Monday, November 26, 2012

Things That Make Work Less Fun

     Before I go any further, I'm going to let you guys know that my mom now has a Twitter (@onebaconlady) and you should follow her since she has no idea what she's doing and there's no telling what she'll say. It's also her first social media site ever. And you should follow my Twitter (@whenalionsleeps) because I'm me and I'm awesome.

     Yesterday, I wrote about things that make working in the restaurant a little more fun. Today, I'm going to talk about things that make my job a little less fun. Well, it's really just one thing in detail. When I'm a hostess, you would not believe how many people ask to change tables before they're sitting down or sometimes even after they've been sitting down. It's rude and it's not okay.

     Let me explain something. The servers add themselves to the list when they arrive. Each server gets a section with a certain amount of tables. You mark off a table on a seating chart when you take the person to that table, going in order of the list of servers to make sure you don't sit them multiple times and so you make sure you get everyone. Its very easy to give somebody too many tables otherwise.

     Of course, if it's Person A's turn and they only have a table that will seat four and Person B has a table that will seat six, when a party of six comes in. You can give seat them at the table for six and then go talk to both people to see who will take it. That means you have to leave the door unattended and other people get irritated. It also means you may not get to them fast enough before Person B takes the table since it's in their section or you may not find them fast enough and they'll be irritated they weren't greeted. And, if the tables are too far apart you're easily forgotten and it makes it hard to get to each other.

     Acceptable ways to request a certain table:
     You can call ahead for a certain table because it has a certain meaning and it will be reserved.
     You can call ahead if you're having more than four people, especially if you have more than six.
     You can ask to sit outside (if the option is available) or to sit inside.
     You can ask for a certain server by name.
     You can ask for a table or booth, if you are injured or have to have a highchair.

     Unacceptable shit to pull on the poor staff (all have happened to me):
     The server takes you to a nice table and all of the sudden, you decide you don't want a table anymore and you want a booth.
     You don't like the room you are put in and ask to go to a certain room five minutes after you've been taken to your table.
     Asking the server instead of the hostess.
     You make a reservation for 10 and then bring 14 people and expect your table to be set up.
     You don't make a reservation and then bring 6+ people and expect there not to be a wait.
     You ask for a booth/table before leaving the hostess station. (That results in the hostess running back to the station, checking to see where they put them and correcting the floor plan, often seating other people, and then trying to track down people to find who will take them.)
     You are a total asshole.
     You're "too close to the kitchen/bathroom/another table/kids and you hate them".

     In summery: You were put at a certain table or booth for a reason. If there was a choice for a booth or a table, it would not be rude to pick, but to just request one after being taken to your table is fucking rude. Shut the fuck up and enjoy your meal.


  1. I had a lady at work yesterday that complained about a 5 minute wait to get a special (and heavy) item. "Why these things take so long, I already paid for it days ago?" I wanted to rage pretty bad at the one.

    1. I don't understand people. It's like "Wow, okay, why don't you come work here for a day and see if you still want to be a jerk about it?"

  2. You already have more wisdom than many twice your age (and I know, b/c I am more like 2.5 your age!)

    1. haha Thank you! I've never been told I have any sort of wisdom before! =)

  3. It will not get better. People that are jerks are jerks everywhere. It's just part of who they are. Since being rude is not illegal, you just have to put up with it. AND SMILE.

    1. Well, that's positive. Unfortunately, you're right. I just have to smile and do what I'm told so the jerks will come back and eat there again even though I really just want to make their plates into their hats.