Saturday, December 29, 2012

Guest Post Saturday: Edition Twelve

     Wow, okay, I was not expecting to post this. Its been a looong time since I've had a guest post and I guess this will serve as a reminder that if you want to do one you can go here for all the information and send me an email at

     Ashley from My Fight Inside looked up the Amanda Todd video to learn who she was and why everyone hates her. It then caused her to post something on Facebook, which one of her husband's ex coworker's decided to argue with.

     A grown woman said that bullying was justified because a mistake was make and "she would teach her kid better than to make Amanda Todd's mistakes". What I wanted to say was, "Look here mother fucker, how about you teach your kids how to treat another human being properly instead of allowing them to bully others? Do you WANT your kid to be a murderer? Because if they bully somebody to the point they kill themselves, they should rot in prison for the rest of their lives." But it was settled before it came to that. I think. I don't really know because she stopped replying while things were still kept decently nice.

     Anyways, this post is for Ashley and not about me or my thoughts, but I did want to include the link to the collection posts I did for Anti Bullying Week as well since its related and Amanda Todd is mentioned in Day Three. This is a topic we feel very strongly about and if you haven't read my posts, please do so after you watch Ashley's video. 

     Click here to watch the video. I am unable to upload it to my blog but this link will take you to it.


  1. It is hard to even comment on this, because I just don't know what to say about the fact that people would continue to bully someone even after they died!? I just dont...don't understand. Of course I don't even understand the bullying to begin with. The only reason I care that a 7th grader flashed someone is not because she did something wrong, but because she was taken advantage of. She was a child! I don't understand any of this cruelty. I don't understand what would make someone so cruel and heartless.

    It pisses me off to no end, too.

    1. I don't know what to tell you. It's beyond horrible and I cried when I watched her video and heard her story. It made me cry even harder that people are still saying that she deserved it. Nobody deserves it. I wouldn't even wish it on the bullies themselves, even though they honestly deserve it if they think bullying somebody is even remotely okay.

  2. The reason for the post-mortem stuff is that almost the entire video is a pack of lies. The one-off flash? Nonsense. She was all over the Internet in various levels of nudity. The police turned up because members of the public had complained so much. The stalker story was made up to make it look like she was forced to do it - there never was a stalker. If she had told the truth, people might have had a bit of respect, but as it is, she's just been shown up as a narcissistic liar.

    1. Okay, I'm going to make this comment as nice as possible, but you honestly pissed me the fuck off so that probably won't work very well.

      1) If you're right that she never had a stalker, the only reason she shouldn't be allowed to do whatever she wants with her body is her age. Nobody gives a fuck what guys do and you never hear guys being called sluts. It's okay for guys to do whatever they want and they'll get away with it. With girls, either you're a prude because you're a virgin or you're a slut because you aren't.

      2) Whether or not she had a stalker is irrelevant because she was a CHILD. I'm only nineteen and even I recognize that she was just a kid. Fourteen years old. That is too young to have ANY idea of the consequences of her actions.

      3) She's DEAD. Six feet under. Deceased. Not alive. However you want to put it. If she had never been harassed and hurt the way she was, she would not have killed herself. Her parents would not have lost their daughter. Her grandparents would not have lost their granddaughter.

      4) She's still dead and people are still attacking her. That is in NO way okay. It is in NO way okay to ever bully somebody for any reason what so ever.

      5) She tried to kill herself three times. She cut herself. She turned to drugs and alcohol. Because of people bullying her. Because people told her that she should be dead, that she wasn't worth it, that they hated her, that she was a slut and a whore. She actually did kill herself.

      6) Why don't you have a bit of respect for the dead kid, who was murdered by everyone who ever said anything negative towards her. I'm willing to bet you're on that list.

      7) By your logic, whether or not she was lying, you're basically saying that she was asking for it. So a woman is asking to be raped because she wears a skirt? Or a kid is asking to be kidnapped because they're outside playing? Or a man is asking to be mugged because he's in New York? Nobody ever asks for bad things to happen.

      8) How would you feel if your kid was the victim of bullying? What if you had a young daughter who made the mistake of sleeping with somebody and the school found out? She would be bullied because they would say she's a slut. How would that make you feel?

      9) I don't care what the reason is, bullying is never okay. Nothing will ever make bullying okay. It doesn't matter if it "was provoked" or if "they deserved it". Bullying is absolutely NOT okay.

      10) Don't you ever comment on my blog if you have anything less than respectful to say. Especially about a victim of any sort.

      It's time that people grow up and have respect for the hurt, the bullied, the victimized, and the dead. It's time people stop making excuses to say that hurting somebody else is okay. Maybe I'll regain my faith in humanity.

  3. Yikes, it's heartbreaking to know that people can be so cruel. How does someone live with themselves not just for bullying someone to this point, but to continue to bully them when they're gone? While this girl made some poor choices, no one deserves to get bullied like this. No one.

    1. It's heartbreaking and its terrifying. I will never understand why anyone thinks its okay. I will never understand why people want to hurt anyone else, including those who are dead and gone.