Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Anti Bullying Week 2012: Part Three

     This is the third day of my posts for Anti Bullying Week. That means I'm half way through after this post. On Saturday, I'll post the final post including links from anyone who wrote a post this week or back in October (Anti Bullying Month), as well as on a new page that I'll be adding to my blog. Please email me your links at because I really, really want somebody to join in and I really want to be able to thank you, if you do.

     Today's post is about how literally anyone can suffer from bullying. It's not just teenagers, kids, or students that go through it. Celebrities, presidents, and even those of royal blood have been bullied as well. To top it all off, the bullying doesn't stop when they become famous. Sometimes that's what starts it. A lot of people go out of their way to send nasty messages to celebrities, just like they would a regular person, simply because they aren't a fan.

     I'm going to include a list and short description of what some people went through. Sources are at the bottom, as well as links to much longer lists of celebrities who were bullied. Check those out if you want more information or you can easily Google it.

Jennifer Livingston - She is a TV anchor who went viral recently, when an email attacked her for "being a bad role model" because of her weight. It was followed up with support to Jennifer but it was also followed up with support for the bully attacking her. She runs in Triathlons and has a thyroid condition that makes it harder to lose weight, but that is not any reason to attack her, or anyone else.

Amanda Todd - She recently went viral as well, when she posted a nine minute long video about the bullying she went through and after several attempts, ended her own life at only fifteen. Police have reported "thousands of death threats on Facebook" and it didn't help that she changed schools multiple times. And still, people have not stopped bullying her. I stumbled across her name on Twitter with "RIP Amanda Todd" and when I clicked to see what it was about, all I saw was "Why is RIP Amanda Todd trending? Who cares?" and other things of the same or worse nature. People won't even respect her memory when they killed her.

Eminem - When he was a student, he was beaten so badly that his mother tried to sue the Detroit school system for failing to protect him. It was dropped due to "governmental immunity" and in 1999, he had a song called "Brain Damage". I haven't listened to it because I'm not a fan of rap, but I'm assuming it was about the bully, considering the attacker tried (and failed) to sue him for writing it.

Demi Lavato - She was attacked all throughout her school years and publicly had to deal with not only being bullied, but the effects of being bullied and dealing with bipolar disorder- both of which can be deadly on their own. By age 12, she restricted herself to only two meals a week.

Rebecca Black - Basically everyone has heard her song "Friday". That song came out when she was thirteen years old. The backlash and pure hatred she received after doing that song, not only caused fake pictures to circulate that she was pregnant and cause people to call her things such as "slut", but forced her into homeschooling so she could escape the kids at school.

Miley Cyrus - Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter and former Disney star- everyone knows her. When she was younger, she was (and still is, actually) a small girl. The bullies who attacked her were over a foot taller than her and attacked and harassed her to the point that the principle had to stop actual fights. And now? All you hear is that she isn't a role model because of the clothes she wears. Last time I checked, she's an adult, she is no longer with Disney, and she isn't telling anyone to be anyone to do what she does.

Selena Gomez - She and Demi Lavato were best friends when they were children and Demi wasn't the only one who was bullied. Selena was bullied every minute that she was in elementary and junior highschool, but said that she was glad that at least her best friend was by her side.

Megan Fox - Before she was famous, she said that she only ever hung out with boys because girls just straight out hated her because she wanted to be an actress. They bullied her and she was an outcast with her own gender, simply because of what she wanted to do with her life.

Prince Harry Windsor - Everyone knows who Prince Harry is because for one, he's a prince, and for two, his bright red hair. When he was in school, he was tormented because of his hair color. One would think you would be able to escape such petty bullying if you join the military. If you were that one who thought that, you would be wrong.

Christina Aguilera - After being on the show "Star Search", a group of bullies would show up at her singing events and try to sabotage the performances. They even went so far as to slash her mother's tires. It got to the point where the bullying was so bad, Christina had nightmares and had to seek out therapy.

President Bill Clinton - When he was in school, his weight caused him to be bullied horribly. A 6'6" kid punched him right in the face. After that, it's not really a secret what happened between him and his secretary, and the entire country bullied him for making a mistake. People still bully him for that even though it was over a decade ago.

