Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party

     I went to a Christmas party at work on Monday. I was there for a little over an hour and a half. The following is a list of what happened:

4:00 - Arrive.
4:01 - Listen to my manager say "You made Mr Fix It come! Good job, Rachel. You are not fired today!"
4:02 - Get told to write my name and put it into a thing.
4:04 - Start to get bored already.
4:05 - Get handed a piece of paper and told its for a scavenger hunt.
4:06 - Listen to manager yell at people not to start eating yet.
4:10 - Finally find one thing one the paper.
4:11 - Listen to manager yell at people not to start eating yet.
4:12 - Give up the scavenger hunt.
4:13 - Start texting.
4:14 - Some lady wearing waaaaaay too much perfume says, "HI. I DON'T KNOW YOU BUT I'M GOING TO HUG YOU."
4:15 - Realize that because of the hug, I smelled like her old lady perfume instead of my one.
4:17 - Listen to manager yell at people not to start eating yet.
4:18 - Wonder why I decided to go to the Christmas party at all.
4:19 - Manager gathers everyone to say grace.
4:22 - Actually manage to say grace with people barely laughing inappropriately.
4:23 - People swarm the food.
4:24 - Get coughed near by the owner.
4:25 - Get yelled by the owner at for not eating yet.
4:26 - Go back to texting.
4:28 - Realize that I am hungry.
4:29 - Realize that there's barely any good food left.
4:30 - One of the servers asks me to sit with her, her sister, and a couple people I actually know.
4:31 - Try to sit with them but some old lady took my seat.
4:32 - Get yelled at by the owner for not sitting down fast enough.
4:35 - Eating peacefully with Mr Fix It and two of the cooks he knows.
4:36 - Manager announces its time to open presents and starts drawing names.
4:40 - Two more dudes join us at the four seater table and sit on either side of me so I have no breathing room.
4:50 - Everyone finishes eating and gets distracted, except for one dude (the runner who once told me to scratch his back) and a server who I rarely ever see, who I invited to sit with us because she was as bored as I was... and I didn't want to be alone with the runner.
4:53 - The hostess joins us.
4:54 - The runner disappears and I go to get more soda.
4:55 - I come back to find the runner has taken my seat.
4:56 - He gets up so I try to take my seat back.
4:56 - We fight over the chair. He wins.
4:56 - He drags me around on the other chair and almost makes me fall on my face because he is a jerk.
4:57 - He disappears again and I get my seat back.
5:00 - The hostess disappears and the runner wins one of the presents.
5:01 - He opens it to find a long, zebra printed thing that you put in the microwave for your neck.
5:02 - He starts joking about certain zebra male body parts.
5:03 - I wonder if I can strangle him without getting arrested.
5:04 - I decide that I probably can't so the server and I get our stockings.
5:05 - We both get a bunch of junk food.
5:06 - She's allergic to wheat so she asks who wants her Moon Pie.
5:06 - The runner snatches it up so fast and shoves it in his mouth that we can only stare in shock.
5:06 - He asks to buy my beef jerky from me.
5:06 - I ask him how much money does he have.
5:06 - He discovers he has no money.
5:06 - Become sad that I won't  get money.
5:08 - Recover from sadness and he tells us to watch his "zebra penis" while he goes to the bathroom.
5:08 - Reconsider strangling him.
5:09 - He returns, takes the zebra striped whatever it was, and finally goes away to bug other people.
5:10 - The server and I briefly celebrate.
5:11 - The server goes to the kitchen.
5:12 - Another server sees me sitting alone so he sits down across from me.
5:12 - The server starts drilling me with questions about school, work, and other such things.
5:17 - The server tells me I'm awesome and then leaves because I'm awkward and couldn't hold a conversation.
5:18 - Return to texting.
5:20 - The other server returns and tells me that she's leaving.
5:21 - The server leaves and I become sad.
5:25 - Get tired of people asking for pictures of my outfit so I go to the bathroom to try to get a picture.
5:26 - Realize that the mirror is no where near long enough.
5:27 - Get hugged by the server who asked me to sit with them.
5:30 - Tell Mr Fix It that I'm bored and I'm ready to go whenever he is.
5:31 - One of the cooks is like "HEY RACHEL" and then hugs me.
5:40 - Mr Fix It finally tells everyone good bye so he can take me home.
5:41 - He gets stopped and has to go do things.
5:45 - We go out to the parking lot.
5:46 - One of the servers yells at him for not hugging her.
5:46 - They argue through the car window.
5:46 - He finally hugs the server and she leaves.

      I was getting sick when I went to bed Tuesday and woke up totally sick on Wednesday so I couldn't go to work. I can't decide if its because my hair was wet when I left for the party and it was cold outside or if it was because the owner coughed so much around me. Or because so many people hugged me and they may have been carrying something. Regardless, I was well enough to work today and I can almost talk.

     I'm not sure how, but I actually did have fun while I was at the Christmas party. I was pretty bored a lot of the time but it was worth going. Oh, and for my outfit, Sissi picked it by me sending pictures of clothes to her. It was really cute but I'm not going to take a picture right now.

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P.S. #3 Mr Fix It keeps saying that he's sorry for ditching me but he "was trying to make me talk to people because I don't talk enough". I think its hilarious. Obviously, he doesn't know me, because leaving me alone in a crowd of people will not make me talk. It will make me play on my phone.


  1. Most detailed party I've ever read about =] But the outfit was REALLY cute

    1. I do love that outfit. I bet it would look AWESOME on you.

  2. Hmmm...that's a very detailed play-by-play. Sorry the party sucked.

    1. Thanks. I think it would have been a lot more fun if I had people I was good friends with there, people I can actually talk to without freezing up.

  3. Ha ha, that was really funny how you did it minute by minute. I was dreading my work party this year, as it was no fun last year. But I actually had a good time. Those things can go either way.

    Oh, sorry you were sick, too!

    1. I'm glad you like it so much. haha I'm glad you had fun at your part this year!