Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Open Letter To The Lady Who Did My Hair

Dear Bitch Hair-Dresser With Talons For Nails,
     Hi there. Do you remember me? Probably not, but that's okay. You dye and cut a lot of hair, so it's understandable that you don't remember one specific person. Do you remember Shorty? I thought you might. You may not have done her hair for six months, but you always took care of it before. I'm the girl who she introduced to you. You begged my mom to let you play with hair hair, for free!

     I'm happy that she didn't have time to go to you. Why, you ask? Well, my mother has beautiful blond hair, even if she doesn't take the time to even condition it most mornings. Most people don't even know she's a bottle blond until she has to have me dye her hair again. I'm very happy that she still has her beautiful blond hair.

     You see, when I went to you roughly two months ago, she had dyed my hair a pretty brown the night before. Your job was to add black, bright red, and purple highlights. Just highlights. I also wanted my hair cut in layers, but that is not the point today.

     Before I knew what was happening, you dyed my hair black with red and purple highlights. Though it was not what I wanted, I really did like it so I did not have any complaints and I paid the eighty dollars you charged me. Since the dye was burning my head, you did not leave it on as long as you were "supposed to". Since the red was not that bright, you offered me a free touch up later in the week. I never had time to return.

     This is probably for the best. By the end of the week, the alleged "permanent" red and purple dyes, had completely washed out. I was left with tinted purple/pink brown hair for my highlights. Soon, the black hair dye began washing out drastically as well. Now, I have dark brown hair again, that only appears black when it is dark, with roots nearly two inches long.

     This isn't very good at all, but I have more news to break to you. Yesterday, my mom unclogged the bathtub drain. It was entirely full of hair. It was not blond hair, nor dark red, nor brown, nor any of the colors I have had before this most recent change. No, it was all black hair. We have lived here six years and never has any of our hair dying (or even the perm I once had) clogged up the bathtub drain. Do you see what I am getting at?

     Had my head not felt like it was on fire to the point I was crying, I would have had that dye on ten minutes longer. That could have resulted in the total death of my hair. Shorty went to you before learning of how my colors just washed out. She left with gray hair and clogged up her own drain, just as I have.

     This is a problem. Most girls value their hair and do not like it when it looks like a pile of poo, they cannot style it, and it is thinning at a terrifying rate. I hope you understand that I can never recommend you to anyone. Sometime soon, my mother- the lady with the beautiful hair- is going to take me some place else to see what they suggest. I sincerely hope that they are better at their job than you, else I might just buy a wig so I don't have to deal with such stupidity.

Fuck You,


  1. Yay! I'm the 1st one to post a comment today!!

    Rachel thank you for the many compliments on my hair. I really appreciate that.

    You still have pretty hair and we will get it back to the way you want it as soon as we can get to it! And never, never, ever go back to the Bitch. (And on a lighter note I just found out 5 minutes ago that her own family refuses to let her touch their hair).

  2. Ooh, that's awful. My step-mom is a hair stylist and she says color should never, ever burn. It means they used too high of a developer. This happened to a friend of mine recently and her entire scalp was tender for weeks.

    I hope it gets back to being healthy soon!

    1. It usually burns my skin a little bit, but that'a because the chemicals help treat the psorisis on my scalp. But there is a big difference between stinging and feeling as though you need to call the fire department. Lol Hopefully there will be something simple to fix my poor hair though.

  3. Ok so you may not like to hear this but I think that the big reason the color did not stay is because the night before you got it done your mom had colored your hair. You need to wait at least a week if not two after putting on a color treatment before you do another.

    I killed my hair once because like the dork I am I colored my hair two different times in two days and after the second time I had cotton candy hair and my dad had to cut several incest off to find salvageable hair.

    1. I know that part of the reason is because the different dyes were put in my hair so soon, but that's not the main reason.

      She didn't follow directions for the highlights (which would have been fine, since I've been doing streaks and highlights for years without problem) and instead dyed ALL of my hair, for 35 minutes when my hair was pitch black at 15.
      And Shorty hadn't had her hair dyed in months but her hair was completely destroyed as badly as mine is- maybe even worse, since she ended up with gray hair and I didn't.

      I would have thought it was just because of the two dyes, had somebody else who hadn't done anything to their hair in like 6 months hadn't had the same problem as I did.