Monday, November 12, 2012

Tacos and Nachos

     I had a couple conversations with Wolfy and Brother (not together) last night and today that I thought I might share. I really need more stuff to talk about but at least this was funny.

Wolfy: I'm hungry
Rachel: So am I
Wolfy: If you were here, I would make us something to eat
Rachel: What would you make for us to eat?
Wolfy: Anything you want
Rachel: Tacos and nachos?
Wolfy: Chicken or beef?
Rachel: There's such a thing as chicken tacos?

     I told Brother about that because I was really excited that somebody not only offered to make me food but offered to make me whatever food I wanted to eat. That probably made me a lot more excited than it should have.

Rachel: Now I'm sad because I want tacos and nachos but I can't have any
Brother: Listen to some Mexican salsa dancing music and bite at the air, that's like half the experience right there

     I told Momma that I wanted tacos and nachos so she agreed to get everything. We forgot lettuce but we had everything else to make good tacos, so that's good. Then this happened:

Rachel: I have tacos now
Wolfy: Yeah seasoned beef
Rachel: lol
Wolfy: You're a lol
Rachel: You're a dork
Wolfy: Your face is a dork xP
Rachel: Omg xD
Wolfy: Like omg and like totally
Rachel: Weirdo
Wolfy: Which makes you a weirdo too
Rachel: Well duh

     And then I realized that we are the most mature people ever.


  1. Not only are there chicken tacos, there are fish tacos...which I love!

    Your momma is very nice for getting you your tacos :)

    1. I have heard of fish tacos but they honestly sound so gross. haha I like fish but that sounds really weird. Then again, I've eaten weirder food than that, so I might eventually try it.

      She is very nice for getting me tacos! I was very happy.

    2. Eww fish tacos, sorry Kianwi, but that's just as bad as tofu tacos. I don't know why anyone would deprive themselves of eating a real taco with a fake one.

      Also I cook a lot of stuff when need be. My grandpa taught me a thing or two in the kitchen, he cooked everything for my grandma. He was the best dad any one could ask for. :)

    3. Never heard of tofu tacos until you told me. I can't figure out why anyone would even have thought to try it to begin with, but whatever, I'm not the one eating it. haha

      You keep talking about how much your grandpa taught you to cook so you better be able to make some pretty awesome food with all of the bragging you've done. =P