Thursday, May 10, 2012

So, I Forgot To Post Today

     I guess I'm not doing as well about keeping up with posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I thought I was. I just realized that it was Thursday, at 11 at night, after being home from work for about half an hour. I apologize for forgetting and since I have a burned finger and typing hurts (there's a huge blister on the top knuckle of my middle right finger) so I'm just going to copy/paste an old conversation between Sissi and I. Enjoy!

Sissi: So, how are you Rach? Tell me what is goin onnn. Enlighten me to your exciting happs.
Rachel: The Youngest likes me and I'm going potential furniture shopping tomorrow. Also, I had sushi today. =0 It was yummy.
Sissi: Indulge in the handsome home fixtures Rach. Indulge in the uncooked pleasantries.
Rachel: May I also find and indulge in frozen lemonade?
Sissi: Yes you may.
Rachel: I shall enjoy this task.
Sissi: And so it was upon the night of the fourth money a day before fortnight that the undoubted Sissi bestowed upon her friend-love the describable Rachel Kathleen to indulge in iced drinks, raw delicacies, and wooden or possibly metal housing units.
Rachel: I can't breath. So much lols.
Sissi: Do you need... assistance?
Rachel: I believe... I do need... assistance... Before I pass out.
Sissi: Mmmm girl, let me preform CPR upon your gracious lips MMMMMMHMMMMMM (not really, I mean if you needed CPR and I was certified I would do it but I am not, by any means, this creepy)
Rachel: (Oh really? What about when you had to take a shower that one time and you were like "Do you want to join me?" and I was like "oooh!"?) (-laughing so hard I might actually pass out-)
Sissi: Rachel, I am soooooo in love with you. This is what is going on here.
Rachel: I knew it! Sissi, I am sooooo in love with you too!
Sissi: Yes, this is perfect.

     I think it would be funnier with illustrations. (Like an awesome picture of sushi with me drooling over it, overly lipsticked lips all puckered up, hearts everywhere...) But it's already 11:20 because I had to edit this so Sissi's real name would be removed and stuff. And I am super sleepy now.

     If you want to complain about posts that I put up, you should just submit your own better post for Guest Post Saturday. Seriously guys, I want to show off your awesome writing skills and help get traffic over to your blog, but I can't do that unless you help me, help you.

P.S. Don't you love how subtle I am about telling you to send me posts?


  1. Lol, this was quite the introduction to your blog for me! I'm looking forward to what comes next ;-)

    1. hahaha We have a lot of weird conversations and I've been trying to remember to save them to share on here. I'm glad you liked it though! (=

      Thanks for following and commenting!