Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kianwi's Choice

     As you may remember from Monday's post, Kianwi from Simply She Goes won the contest to pick my topic to post about this week. This is her comment from the post:

"Yay! I'm the winner :) So I get to tell you what to post about on Thursday? Okay, I'll give you three topics to choose from:
1. What are ten things on your 'bucket list' that you want to do in your lifetime?
2. What is your favorite childhood memory?
3. What's the one thing you can't live without?"

     Since I'm so awesome, I'm going to try to write about all three topics. That's also mostly because I have no idea what to say about any of them individually. I mean, those are so awesome topics, but I'm not sure that I can do them justice. I guess we'll see, won't we?

What are ten things on your 'bucket list' that you want to do in your lifetime?

     I don't actually have a bucket list. I have things that I want to do but I've never made a bucket list officially, so I'll just have to do it here.

1) I want to graduate high school and take part time college classes in child care, photography, English/writing, and maybe a few other things. There's just so much to learn, that the list keeps getting longer and longer.

2) I want to learn to speak German and Spanish, as well as learn to use sign language (besides the alphabet and flipping somebody off) fluently. I want to learn languages in general, but those are my top ones.

3) I want to travel the world, but I don't want to go by myself. Sissi has already agreed to take a vacation with me somewhere amazing, but we have no clue when or where.

4) I want to be able to get over my shyness enough to be able to share things I've written or be able to sing (hahaha poor people) without thinking "Wow, okay, so they're going to wish they can forget today". I've come a long way already, but I still have a long way to go with this one.

5) I want to be a good role model for my beautiful two year old niece and any other nieces/nephews I have (and my siblings). I'm not entirely sure this one even counts but I want to be that cool aunt that the kid can go to for everything. (Just to clear things up, Sissi's brother is the father to my niece and his skank is the mother. Her entire family adopted me so I'm an aunt.)

6) I want to learn to play guitar, piano, and any other instrument I can. (But guitar first, since I have two guitars already. lol)

7) I want to open my own daycare. A daycare that isn't home run, so I can hire people to help me and make sure those kids have decent care while they're with me, since so many daycares are shit.

8) I want to be able to fully forgive everyone who has ever wronged me. I honestly believe in forgiving but not forgetting, but that's still something that's hard to do sometimes.

9) I want to be able to fully over come my depression. I don't know if that's something I'll ever be able to fully do, but I want to be happy and find a way to make it happen.

10) I want to be able to make peace with my family about everything, including earning their respect and support for making my own decisions. Even if that means that I have to prove myself to them.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

     Honestly, I have no idea. I'm not even sure what the age limit is on "childhood". Does that mean when I was little? Younger teenage years? Either way, I don't know what my best memory is from any of that. How about I just list a few of my favorite memories in general?

1) This is a weird one, since it really shouldn't be a happy memory but it is. When I was in third grade, I was in a school play (I was a butterfly and had all of the complicated and super long lines, since I was one of the few who could read fluently) and there was this boy who was always pushing me around and starting shit. He even got his friend in on it. Well, one day, he and I were in rehearsal on the stage and he started pushing me around and hitting me again (this had been going on for months and nobody was doing anything about it) and I finally had enough. I shoved him into the brick wall we were by (waiting for our cue, I think?) hard enough that his head bounced some and he never touched me again. This shouldn't be happy, but I finally started to learn to stand up to myself and if I get hit, I have to hit back harder, and that made me a lot stronger as a person. (Also, I absolutely loved preforming in the play, so those are pretty good memories too.)

2) When I was about fourteen, I went to my dad's house for about a month during the summer. Like Sissi and I, his best friend is his brother. They were best friends since I was a toddler (I used to "pack" my own diaper bag to run away to his house). His daughters call my dad their uncle and I call their dad my uncle. One of the last memories I have of him, is when all of us and a bunch of people Uncle RA knew went to ride ATV's (4-wheelers). For those of you who aren't from the south, we went muddin', which is basically riding through the mud and getting really super gross. (We had to wash my shoes off at a carwash on the way to start the 12 hour drive back to my mom's house.) Uncle RA is the one who convinced me to learn how to drive an ATV and really got me to have fun when I was surrounded by super loud drunk people that I didn't know. He even trusted me enough to let me drive it on the dirt road back to his wife's store at night, even though it was a few miles and I had never driven an ATV before. (Granted, my dad was helping me, but that's not the point.)

3) A much more recent memory, is when I got to fly out to see Sissi last year for her spring break. I got to spend nine days with her and that's like thirty whole posts on it's own. Let me just simply say, that the hug from when I got off the plane and she finally found me and getting to play with my beautiful niece for the first time was beyond amazing. Brother is the one who made it happen, by getting the ticket for me and literally making me cry out of happiness (that's an amazing memory too but really goes with this one). Adding to that, seeing Sis a couple months later was pretty amazing as well, which is also it's own post.

4) When I was really little (according to my mom, I was like three), I was super close with my dad's dad, Pawpaw. He lives in a really old farm house with a shitton of land. While I was little, he had a garden out back. Every time he would pick me up, he would ask me for directions and how to get to the house and say he hoped I remembered because he didn't. One of the weekends I spent with him and Memaw (my dad's mom), like every other weekend, we worked in his garden and he was teaching me different things. He found an earthworm and told me, "Even if you're sure you know it's a worm and not a snake, don't touch it. Make your daddy do it." I guess this is just a happy memory because I remember how close we were when I was so little. (And, I don't know if I touched worms when I was little, but every time Daddy takes me fishing, I make him bait my hook for me.)

5) For my tenth birthday, my mom, her mom (Grandma), and her little brother planned out an afternoon where I got out of school early and got to go horse back riding with Uncle BS (he's kinda stuck with the...bullshit initials [you're welcome Sissi; I'm sorry everyone else, that was a horrible pun] the worst part is his brother's initials are BM... bowel movement). It was one of the few times I got to ride a horse and I absolutely loved it. After that, we all met for pizza and it was just a really good birthday.

What is one thing you can't live without?

     The people I love. It's as simple as that.


  1. Ooh, you did a great job! You did the topics justice, for sure :)

    All of your bucket list items are attainable. I wish you luck on them! I hope you are able to make your dream of running a daycare happen. Just the fact that you care that it is run well shows you would be perfect at it.

    I also loved hearing your favorite memories. I cracked up at Uncles B.S. and B.M.! Poor guys!

    1. Haha Aww, thank you! I was hoping you would like it!

      And thank you for wishing me luck. (= I have a long way to go but as long as I try, I think I'll be happier in the long run, whether I succeed or not.

      I didn't even realize about their initials until I asked my mom about their middle names. I laughed so hard that I just had to share.

  2. before i learn how to play guitar, but piano that's pretty hard.

    i'm #19 follower, nice to meet you Rachel

    1. I've always heard guitar is more difficult to learn than piano, but thinking about it, I know more people who can play guitar instead of piano.

      Thank you for following! Welcome to my little piece of the internet. Haha

  3. I also have two guitars, and don't know how to play. Ha! We used to have a drum set that we didn't play too, but that now lives with the ten-year-old boy whose mom bought our house. I'm sure she loves us for that.

    1. Haha Its nice to know I'm not the only one! And I'm sure that his parents love you and think about you every day.

  4. I love how you have such a practical career dream!! It's something that is so specific that it will be easy to work up towards. All you need is a great marketing plan and some investors. Have you taken any steps towards it yet?

    1. Haha Thank you! I haven't taken any major steps yet, but I'll go into more detail in my next post because I'm on my phone right now.

  5. Love the pawpaw story! I never had one, but envy people who have.

    1. Thanks. xD Its a really special memory for me.