Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Will you fasten my neckless?" lolwtf just happened here?

     This has been such a long few days. There was a lot of drama and lack of communication that resulted in me not working at all last week, until the weekend. Friday night, I went to the movies with Shorty, her husband Mr Fix-It, their roommate, her kids, and her boyfriend. We were out until after midnight even though I had to be at work at ten both Saturday and Sunday.

     We went to see Battleship, which I actually didn't want to see. Normally, I loath movies like this and refuse to watch them. I was very, very impressed. It made me laugh, there weren't nearly as many depressing "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU KILL HIM/HER?" moments, and it was just good in general.

     After that, we saw Dark Shadows. Well, Shorty, Mr Fix-It, and I did. Everyone else left. Let me start off saying that Tim Burton is my favorite direction, Helena Bonham Carter is my favorite actress, Johnny Depp is my favorite actor, and Danny Elfman is my favorite movie musical person (I don't know his official title). Every time any of these people do something, I just have to see it. Dark Shadows was no different and it impressed me, just like every other movie any of them have been involved with has.

     I really should have been kicked out of the theater. I snuck in a rootbeer because they don't sell them and it's the best thing to drink when eating a giant soft pretzel with nacho cheese (my favorite movie theater snack). The manager kept walking back and forth and eyeing me during the first movie and since nobody was behind or in front of me during the second, I had my feet propped up and my cell phone out during the entire thing. There may or may not have been popcorn throwing as well.

     Saturday was a good day, but very long. It started with my mom and I going to WalMart to get a couple of things. Does anyone remember this post, where my mom scarred the poor lady with the awesome shirt for life? We predicted the chick would probably never ever go back to that WalMart. Same aisle we saw her at last week, I suddenly stopped walking and grabbed my mom by the arm. Then this happened.

Me: Momma.
Mom: What?
Me: -whispering- Momma!
Mom: What!?
Me: -points at the chick who has her backed turned to us-
Mom: Oh shit. Duck and run. DUCK AND RUN.

     Turns out she works there. We think she might have called security if she had seen us, but our ninja skills are pretty bad ass so we ducked and ran.

     After that, I went to work. I don't really know what happened, but some how, I ended up with the boys having three friends over. One never came inside but at one point, there were four sweaty boys in a small living room with a broken A/C. My nose burned until about two hours after I got home.

     Sunday was very... I don't know the word. It started off fine. Boss Lady picked me up and we went to the store to get some sodas and chips, on the way to her house. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, we ran over the tip of a box cutter blade and totally slashed the tire up. We ended up stranded because their spare was flat and the jack and spanner weren't in the car to change the tire (which I know how to do, thank you very much).

     While we were waiting, some lady swerved into the parking lot and stopped two spaces over from us. She tried talking to us but we couldn't hear her so she got out, marched over, and ever so randomly asked, "I'm on my way to church. Will you please fasten my neckless?"

     Um, lol, what just happened? Boss Lady fastened the neckless and then she was on her way, while we were stranded for another two and a half hours. Only two people offered assistance and somebody ended up with a dead battery next to us. I thought it was turning into a mechanic's shop but finally, we were able to leave.

     We were out there for so long, I ended up with a sun burn, minor dehydration, and the beginnings of heat exhaustion. I can't remember most of Sunday because of that, except for the stand out moments that are impossible to forget.

     The other things that I remember involve The Youngest feeding me bites of her pizza and getting mad when I tried to take them and feed them to her instead. Then she kept bringing me handfuls of chips that the boys were eating and supervised me until I started eating. It's not like she's five and worried about me. She's one! It was possibly the cutest thing ever though.

     After that, nothing really worth mentioning happened. It was funny at the time but I was so exhausted that EVERYTHING was funny. I also don't remember a lot of stuff that might be worth mentioning, but oh well.

     On a random side note, I was trying to fix the pocket on my jeans last night. I don't really know what happened but I managed to accidentally stab my finger with the dull end of the needle. It hurt like a bitch. Don't ever stab yourself or anyone else with a needle. It will hurt like a bitch. [Disclaimer: Seriously. I do not encourage the stabbing of anyone with needles.]

     On a second random side note since I spent so much time talking about movies, my mom went and bought The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliff today. The day it came out. Remember this post when I talked about my mom and I going to see it? Yeah, guess who's not sleeping tonight even though I have to work tomorrow.

     The last couple things I have to tell ya'll are completely blog related and directed towards my readers:

     I have been posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays (except last week, when I posted late on Monday night because I knew I would be too busy). Thursday is too far away from Tuesday so that so much happens, I can't keep up with it in a post. But Tuesday is so close to Thursday I never have anything to say. I'm going to change it to Mondays and Thursdays to see how that works out. If it changes again, I'll be sure to tell you.

     I know I haven't been drawing like I promised I would, but I really haven't had much time to do any of the drawing. I'm hoping that my mom will do a guest post for Guest Post Saturday (hint hint Momma!) entirely of things she's drawing with the crayons I bought her. (Maybe your commenting will encourage her?)


  1. Great post and I particularly loved your description of the theatre and hearing about meeting the lady with the awesome t-shirt again lol... very funny and I'm glad you were able to dash into the nest isle without being seen! Although, since she worked there, and you were customers, she probably would have been obliged to be polite. But it's always good to be on the safe side!

    1. hahaha Thank you so much!!! We think she might have thought we were stalking or harassing her, which could be a cause for security, but we didn't really want to risk it.

  2. Oh, and the little one year-old story was adorable :-)

  3. If she had seen us she probably would have run screaming. The only problem with her working there is that's twice she was on the cheese and bacon aisle....we got fix that little problem. :)

    1. Hey guys, look! My mom figured out how to comment off anonymous!

      And you're only worried because 80% of your diet consists of bacon and cheese.

    2. Fun to see your mom here! May I suggest Zoro masks? I'm sure you would both look strikingly sexy in them!

    3. hahaha Next time we go to the costume store, I will totally look for Zoro masks, just for you.

    4. Maybe we'll even take pictures! haha

  4. Ha Ha very funny.
    And you forgot the chicken!

  5. I would like to see if she can draw better than me because I am a good drawer with crayons!

    1. She's pretty awesome with crayons too. I'll be sure to pass on the message!