Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Much Happier Post

     Okay guys, remember this  unhappy post from earlier this week? Well, I have an update. Apparently, as soon as Boss Lady's mom left, Boss Man's dad arrived and nobody knows when she's leaving. So, I still have a job. However, I learned that from Mr Fix-It but only because he works with Boss Man. I have yet to be contacted and I plan on finding a new job anyways, because of all their shit. (It's pretty bitchy, but I want to get a job and have them call and then I can be like, "lol My bad, I thought I was fired so I found a new job".)

     But here's where it gets really good. Kianwi from Simply She Goes has given me my second award!

     Thank you Kianwi!!! You really know how to make somebody smile. This award really helped get my mood up this week and I really, really can't thank you enough for that.

The Rules:
1) List seven facts about yourself.
2) Pass it on to ten other bloggers.

     Those are pretty simple rules to follow. Well, it's never easy to decide who to give an award to when there are so many people to deserve it, but you know what I mean. Unfortunately, I have a list of 30-40 blogs I keep meaning to check out but haven't gotten around to and over half the people on the list of blogs I read don't do the award thing, so I'm only going to list a few.

1) I want to get a belly ring and a tattoo of a rosary on my foot/ankle but I'm scared of how much it would hurt. (This coming from the girl who has six piercings current but seven done total. haha)

2) I was born with one blue eye and one green eye. One of Mom's friends said that anyone born with two different colored eyes is a demon child or something. I thought it was funny.

3) When I was filling out my paperwork to get my learner's permit, I had to ask my mom my current eye color and how much I probably weigh, because I wasn't sure.

4) I write poetry about things that make me extremely emotional.

5) I want to travel the world but I don't like traveling in planes so that's going to take a bit of planning. (Plus, I'm kinda broke at the moment.)

6) I have this thing where I can't sit with my back to people without freaking out. Even in theaters, I have to sit on the top row. When I'm sleeping, my back has to be to the wall and I have to face the door.

7) When I took a shower this morning, the medicine cabinet was closed. When I looked up while in the shower, it was partially opened. I freaked out.

     I think I might be getting a little better at listing facts about myself. What do you think? At least they're shorter and it didn't take me an hour to write, so that's probably a good thing. Anyways, now it's time to announce the winners!

1) A Bozo's Abbozzo
2) Raviolis & Waterworks
3) The Transformed Non-Conformist

P.S. If you click the picture of the awards on the side of my blog, it'll take you to the blog of the person who awarded me.

P.S. #2 If you want to check out my first award, go here.


  1. Good think you still have a job, but I totally don't blame you for wanting to get another one and then telling them to stick it when they call!

    I'm so glad the award lightened your mood :)

    I have a tattoo on my calf. I won't lie, it hurt, but it wasn't horrible. I love my tattoo, so it was worth it!

    1. haha I'm glad you understand. I try not to be vengeful or anything, but they really screwed me over.

      Thank you. x3 So am I.

      What is the tattoo of, if you don't mind me asking? And I heard certain parts of your body hurt more but I'm not entirely sure.

  2. Totally keep looking for something else! Something more reliable. On the tattoo note, I got mine when I was 19 and I hate it. I plan on getting it removed eventually. And hurts.

    1. That's what I'm hoping for. I would be beyond screwed had I already moved out and had bills to pay and no money to pay them. So I really want to find something I can rely on.

      What is your tattoo of? One of the things I really worry about is that I'll get it and then I won't like it but won't be able to remove it.

  3. I used to be a professional piercer and will soon be employed at another piercing shop. Find yourself my way and I will do your belly ring for free. Of course, I don;t know where you are so it may be much cheaper to just pay for one where you are than travel to my shop.

    Thank you for the award and congrats on getting yours.

    1. hahaha Thanks. xD It would probably be a lot cheaper to get it here, but if I happen to end up in your area before I get it, I'll stop by your shop for sure.

      Thank you. I hope you don't have to deal with the Awards Fairy again, but you deserve the award.

  4. Ohh, thank you so much for the award!!! I'm honored and totally smiling ear to ear :) :)

    1. haha Well, you deserve it! I'm glad I could make you smile!

  5. Thanks for the other award! Go here for your answers!

    1. You're very welcome! I'll be right over to look at the answers!

  6. I see we have quite a few things in common! Congrats on the award!