Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guest Post Saturday: Edition Ten

     Whoo! I managed to get it posted before midnight! Alright, guys, here's what's been happening. Lots of shit with trying to get a post on time and all that drama. I will love you forever if you want to go here to find out everything you need and send me an email at I may not love you as much as Mercedes over at My Big Small Life, but I will love you!

Hey there everyone! So yet again I am doing this Saturday guest post
thing and once again I really have no idea what to talk about. I guess
my topic for this week will be the baby kitties that are being all
cute in my closet.

Yes, about two weeks ago my cat Chunky had her first little of
kittens. She had three, two boys and one girl.  Their eyes are now
fully open and though they still can't get around very well they are
trying. Chunky has them in the back of my closet but thankfully I can
get to them with ease because they are just too cute not to pick up
and cuddle.

We also have a new litter of puppies. They are almost a week old and
just like Abby's last litter the moment we found out she was prego was
when she decided to have the pups. She had 6 but sadly one of them
passed away. We have no idea why but the poor baby will be missed. But
still, there are 5 healthy girls, all brown and black with white on
their chests except one which is more of a grey color. We think the
father was a small breed dog because the pups in this litter are half
the size of her last on. It also helps that the last time she was in
heat there was only one male dog around her and sadly the owners of
that dog, which are family keep making that dog younger and younger.
He started off at 5-6 months when they got him and they swore to get
him fixed and now that Abby had puppies he is not even 4 months old

It's not even like we are mad at them about it but yeah, lots of drama
there haha. my life just seems to be full of it.
So I guess that means I have 8 babies in my house, well 9 if you
include my youngest daughter. Life is going to get really crazy around
here once they can all move around. i think I'm a tad scared haha.
Now you better love me all the more Rach!


  1. Ok, so I'm totally not a cat person, but those kittens are really stinking cute!!! They are in your closet?? Too funny how you worded that!! hahaha great guest post ;)

    1. haha Yeah, they're in her closet. She's texted me pictures since they were born and oooooomg I love the kittens so much. lol I would have added those pictures to her post but I didn't think about saving them.

  2. cute, but yet so naughty once they are up and around. Gotta love them :)

    1. Their cuteness totally makes up for the trouble they cause, I think! haha

  3. I'm scared to see whats going to happen once there's the three kittens and 5 puppies running around because there's only a week or two difference between when they were born haha It's going to be crazy fun

    1. hahaha I expect lots of pictures and videos!

      Maybe there will even be another guest post with that? (That was a very very subtle hint. lol)