Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Worst. Post. Ever.

     I can't think of anything to post about today. The only thing that's really happened, is that I've learned I'm getting such crappy hours that either they need to triple my pay or I need to get a second job. Or you guys can totally buy advertisements from me. That would be the best thing ever.

     Meanwhile, the park owner is in town while Mom is claiming that she isn't sick. In the six years she's worked here, she's only been sick once. The owner has never seen her sick. The owner is also a complete asshole who owes her a couple thousand dollars in bonuses because he "never has money". He used to live next door to a celebrity's summer home until he moved across the country and bought a boat last year. I think he can afford it. (Maybe he can buy an advertisement from me and I can just delete this post...)

     Apparently, the owner feels so bad that she's sick, that he's giving her one of her bonuses right away and is treating her nicer than he's ever been. So now she's admitting that she's sick and being all pitiful and pathetic. But she rescued me from a spider last night and drove me to work at the last minute today, so she's probably not on her deathbed.

     Now, I'm going to go finish my dinner, take a shower, and complain about how I don't get to work enough to afford anything to move out.

P.S. Brett Minor is doing something where he wants questions to inspire posts, so you should check it out. And since I have nothing to post tomorrow, you can ask me anything you want so I'll have something to say.


  1. Wow! Thank you for the plug. It always freaks me out a little bit to see my name when I am not expecting it.

    I was actually coming over to pose a question to you since you left one for me.

    What makes you laugh? Every one's sense of humor is unique, so tell us what you find to be funny.

    Also, What makes you cry? There are some obvious things that bring tears to most people eyes, so I am not talking about the death of a family member of losing a pet. Smaller things that might even be embarrassing. Is there a commercial that brings tears to your eyes or do you get choked up by the sight of a new baby?

    This could be one or two posts to finish out your NaBloPoMo.

    1. Imagine how I felt when I saw my little picture thingy while scrolling down the new posts on my dashboard! haha You're welcome though. Thank you for the same thing!

      Those are some really awesome questions and they have perfect timing. I'll totally use them in my post tonight!

  2. LOL I like the post.

    The owner is out front and I'm sitting here checking out your blog, checking emails, and playing crossword games on the computer. He can be so clueless!

    Gotta go! He's in here now.

    1. Of course you like the post. It's about you making money. lol

  3. So glad your mom was able to save you from the spider. Brett Minor is so awesome. He made a great post from your question!

    1. So am I! That was HUGE spider.

      He is pretty awesome. He actually did two different posts, since I asked a bunch of questions. haha I was impressed.

  4. Wow, your mom should get sick every time the owner is in town!

    I was confused for a moment when I saw your icon on Brett's post, too!

    Tomorrow is the last day! Yay! We both posted every day. Congratulations, us!

    1. Mom says "No shit!" and I say "omg right???" haha

      I was so confused! I was like, "what am I even seeing?" and kind of freaked out a little bit.

      But yay us! Just one more day! I can't believe it!