Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crazy Tips

     We all have weird home remedies that work wonders for us, right? (haha I sound like an infomercial.) Well, I'm tired of repeating myself so I figured I can just put it in one blog post and anytime I'm told about this shit, I can just be like, "Hey, go check out my awesome blog!"

[Disclaimer: Please note, I am not a doctor or an expert. The following are tips that have either worked for me or somebody who I know that has told me about them.]


     I have a major allergy to aloe (which is, ironically, one of the most hypoallergenic things out there). So, even though most people use aloe to treat sunburns, I can't. Since I'm so pale I glow in the dark, it's safe to say, I easily get sunburned. Here's what I do:

-Take either a small box of baking soda or half a box of a large one and pour it into a lukewarm bath.
-Mix baking soda and water, in a bowl, into a thick paste and apply it to your face.
-Relax in the bathtub for at least an hour.
-Apply soothing lotion (NOT COCOA BUTTER; THAT SHIT WILL BURN) all over, after getting out of the bath.
-Only wear loose, light clothing over the burned areas.
-Repeat until the sunburn is gone.

     A couple years ago, I was literally between this shade of red from fishing with my dad. The majority of the sunburn was gone in two days and the light pink was gone within four, with minimal peeling.

Dry Hair/Dry Scalp:

     I have psoriasis (well, I'm just making it sound like I have all sorts of issues, aren't I?), which is basically my body making too many skin cells so it makes my skin super dry. It's pretty much on my scalp, so I'm pretty fucking lucky because my hair usually hides it and when it doesn't, it looks like dandruff and super dry skin in my face. Plus, I dye my hair (a tip within a tip- the chemicals in the hair dye help control the psoriasis, so long as you don't over do it; but it does burn) and straighten it and all around torture it, so it gets pretty dry also.

-Comb mayo into your hair with a wide tooth comb, layer by layer.
-Pin your hair up and put it in a shower cap.
-Put a towel on your pillow and go to sleep.
-The next morning, wash your hair twice (so you don't smell like tuna salad).
-Apply horse conditioner to your hair with a wide tooth comb, layer by layer.
-Either pin up or braid your hair.
-Either leave in until bed time or until the following morning.
-Wash hair once and apply regular conditioner.

     No, Jax, I swear I didn't steal your idea. I've been considering this post for a while but I just finally got around to it. It's just awesome timing that I commented this tip on your blog today! haha


     This isn't my tip. My awesome friend Mercedes from My Big Small Life recently posted about how she got pink eye from her (crazy adorable) baby, Sarah. I don't really know enough about this to post step by step instructions, so this is just a list of stuff Mercedes says that it can be used for. (Yes, I know this is weird, and kinda gross, but if it works, it works.)

-Pink Eye.
-Ear Infections.
-Cuts and Scrapes.
-Diaper Rashes.

     (Maybe if you go over to Mercedes' blog and comment, she'll even post her tips of how to correctly use breastmilk to fix the above things?)


     There are about a billion things you can do for this but unfortunately, things are different for every type of skin. My skin is try but it also gets very oily because it's trying to compensate for the dryness. It's a weird combination and it sucks. I've never had a bit problem with zits or blackheads, luckily, so maybe what I do works?

-Wash your face twice a day; once in the morning and once at night.
-Always make sure you use some sort of lotion.
-If you wear make-up, like I do, at least use the make-up remover wipes before bed, even if you're too tired to wash your face.
-Put a thin layer of toothpaste over your face and leave it for about 2-5 minutes, before washing it off with a cool washrag. It will help with blackheads. (Something that Mercedes and Sissi taught me.)
-If you have a zit, put toothpaste over it for 5-8 minutes before washing it off with a cool washrag. (Mercedes told me about toothpaste and Sissi told me details on how to use it.)
-Always make sure the products you use are fitted for your type of skin.

Growing Your Hair Out:

     A lot of people say that trimming your hair will make it grow faster. Um, lol what the fuck? Why would CUTTING your hair make it GROW? Please, stop and consider this for a moment. Where is the logic? But that's not my point. This is another list of just ways to do it, instead of step by step instructions.

-Biotin. It's a sort of vitamin/herbal pill thing. You can take up to five a day and it will make your hair and nails grow. (I took it for two weeks and my hair grew half an inch.)
-Keeping your hair clean and healthy, which does mean trimming off the dead ends, but that still won't make it grow. Healthier hair just grows better.

     Okay, so, I only have two but that shit is pretty awesome. Whenever I want to grow out my hair, that's the only thing I ever have to use.

Minor Burns:

     As I said, I'm allergic to aloe, which is really a pain in the ass when you're trying to buy lotion or even get a minor burn. Luckily, I don't get burned a lot, but when I do it really fucking hurts. What sucks the most is when you're babysitting two boys who love to wrestle and a baby who always wants to be held and likes playing with your hands.

-Run the burn under cold water.
-Put yellow mustard on the burn for about two hours.
-Wash off mustard with cold water.
-Put burn cream on the burn.
-Depending on where it is, if you should put a bandaid over it, to avoid possible infection or irritation.
-Add more burn cream as instructed on the bottle or alternate with yellow mustard.


  1. Ok, I really enjoyed this post! The breast milk thing is a well known old tradition here as well. I've only heard about if for eyes though - not for the other stuff.

    A funny thing happened with my friend once. She was breast feeding at the time - and we, along with her mother, were in a taxi driven by a male driver. At some point my friend's mother poked herself in the eye (or something). Well, this family happens to be one of those type that scream everything when they're tense.... so all of a sudden the mom screams at my friend,

    "Leela!!! Quick! Give me some breast milk! I've just poked myself in the eyes!!!"

    My friend was embarrassed and answered with, "MOTHER!!"

    Lol, but her mom didn't give in - so daughter had to pump herself right then and there so that mom's eye could feel better lol... it was very funny ;-)

    About the toothpaste - how do you determine which one is good for your skin? ;-)

    I take biotin but only once a day - are you sure you can take so much of it? I would be happy to take more!

    1. That story is so hilarious. It kind of reminds me of my mother except that she's kind of grossed out by the thought of using breastmilk like that so she would never actually do it. hahaha

      I have NO idea. I tend to use whatever we have, but that was only regular until I got my braces off (can't use whitening with braces, unless you want railroad tracks on your teeth! haha). I haven't had to use it since (though I should anyways) so I'm not really sure what to suggest.

      The dosages may be different but the bottle I have says you can take up to five a day. Sissi and her actual sister each took it and they did the same thing without problem.

  2. I would hate to be allegric to aloe, it's so good for my sunburns.

    1. Right!? That's what everyone says! Luckily, the baking soda works great, but it would probably work better combined with aloe instead of regular lotion.

  3. 1) This blog has a great title.

    2) What is "horse conditioner"?

    1. 1) Thank you so much! My "sister" named it, after several hours of us struggling. haha

      2) Horse conditioner is literally conditioner you buy for horses, usually at a local feed store. I've heard it's also at pet stores (like Petsmart and Petco) but have never personally found it.

  4. I'm inordinately intrigued by the breast milk home remedy. I almost wish I had pink eye so that I could ask my breastfeeding friend to lend me some. And then I remember that a) pink eye SUCKS and b) it's probably gauche to as a breastfeeding friend for milk.

    1. hahahahahha I'm not sure it's really good social protocol to go up to a breastfeeding friend and be like "Hey, let me have some of that milk there so I can put it in my eye." Of course, I'm socially inept, so what do I know?