Thursday, August 16, 2012

Conversations #2

     This is the second post of stupid conversations, as the number says. If you want to read the first one (and I suggest you do because I think it's fucking hilarious) then just click here and read that first. (=

About a week before this conversation happened, Sissi told Brother and Sis to send an updated picture because she was going to work on a portrait of our family. Unlike them, I have a shitton of pictures on Facebook. Anyways, since none of us live near each other, we were all shocked to see Sis had whacked her hair from the middle of her back to her chin and how AMAZING it looks. We were also shocked to see Brother's hair was below his armpits and longer than any of us girls' hair. Sissi told him to go get a haircut.
Brother: btw I got a haircut the other day
Rachel: Wow lol
Rachel: And SEND A PIC
Brother: it needs retouching though because it’s still rough, but at least I got one
Rachel: lol How much did you cut?
Brother: it’s a few inches below my adam’s apple now
Brother: so that’s like 6 inches I guess
Rachel: At least it's shorter than my hair
Brother: I’m not an expert in adam’s apple-to-nipple measurements
Rachel: that is ridiculously funny
Brother: lol thanks
Brother: what namborr
Rachel: fuck um lemme check
Brother: and omg I have bags under both of my eyes why am I getting old
Rachel: ### ### ####
Rachel: and lololol me too ._.'
Brother: gross ><
Rachel: That ain't gross compared to most of the stuff Sissi and I say
Brother: really?
Brother: enlighten me
Rachel: Do you want to hear about periods in detail?
Brother: is that it?
Brother: because no
Rachel: No, that's the cleaner stuff.
Brother: anyways I sent the thing
Rachel: Two things: Your hair is very pretty and I'm kinda jealous because your hair is prettier than mine. And thank you for having a shower in the background and not a toilet.
Brother: lolwut
Brother: who takes a picture of themselves next to a toilet
Rachel: Every fucking person on Facebook who uses the bathroom mirror to take pictures
Rachel: **on the internet
Brother: I took a picture normally but had the screen facing the mirror so I knew when to press the button
Brother: it was so ghetto
Rachel: You're such a gangster Brother
Brother: thanks
Rachel: Gangsters don't say thanks
Rachel: You lost your street cred Brother
Brother: I did that last time!
Brother: dang
Rachel: Gangsters don't say dang either Brother
Brother: oh

If you haven't read about my learning what a bistro is, you should do that here or you won't get this conversation at all.
Brother: is it sad that I kind of knew what a bistro was already?
Rachel: Sad for me, yes
Brother: yeah, but I’m also italian
Brother: so idk
Rachel: Was it Italin food I was eating?
Brother: I think so
Brother: Idk, bistro may have multiple cultures, but it definitely sounds like an italian restaurant
Rachel: Well shit. I should have texted you.
Brother: lol
Brother: yeah

Sissi and I have a friend on Facebook, who said "he just couldn't handle it, sometimes" so Sissi commented back "all your swag?". I quickly agreed and added "I don't think anyone can handle that." since he is a pretty awesome dude. He commented back "You ladies cheer me up." so I sent Sissi a message on Skype.
Rachel: oh and apparently, we're ladies
Sissi: uh
Rachel: facebook
Sissi: yeah?
Sissi: haha oh
Rachel: I'm always called a "girl". Not woman. Never lady unless I LOOK like one (by wearing an incredibly modest dress that makes my grandparents happy).
Rachel: So I'm like
Rachel: "hahaha lookie there, we're ladies, bitches"
Sissi: oh, haha
Sissi: idk i get called "lady" all the time o:
Rachel: That's because you ARE a lady haha

Sissi and I were texting about food and she suddenly sent me the most random text.
Rachel: I haaate beans.
Sissi: I hate you
Sissi: Just kidding, Rachel. You're great. I love you.
Rachel: lol I love you too Sissi.
Sissi: There is a piece of chalk outside thats really old and misshapen and covered partially in dirt so it looks like a light periwinkle turd.
Rachel: LMAO I love you omg xD
What really gets me, is that she had to pick up the chalk-shit to draw that.

We were talking about Sis FINALLY getting Skype because she FINALLY got a new computer. Since none of us live near each other, we text and talk on Skype (usually IM) all the time. But Sis has never had Skype, after like three fucking years of us telling her to get it... And this came of me telling Sissi and Brother she agreed.
A little more background... My mom is the assistant manager of a trailer park and before she started working here, it was literally the worst part of town, so there was a lot of bad shit that she had to be around for. Sissi lives on a military base. Her friends recently walked into a school and were arrested even though they didn't actually do anything wrong... just very stupid. No charges were pressed. And no, the cops mentioned didn't actually threaten me. It's a joke.
Rachel: It'll be like when we get to see each other
Rachel: Except with less chance of us getting arrested!
Brother: except all advanced
Brother: or
Brother: yeah
Brother: that too
Rachel: hahhaha
Sissi: oh........
Sissi: idk my friends are good at getting arrested so they can teach me
Rachel: I've been yelled at by cops
Sissi: i was once taken home by police officers
Sissi: but i was literally one house away and it was like 11:09
Sissi: curfew is 11 on base
Rachel: Shame on you Sissi
Brother: you're an evil child
Rachel: I got yelled at for trying to run to my mom who was at a drug bust
Rachel: They told me to go to the end of the street
Rachel: Or I might get shot
Rachel: Idk if they were threatening me
Rachel: Or warning me
Brother: Lol, I guess we'll never know
Rachel: But I was like "fuck you my mom is over there"
Sissi: probably both
Rachel: And then they made me go back
Brother: I once ran to and hugged the wrong mom at the end of preschool one day
Brother: no police involved
Brother: just me being dumb
At this point, I literally laughed out loud. Mom was watching a crime show and I didn't know and it sounded like I was a psychopath because of the timing. (Mainly telling you because I told Wolfy about that part.)
Rachel: You bad ass Brother
Brother: thanks
Rachel: Wait
Rachel: Gangster
Rachel: Wait
Brother: oh, yeah
Brother: definitely
Rachel: You said thanks
Rachel: Damnit Brother
Rachel: Why don't you learn?
Brother: darn!


  1. Haha! I hate Facebook pics with the toilet in the background!

    1. haha So do I! It's like, "Wow, um, thanks for showing me the toilet because that's totally what everyone wants to see?" haha