out of time to still be able to post today. (Yeah, it's not even six yet, but I dunno if I'm going to fall asleep  or forget or something.)

     Now, I'm going to see if I can get my hands on a pudding cup.


  1. It's obviously a cargo train! And that is the biggest spider EVER! I'd be scared to death of that thing.
    I hope you're recovering well from your dental surgery. :)

    1. haha Thank you! I was pretty proud of that train too!

      I was so scared of that spider. I made my mom squish it while I hid. lol

      Thank you! I'm recovering really well. (=