Sunday, October 7, 2012

Best Halloween Costume Idea Ever

     First of all, I'm proud of myself for having a post ready to publish (for the most part) because I am fucking exhausted right now and will be busy editing videos and shit when I'm more than semi-conscious. I've been meaning to write about my birthday and when I got The Kitten and a couple other things, but that'll also have to happen when I'm actually awake.

     Secondly, I just wanted to say that Sissi is doing great after her surgery. The hole in her heart was bigger than they thought, but they were still able to fix it. She went home the day after the surgery and looked fucking beautiful the day OF her surgery. She looked perfectly normal, maybe a little tired, but still. (Which really, isn't fair, because I looked like a zombie vampire on crack just from having my wisdom teeth removed.) And she's probably tired of hearing that, but seriously, what the fuck.

     Thirdly, since Halloween is coming up, I decided to post this for a costume idea for you guys. Because it's fucking awesome.

     Okay, guys, here's all you need to know:

     There was a pirate costume I've been trying to get for three years (click the link to see it; its REALLY cute). The first year, we didn't have the money. The second, I tried it on and completely fell in love, but when we went back to get it (after waiting for Mom's paycheck), they were completely sold out. The third, there was nothing to do for Halloween and I couldn't leave The Kitten home alone yet anyways. I told my boyfriend about that last year and he bought it for me as a Christmas present, so I could FINALLY wear it this year.

     The only other thing you have to know, is Brother is TALL. Like, he's been over six feet since he was fourteen. He is a giant and we are all sure to make sure he knows that.

     When people jump out at me, I tend to hit. When people grab at me, I tend to hit. Basically anybody sneaking up on me or anything, like in "haunted houses" would result in me physically harming the person who did it. Not because I plan it, but because my reflexes suck. Or maybe they're awesome. I guess it depends on perspective.

     Now, just enjoy this conversation and then you will have the best way to be a ghost for Halloween ever.

Rachel: There is NOTHING to do around here for Halloween
Brother: that's boring and crappy
Rachel: Extra crappy because that pirate costume that I've been REALLY wanting to wear for THREE years, is in the closet. Wolfy got it for me last Christmas because he remembered me being all upset about doing absolutely nothing last year for Halloween. So I'd feel horrible if I didn't even get to wear it.
Brother: maybe you should go do spooky things
Rachel: There's nothing spooky =/ It's church stuff, a scarecrow trail for children, a "haunted" house that would probably result in my arrest, and a corn maze that would definitely result in my arrest ._.
Brother: jump in front of people from behind corners
Rachel: Except they might sock me in the face
Rachel: And that would hurt
Rachel: But more importantly
Rachel: 2 1/2 year and $6000 for braces
Rachel: I ain't wasting that shit
Brother: imagine if I tried to be a ghost
Brother: the bed sheet would come down to like my chest
Rachel: It'd have to be custom made
Rachel: Or
Rachel: Since we have no money
Rachel: Buy a bunch of sheets and sew them together
Rachel: You can be a hillbilly ghost
Brother: or just wear a black shirt and put a pillow case over my face and I'm a constantly flying ghost
Rachel: ............That is the best idea ever
Rachel: Please do that
Brother: okay
Rachel: You'll be a constantly flying ghost for Halloween this year?
Brother: maybe
Brother: but I do want to be a mobster/detective
Brother: but we'll see how that works out
Rachel: Like that?
Brother: yeah, but without the stripes
Brother: that is eyeball searing
Rachel: lol
Rachel: Okay, be what you want, but I want a fucking picture you of being a constantly flying ghost
Brother: I have some black shirts I could turn around and use (because they have prints on the front)


  1. That's a great idea for a ghost costume. Much better than that mobster costume, which is definitely "eye searing." I just glanced at it, and I feel like I need corrective eye surgery.

    Also, you get +10 Internets for your use of the phrase "zombie vampire on crack."

    1. I'm sorry about your eyes. I hope you don't actually need the surgery but you did type that, so that's a good sign.

      hahaha Thank you! xD

  2. I can't see your pirate costume! And it makes me sad because I love pirates. I really need someone in my life to be a constantly flying ghost now...maybe I will since the ad below your comments shows a sexy peacock and my daughter and I were going to be (unsexy) peacocks. The sexy peacock just makes me want to not do that anymore. Sexy peacock has ruined peacocks for me!

    1. You comment made me giggle so much. I hope somebody is a constantly flying ghost!

      The link didn't work for me either so I'm about to replace it. You can look at it here or google search "jewel of the sea pirate costume".

  3. I love the pirate costume! It's cute without being slutty :). If brother is the constantly flying ghost, you'll have to post a picture, since it won't be showing his face!

    1. Thank you! That's exactly why I love it! I HATE the way so many costumes are slutty now. It also confuses me, because it's usually freezing cold on Halloween, so why would a woman want to wear the tiniest outfit ever?

      I'm working on it! I've been trying to convince him! lol