Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anti Bullying Week 2012: Part Two

     Today is the second part of my posts for Anti Bullying Week. If you want to write your own post, I will gladly post the link with full credit to the author on Saturday. Just email me the link at pertinax_puella@hotmail.com and it will be on the post and new page I will be adding.

     I want to do a little exorcise that I saw on TV once. It seemed stupid at first, but it had a very valid point. I'm going to write out a scenario and I want you to pretend that you're the victim. Imagine how you would feel if something like this happened to you. Or better yet, imagine how you would feel if it happened to the person you love most.

     My original plan was to write about the different types of bullying, but I didn't know how to write it where it would be easy to fully understand without writing out a scenario. So, I wrote out a short scenario about what one might go through on the daily basis of being bullied in school. It honestly might just be best to skip this post though, especially if you've ever been bullied or know somebody who has been bullied.

     If you've been bullied, you might just want to skip the italicized font and the pictures and go to the part after that. I don't want to upset anyone with this. I know it's incredibly easy to go back to a certain place in time when you were hurt and that's the last thing I want here. I've put my warning and I'm also making this my disclaimer, so its your choice to proceed from here.

     You wake up with a feeling of dread in your stomach. You have to go back to school today and though you love your lessons, you loathe the school. That place has become your own personal hell. But you have to go. So you get up, get ready, and make your way to your class.

     When you open your locker, you can hear people talking about you, saying your name. "___ looks fat today." "They're the ugliest thing I've ever seen." "___ is  an idiot. It's a wonder they passed last year." It hurts more than you want to admit but by now, you have become used to it.

     You start to go to class but somebody sticks their foot out and trips you. Your books go everywhere and you can feel everyone staring, hear how loudly everyone is laughing. "What a loser." "Why don't they just kill themselves already?" "We'd be better off without somebody like that."

     The rest of the day is much of the same. People shove you, lie in class that you're doing something wrong, call you names. In PE, you find that somebody has stolen your clothes for the third time the semester so you have to wear sweaty gym clothes for the rest of the day. In lunch, somebody knocks your tray of food out of your hands so you have to wait in the line for another ten minutes to get barely edible food. On the way home, you get followed and harassed, until you're finally in the safety of your home.

     But it hasn't ended yet. No, your day is not yet over. You have homework and want to check Facebook, so you sign onto the computer. You're greeted with this:

     There are so many hateful messages. You may not have believed them at first, but you're really starting to wonder if they're right. What if what they're saying is true? Should you listen to them? The feelings are so dark and painful that you don't know what to do anymore. All you know is that you have to wake up tomorrow and do it all again.

     Let me see if I can list all of the emotions... Anger, fear, sadness, loss of hope, anxiety, depression, weakness, self loathing, hatred of the world and everyone in it, jealousy, pain... Where is the happiness? Where's the joy and love of life? Just because somebody has a smile, doesn't mean that it's real and that they aren't hiding things like this.

     There are more types of bullying than I listed. I pointed out harassment at school and cyber bullying, but it goes so much further than that. People are bullied at work, at home, by their friends, by their significant others, by their family, by their teachers, by students... You can literally be bullied by anyone.

     Being insulted isn't okay. Being pushed around isn't okay. Being told to do something that could hurt you or someone else isn't okay. It doesn't matter who the person is; it is never okay to bully somebody else. It is never okay to hurt somebody else. There is absolutely no reason for bullying to be acceptable but people keep turning their heads the other way.

     I accidentally found forty-five different messages sent to one person on Tumblr and sent by one person on Twitter. Forty-five messages. I was originally going to upload a video but it would be five and a half minutes and I didn't have time to make or upload it. How can somebody be that cruel, to send so many cruel things?

     When is the bullying going to stop? When are the bullies going to learn that it's not okay to hurt other people? When are the victims going to be able to wake up in the morning and know they're going to have a good day, without fear or anger or depression?

P.S. The girl getting all of the messages on Tumblr deleted her account. Last time I checked, she hadn't posted on anything else in months and she had attempted suicide multiple times prior. I'm convinced that she finally succeeded.

**Due to news stories talking about people going overboard, trying to stop bulling, I feel the need to put a disclaimer here. I do NOT encourage, endorse, or support anyone doing anything illegal, harmful, criminal, violent, or dangerous activity. This is about stopping people from being hurt. This is NOT about hurting anyone in any way, shape, or form. Any links involving anyone going over the top and handling things inappropriately will not be posted on my blog, Twitter, or anywhere else by myself. If I find a link that involves anything inappropriate, I will delete it, and if possible, I will report it. Also, I am not an expert on this matter. I have included the links to the sources I got my information from and give full credit to whoever did the actual research, that I am using here.**


  1. The sad thing is that people aren't going to learn. Human nature is what it is. We can start campaigns to try to raise awareness and pass laws to come down harder on the bullies, but people aren't just going to become more understanding.

    The people who hate seeing it can stand up for the others more often, but the attitude of hatred and mob mentality that causes others to join in is here to stay.

    Keep speaking out to promote more people to speak up when they see it happening.

    1. As sad as it is, you're right. Bullying has only gotten worse and it seems like it will only continue to get worse. People just seem to hate each other and want to make each other hurt. I don't understand why but that's how people are.

      But if just one person can see this and know that at least somebody cares, who knows what that could do? If one person sees this and realizes what they may be putting somebody through or what somebody they love is going through, it could potentially save a life. Even if it doesn't help anyone, I'm just glad that I can speak out and stand up for what I believe in.

    2. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

  2. Really well done, Rachel! That excercise was perfect, because it really showed what someone can go through. I agree with Brett, it's so important for people to feel empowered to speak up, because that kind of torment should never, ever be allowed to continue.

    1. Thank you! I was really scared and nervous about uploading it because I didn't want to trigger anything. But I finally decided that it just has to be said and to post a warning. I agree with him as well. It's really important for people to speak up and help those who are being abused.