Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween: Part One

     For Halloween, Momma and I thought it would be fun to go to some supposedly haunted places and take pictures and videos. We're not saying ghosts exist and we're not saying they don't. You guys get to be the judge of that and tell me what you think. We did it for fun, because Halloween is coming up and it's my favorite holiday. And also, because we had nothing else to do.

     Since we went to a few places, I edited the videos by day (or weekend, since we only spent one day on the weekends doing this). Both of the videos are under fifteen minutes and some have volume, so if you're at work, use your headphones.

     Here is part one:

     I realized it's not fair to just upload that stuff and not give the history or anything, so I'll do that now.

The Playground:
     The first place we were, is a supposedly haunted playground, right across from a cemetery. I didn't do a very good job getting the bird's eye view of it, because there were several families in and out of the park. Basically, the parking lot is up on a hill above the playground about 15-25 feet, maybe more. There is plain, open space, where we took nearly all of the pictures that is surrounded by cliffs that were really fucking huge and the woods. Going down the concrete steps, there was the playground straight in front and an area where I took some pictures (right before the first video). Imagine a tall waterfall and falls into a small circular pond. Now take the water away and let it get over grown with grass and trees and stuff. That's what it looks like.

     I did keep finding were stories about how the playground was destroyed in 2007, literally over night, to increase the area of the cemetery. Apparently, people were pissed the fuck off because they had to rebuild it, with new equipment. That is what has been proven. I honestly have no idea if any of the legends are true or not. I know what I've been told, but that doesn't make it true, so I'm just repeating the stories for ya'll.

     Some of the legends are that the children from the cemetery are the ones who haunt the playground. Some people say that children were abducted in the 1960's and their bodies were found at the playground while others say children were abducted from the playground in the 1980's. One person even told me that a fourteen year old boy was climbing on the cliffs and fell to his death.

     The park closes an hour after sundown but people still go and say that it is most active between 10:00pm and 3:00am. There have been actual reports of children laughing, swings moving on their own, orbs of light captured in pictures (especially around the slide). Supposedly, some people who professionally investigate this kind of stuff went to the park and caught a picture of a little girl, but the link that was supposed to take me to the picture didn't work.

     It was unreasonably cold while we were in the playground but that's probably because we had just left the heated car and it was really windy. Some of my pictures were blurry because my camera kept acting up and not wanting to take pictures. I did play on the swings and Momma took a video on my camera, but honestly, it just disappeared. We don't know why it didn't save. And finally, in the last area of pictures and in the first video, I talk about growling up the cliff and in the trees. There was a guy with a really huge dog that walked in the cemetery and he might live in a house right there, but honestly, I have no idea. We weren't going to get close enough to see because getting mauled by a giant dog doesn't sound fun.

The Cemetery:
     The original two acres of land were donated in 1822. It as over one hundred acres of land (both donated and sold to the city by many people) and has over 80,000 burials (though there are so many unmarked graves, nobody can be certain). The oldest part of the cemetery is so old, that there are many illegible tombstones and the earliest one that can be read is of an infant girl in 1820.

     The same man who sold the first original land, expanded the land, to include two acres that his family is buried on. There indications that the land was used as a burial ground before it was given to the city. The dates are also uncertain because of how old the tombstones are and the dates inscribed on them.

     In the 80,000+ burials, there are 187 unknown Confederate Soldiers in their own section, an unknown number of Union Soldiers (though most were later moved), 5 governors, 5 senators, and unknown number of other people who were famously noted locally all the way to nationally.

     Supposedly, at one of the mausoleums, an older woman sits in a rocking chair. We found a few mausoleums and many above ground tombs, but nothing really weird happened. We walked it one end from the other (though we did stop at one point because my legs were still tingly and my knees still hurt from when I fell and I had to retie my shoes). We couldn't find the Civil War soldiers though, but we probably walked passed them without realizing it or completely missed them, since that's a lot of land to cover.


P.S. #2 Just kidding. It was Brother in his constantly flying ghost costume.


  1. I've only ever had positive experiences with 'ghosts.' I hate that term, though, because it sounds a little ridiculous. Let's just say my grandpa has come to me a few times in ways that could not be anything earthly and in ways that there is absolutely no mistaking it for him.

    And on a lighter note, some of those shots from that video are really pretty.

    1. I've heard a lot of stories about peoples' grandfathers going to visit them and it being impossible to be anyone else. It makes me think we have guardian angels watching over us.

      And thank you! I was hoping that the shots would be pretty if nothing else since photography is one of my hobbies. (=

  2. I took a ghost tour once. Had a bunch of orbs in the pictures

    1. Ghost tours are a lot of fun. I've never taken pictures at them though since I never had a camera when we went. If I do, I'll totally share them on here. lol

  3. I love haunted places. I doubt most of them are real, but I do believe in the possibility. These were fun places to read about.

    1. Haunted places can be really interesting, but I love history so the history behind them catches my attention. I had a lot of fun going to these places and taking the pictures, and the places in the second part, which I'll post Thursday. (=

  4. I have gone ghost hunting before and frightened the crap out of myself for no reason.

    1. That sounds like a story I want to hear. Though, we really weren't ghost hunting. We just went to supposedly haunted places, just to see what happened. We weren't really trying or anything. At least, I wasn't. I can't really speak for my mom.