Winona Ryder - When she was in middle school, she was beaten up for "looking like a boy". She went into the bathroom and heard the bullies say, "Hey faggot" before they slammed her head against a locker and then proceeded to kick her. After she became famous, they asked her for an autograph and she used some colorful words in telling them no.

Tyra Banks - A now-supermodel who was made fun of for her looks in school. When she was a student, a boy she had a crush on caused her to cry by saying, "I do not want that tall, skinny, braces mouth, big foreheaded girl anywhere near me." Years later, she went to a club he was a bouncer at and completely changed his mind about her, for her appearance.

Rihanna - When she was in school, she was bullied because she was "white". Honestly, I don't even understand what that means. I've never understood what anything like that means because a person is a person. That's all there is to it.

Brittany Snow - She was bullied every day by a girl in school. The girl would write her a note every single day, telling her how she should kill herself. She would also write cruel things on fliers that she would throw around in the lunchroom, as well as throw things at Brittany herself, and hit her. Brittany has been struggling with depression, anorexia, and cutting.

Jessica Simpson - In highschool, Jessica was one of the popular girls as well as a cheerleader but that did not protect her from the bullies in her school. They were a group of girls who would egg her house and write profanities on the sidewalk outside of her house. She says she is thankful, though, because now she knows how to deal with things now. Is it just me, or does that make it seem like she's still being bullied?

Clay Aiken - Before American Idol, all through his school years, he was made fun of for being gay. They would call him things such as "fag" and torment him because of his sexual orientation. It only continued after American Idol and now he's working with Congress to pass laws requiring teachers to discuss the issue of gay bullying.

Princess Kate Middleton - An interview from one of her boarding school friends, says that Princess Kate did not fit in with the other girls at the boarding school. They went so far as to put feces in her bed, so that the princess would be lonely and in tears most nights.

Justin Timberlake - When he was in school, he was made fun of for having acne and for his hair. He found it impossible to fit in because he preferred music to playing football.

Daniel Radcliff - After he became Harry Potter, people became jealous of him and began tormenting him for taking the role. He is now outspoken about bringing attention to bullying in hopes that people will realize how horrible it is.

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**Due to news stories talking about people going overboard, trying to stop bulling, I feel the need to put a disclaimer here. I do NOT encourage, endorse, or support anyone doing anything illegal, harmful, criminal, violent, or dangerous activity. This is about stopping people from being hurt. This is NOT about hurting anyone in any way, shape, or form. Any links involving anyone going over the top and handling things inappropriately will not be posted on my blog, Twitter, or anywhere else by myself. If I find a link that involves anything inappropriate, I will delete it, and if possible, I will report it. Also, I am not an expert on this matter. I have included the links to the sources I got my information from and give full credit to whoever did the actual research, that I am using here.**


  1. Wow, I never knew all these people struggled with bullies - the internet seems to makes it easier to get bullied. Being anonymous brings out the worst in some people.

    1. I didn't know about most of those people either. There are sooooo many more, but I didn't want to make the post too long, even though there are so many other stories to tell.

      You're right though. Being anonymous or protected by a computer screen makes it a lot easier for people to be bullies because they aren't scared that the victim can hurt them.

  2. That is such an eye opener. Who would think all of those celebrities would have been bullied. Thanks for sharing those stories! Well done, once put a lot of time into researching this and it shows.

    1. I didn't know about most of them but I knew that there would be some sort of list somewhere. I Googled it and it was absolutely crazy. I know those twenty weren't all of them weren't even the tip of the ice burg.

      Thank you! Those really weren't my stories to tell but they don't deserve to be bullied either. Nobody deserves it.

  3. Having red hair, or being a ginger, has made red heads into targets increasingly in the last 10 - 20 years. My 33-year-old son has red hair. He wasn't bullied mercilessly, but he definitely got picked on because of it. I don't know why red hair is considered some sort of curse. And, just so you know, Kate Middleton's title is The Duchess of Cambridge. Thanks for providing links and sharing this information.


    1. I have no idea why it happens. I personally love red hair. I just bought a bottle of hairdye so I can dye it red again. I never had issues with it but my hair was clearly not natural, so that might be why.

      Oh! Thank you for the correction. I wasn't sure exactly what to call her by.