Monday, August 20, 2012

Just Proving A Point

     Some of you guys follow my Twitter (@WhenALionSleep - feel free to follow me, I've been using it a lot more lately and always try to reply) and may have noticed me ranting about people telling me I can sing when they have never even heard me and I have valid reasons for not being able to sing. I'm not saying it because I want attention or somebody to tell me I can. I'm not saying it so you'll agree. I'm saying it because I believe it's true and that is my opinion.

     Want to hear me sing? Sure, okay, why not? It's not my ears that could end up bleeding. But don't fucking tell me that I'm such an amazing singer when we have never even listened to music together and you have never heard me fucking sing a single note. Ever. All that does is piss me off and make me think "Wow they think I'm an attention whore" or "lol Okay so that means none of your other compliments are true since you're lying about this".

     Anyways, my reason for not being able to sing. I have hearing loss in both ears. When I was six, my left ear drum exploded from an ear infection and I had to have a surgery to put tubes in both my ears. Every six years (when I was six, twelve, and earlier this year at eighteen) I've had bad (double) ear infections. The ones when I was six and twelve were so bad that I would cry from the pain. The one from this year didn't really hurt, but it was not fun. (I wrote about it here and here.) Because of the more recent ear infections, I don't know just how bad my hearing is now, but I really should get that checked.

     The hearing loss I have is more pitch related than anything, even though I have a really hard time hearing really quiet things. There are a lot of pitches (notes) that I can't hear. They sound just like everything within that range to me. When I sing them, they sound right. To everyone else, it couldn't be more off. It also makes my ears very fucking sensitive to high pitches and noises that are too loud. It makes me feel like somebody hit me in the ear with one of those spikey-ball-medieval-weapon-thingys.

     I understand this. I know it means that I'll never be the next big star. I'm okay with this. I'm okay with people being like "Hey, let me hear you sing before I decide for myself." That's all cool with me. What I can't stand is somebody complimenting me when they have never heard me and thus, are lying to me. Because they don't mean it because they've never heard it.

     But since I decided to put this on here, I made a voice recording of myself for you guys, so you can hear me sing. Because I'm almost sure a few of you would wonder what the big deal is and so I can prove a point (by directing people who piss me off to this post haha). A couple things you should remember though. Before you laugh and tell me just how crappy it is, because trust me, I know.

     I refuse to listen to myself sing. Ever. I recorded it with some music from Youtube but it was a pain in the ass to find a good video, so you can hear the original singer in the background (almost like back-up vocals). I don't know how the music/my voice work with volume because, like I said, I won't listen to it. (If I'm on the phone/webcam with somebody who plays it, I'll hang up. If they play it while I'm with them, I'll leave. Not even kidding.) It was like 2 in the morning and I was very sleepy. And there's probably back ground noise because the animals were hyper and I was in front of our loud A/C.

     That's my version of it and you guys wouldn't believe how much of a pain in the ass it was to get it to upload here. I had to copy/paste my little picture on here like a million times because it wouldn't let me just upload an audio file.

     That's the real version of the song. It's called Concrete Angel and it's by Martina McBride, in case anybody was wondering. Yes, I know it's not a happy song. But happy songs are usually upbeat and upbeat means I hear less of the notes than a slower song. Plus, Momma picked it out.

     This is the song Momma first said I should sing. (Only because I was singing it along with the radio.) It's called Get Stoned by Hinder. And while I fucking love this song, there aren't many songs that would be more awkward to sing and post on the internet. And I told her I would tell you guys on her because she totally missed the repeated lines of "Let's go home, get stoned. We could end up making love instead of misery  Let's go home, get stoned. 'Cause the sex is so much better when you're mad at me." until I pointed it out.

     And since I've already gave you a bunch of videos to watch, I'm going to post some videos of an undiscovered star. Yeah, I am totally promoting Ashley's videos. Why? Because she is fucking awesome and one day she's going to be more famous than Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber combined. I'm going to post some of her videos but if you want to check out her Youtube channel, click here.

P.S. Just wanted to add that I'm totally jealous of Ashley's voice and you should either comment on her videos or leave a comment for her here because she loves feedback.

P.S. #2 I also posted her videos so that maybe you'll forgive me for you listening to the recording of me. Maybe it'll bribe you into liking me again. lol


  1. Okay, so you can't sing ;) When I was younger, I used to tell my mom that I wasn't good at math, but she would insist that I was. But I really, really wasn't! I kept telling her, "mom, it's okay if I'm not good at something...I can accept that!" So funny.

    Ashley has an amazing voice!

    1. haha Exactly! I can't do math either but nobody argues with that one. I just wanted to prove a point. lol

      And right!?!? Her voice is so beautiful omg. x3