Sunday, December 23, 2012

Harry Potter And Concussions

     No, I didn't get another concussion! Everyone keeps asking me about it every time I bump my head. For the record, that's only happened a few times. Once, it was on the car and I knocked myself silly. It felt like I had a concussion but the feeling went away after a few hours. The rest of the times, it just really fucking hurt because my head is crazy sensitive still. For those of you who don't know the story, I suggest you read it here. You won't understand this conversation between Sissi and I otherwise. You probably won't anyways but still.

Rachel: Its crazy to think about
Rachel: But one day
Rachel: I'll be at your wedding (I hereby, invite myself)
Rachel: And one day
Rachel: I'll be at our two year old niece's wedding
Rachel: omg
Sissi: duhh you can be at my wedding!
Sissi: And i hope you can be at her's!
Rachel: I invite myself to that one too lol
Sissi: lol you just like show up and we're all like
Sissi: "Hi?"
Rachel: lol
Rachel: "Hi. omg your dress is so pretty. Where's the bathroom? That was a loooong drive and I have to pee. Okay bye."
Rachel: Why can I see that happening?
Sissi: omfg
Sissi: that sounds very appropriate actually
Sissi: but not at my wedding rachel omfg youre gonna be there for the honey moon too
Sissi: and my husband will be like
Sissi: "hey..... why is she here............."
Sissi: jk thats weird
Rachel: lol
Rachel: I would be like "Sissi..... I love you but................. Can i go? I don't want to witness this."
Sissi: yeah i dont blame you......
Rachel: hahaha
Rachel: "Sissi seriously this is just weird. Okay love you bye. Oh wait, new brother in law dude, behave yourself or I'll let The Big Dog jump on your head. Okay, for real, bye."
Rachel: That's going to be my new threat
Rachel: "I'll let my dog jump on your head"
Rachel: It sucks
Sissi: "i'll jump you. actually my dog will. literally. he will jump on you"
Sissi: "stop laughing he gave me a concussion"
Rachel: yes
Rachel: exactly
Rachel: holy shit
Sissi: hahaha omfg
Sissi: thats one of my favorite concussion stories rach
Rachel: One of?
Rachel: What tops it?
Sissi: umm
Sissi: oh
Sissi: my friend got a concussion by her great danes butt
Sissi: slamming her into a wall
Rachel: She wins
Rachel: I don't know who she is but she can say "I had concussion by dog ass"
Rachel: I can only say "I had concussion by dog"
Sissi: is a donkey's ass
Sissi: would that be
Sissi: ass to the power of two
Sissi: ass squared
Rachel: I don't do math
Rachel: But that makes sense to me
Sissi: hehehe :D
Rachel: "I had a concussion by ass squared"

     If you haven't read or seen the Harry Potter books and movies, just skip this part and go do that. Now. I order you to educate yourself on Harry Potter and not on Twilight. Spoiler alerts ahead. Ashley has been having a Harry Potter marathon and then this happened.

Ashley: you should probably know something
Rachel: What?
Ashley: I am Lord Voldemort..
Rachel: dun dun dunnnnn
Ashley: Beware Mudblood
Rachel: The heir of Slytherin has returned
Ashley: I just want to hug you because you said that
Rachel: lol I had to say it
Rachel: I couldn't not say it
Ashley: It was the proudest moment of my life
Rachel: Prouder than having two kids and a husband and a job that pays a crap load of money?
Ashley: 0.o
Ashley: As Lord Voldemort, it is the proudest moment of my life
Rachel: Yeah, I guess you can't count killing Harry Potter...
Ashley: I am back
Ashley: I will get that hoe
Ashley: Andddd
Ashley: 0.o yuhh
Ashley: I am crying now. Dumbledore just died
Rachel: oh no
Ashley: As Voldemort, this is the happiest moment of my life
Ashley: As Harry Potter, I am devastated
Rachel: Who else are you?
Ashley: lol. Do you realize that question just makes it seem like I am mental. It seems like you are asking "Who else lives inside your head?"
Rachel: lol I am
Ashley: WOOO. Now I am on movie seven part one
Ashley: As snape, I am pretty excited because this is my big moment
Rachel: The moment everyone knows you're a good dude
Ashley: Its my time to shine
Rachel: At least you won't sparkle

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  1. Not to be biased or anything, but this is probably the best blog yet. Today, you have made Ashley, Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore, and Harry Potter proud.

    1. I'm glad I made all of them/you proud. It's hard to please both Voldemort AND Harry Potter.

    2. Lord Voldemort does not appreciate being called by his name. Not by a muggle. It's you-know-who to you.

    3. Say Voldy one more time, I will Avada Kedavra you.

    4. This is why I shouldn't be allowed to comment on your blog. =[

    5. This is why I love your comments on my blog.

  2. Replies
    1. Be nice, Voldy. Its not his fault you're an unhappy noseless dude.

    2. Harry Potter is laughing. Snape could careless. And Voldemort is fuming. He just murdered a mudblood to let his rage out.

    3. Well dang Voldy. You need anger management, don't you?

  3. Who knew getting concusions by dog was a thing? I figured yours was just a one-time happening, but apparently it happens to other people, too!