Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend and Stuff

     I have been so busy since Saturday, guys. It started late Friday night, actually, with my mom telling me we had a time limit to get stuff done on Saturday even though I was supposed to work. With that mountain load of stress, I got like four hours of sleep. Then it went something like this:

8:00 - Wake up and forget what I'm supposed to do.
8:05 - Try to get into the bathroom but Mom was there.
8:10 - Begin stressing again because we have one hour and fifty minutes to get our new numbers turned on before the others were cut off, get all the way across town to pick up my glasses, and get all the way back to be picked up for work.
8:11 - Tell Momma I am not going to eat her Mother's Day present from me for breakfast.

8:45 - Momma finally leaves and takes my phone with her so I can get into the bathroom to get ready for the day.
9:00 - Mom calls the landline to tell me that she's on the way home.
9:15 - Run out the door and race across town.
9:30 - Get glasses.

9:32 - Follow Mom around and tell her we have to hurry and begin to panic again.
9:45 - Check out.
10:02 - Pull into the gas station across the street to get caffeine since I'm exhausted.
10:03 - Boss Man texts me to say Boss Lady isn't feeling well and won't be going to work, so I have the day off.
10:04 - Facepalm myself but then get ridiculously happy.
10:05 - Tell Momma to pick a place for lunch because we're celebrating Mother's Day a day early since I probably had to work on Mother's Day.

     We ended up at the mall and just walked around for a while. I paid a dollar for her to sit in a massage chair and she whined and complained the entire three minutes that "It was beating the shit out of her". I actually have a short video but it shows her face and that's a no-no on here. I do have a picture from when she sat on a couch and her feet hung off the side though. (Also a big no-no but I loves yous guys so here you go.)

     Then we ended up in a toy store. I took another video of my mom there. A hopscotch mat was on the floor (since when did people have to buy a mat instead of drawing it with chalk?) and she did the entire thing. Then I took a picture that's not appropriate for children to view because it had... uh... certain animal stuffed animals in compromising positions.

     Not long after that, one of my friends called because she was having a crappy day and needed somebody to talk to. Basically, her boss was being a bitch. Then she had to go and Momma and I went to iHop.

     Mom ordered a child's menu and I told her that she had to draw something for my friend to cheer her up. I took a picture of the front, the back, and then the close up picture. (Mom drew it [it's supposed to be my friend's boss] and I titled it.)

     Ten minutes later, the teenagers who were there before us, ordered a child's menu each. Momma and I laughed near hysterically and high-fived each other. We're so proud.

     After that, we got a call that we had to go back and pick up her glasses, at WalMart. We needed to pick up a few groceries there and then something I never expected happened.

Me: Momma! Did you see that chick's shirt? It was awesome!
Mom: No?
Chick: -walks back towards us-
Me: That's her!
Mom: holyshitIlovehershirt. -approaches Chick- EXCUSE ME. WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR SHIRT?
Chick: -stops like a deer caught in the headlights- Um... Spencer's, in the mall.
Mom: I love it so much. Can I take a picture?
Chick: Uh......
Mom: It's not like I asked for a picture of her face.
(Side note: If you are the chick in this picture, which I doubt you are since the odds of that are pretty damn small, I apologize again for my mom being so crazy. I also apologize for putting this picture up, but hey, nobody knows who you are. It's not like it's a picture of your face or anything.)

     We caused many scenes in WalMart after that, with me yelling at Mom. People tended to avoid us after that but oh well.

     Eventually we got home and put anti-flea stuff on three of the cats, all except The Blind One. Then I wrestled The Big Dog into the tub and Momma managed to give him a bath. Some how, I became the dog's towel and smelled like wet dog until I took a shower the next morning.

     We had a very busy and eventful day. I had to work on Mother's Day and Boss Lady asked if I had remembered to tell her "Happy Mother's Day". I was like, "Psh, I celebrated yesterday." Then we were like "Yay Boss Lady for being hung over for twenty-four hours and unable to go to work!"

P.S. I know it's Monday night, but ironically enough, I'm working only Tuesday and Thursday this week. Since I have to go to the orthodontist in the morning and uploading pictures is a bitch, I thought it would be easier to just post tonight.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a crazy and fun day! Your mom is awesome lol... glad to hear that Mother's Day celebrations were so much fun. (Bozo - had to change my name)

    1. hahaha Thanks, I'll tell her. It was a really good day, and incredibly weird. (=

  2. I was lmao reading this Rachel

    1. Hey peoples reading my comments! This is my momma who commented. (lol She didn't know how to comment otherwise.)

      And I know you were lmao (or.. lyao?), because you were there and you know how ridiculous the day was.

  3. Replies
    1. hahaha The poor chick who my mom probably scarred for life said that it's at Spencer's in the mall, but it might also be on their website, I haven't checked either yet but I'm going to.

  4. I have a shirt from Angola State Pen. It says "Gated Community." Maybe one day I'll get to live in a gated community, but looks like you two had fun overall!

    1. hahaha That sounds like a cool shirt too! It was a fun day, even though I'm almost certain that girl will never ever go back to that WalMart again.