Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Merry Birthday Brother!

     Well, it is now August 22, which means that today is my Brother's fifteenth birthday. Which means that he is growing up and that soon we'll all be old and shit. I mean, dude, we met six years ago. Now two of us are adults, three of us can drive (soon to be four, since he'll be old enough to get a permit in six months!), and we've just... we're all growed up now.

     But this post isn't to remind Brother that one day we'll be old. No, this is something that Sissi, Sis, and I planned two days ago. Because we totally plan ahead and stuff. We're celebrating our (big) little brother's birthday and what better way to do that then MS Paint drawings and telling the world just how much we love him? Exactly, there isn't a better way.

     Let's start off with a totally random drawing I did like a week ago. Sissi was drawing so she asked us what to draw. Brother suggested to draw him as a giant (because he is) with the rest of us being short (because we're shorter... but Sissi and Sis are actually kinda tall). So since I didn't think she was going to, I did it.

We're drawn in our favorite colors, because I'm fucking creative like that.
     But that's old and he's seen it so we each did something new. (That just kind of fit in with everything.) Sissi did a drawing that's pretty fucking amazing and puts me to shame, especially since she was using a mousepad on a laptop too... so I can't use that as an excuse for my lack of artistic skills anymore.

I'm the one with black hair.
Brother is the dude.
Sissi has the blond-orangeish hair.
Sis has the brown hair.
     This one is so accurate... And it's like a big group hug! Okay, family, the second we're all together, I call for a fucking group hug and making some stranger take our picture. We have to recreate this drawing (even though I'll probably have a different hair color by that point). You hear that Brother? You will be involved in the best fucking group hug ever.

     Sis also did a drawing. She admitted to cheating a little bit on it because she wanted to make it as good as possible for our (giant) baby brother.

Sis, teach me your secrets of drawing a stick person!
     That means my drawing is the only one left. Brother, I'm sorry, I fail so hard at drawing. But nothing is good enough for you (which makes it so damn hard to shop for you, you have no idea) so I kinda just drew this together and had to stick with the "Merry Birthday" idea that Sissi had come up with.

     I was going to draw us like Charlie's Angels, because Brother is Italian and there have been a few times where we've said "the family" instead of "our family". So we joke about being a mafia. But apparently, I don't know how to draw stick people holding guns. That's how I ended up with this instead.

     Just kidding, here you go.

I have the purple face.
Brother is the dude.
Sissi has the blue face.
Sis has the orange face.
If I may say so, I am damn good with photoshop.
     Guys, we are totally recreating that picture too. I know I'm super awesome at putting our faces on things, but we're going to recreate this after our amazingly awesome group hug. Okay? Good.

     Well, Brother, now you've seen all the fantastic artwork that we've done for you, so it's time to get to the sappy stuff. You know you love it, so don't you dare click the little red X at the top of the page.

     Brother, we just wanted to thank you for always being there for us. You're the youngest but you act like you're the oldest and you always try to take care of us and have our backs, which is a pretty amazing feat with all the shit we get in to. We know that we can always count on our little brother when we need you and that means more than we can say. None of us are blood related but that makes it all the more special, because we choose to be family and you're the best brother we could ever hope for. We love you Brother.

All that sappy shit!

P.S. I still want some of that cake.


  1. I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  2. This post is an awesome tribute. A very merry birthday to your brother!

    Also, I thought I was the only one that got people MSPaint presents...

    1. lol Thank you. x3 And I'll be sure to tell him!

      hahahaha I didn't even think about that, until after you said that.

  3. Happy birthday to your brother!!!! He is NOT old, but it's nice to hear that you guys can get all sappy and sh*t. lmao Best wishes to him xo

    1. I'll tell him. =3

      haha None of us are old, but it can feel like it when you think about the fact we met six years ago, so we've watched each other grow up. And hahahaha we have our sappy moments.

  4. Oh, this was so nice! I loved all the drawings :) You are about like I am with drawing, but you do in fact do very well on photoshop!

    And I loved the sappy part, so sweet.

    Merry birthday, brother!

    1. haha Thank you! But I really can't draw at all. Sissi is the artist out of all of us though. Even on the computer. lol

      And I'm glad you liked it. I'm so awful with sappy stuff so I was hoping that it turned out well for Brother.

      And I'll pass on the message next time I talk to him!