Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stupid Things...And Sunsets

     It's been a while since I had a blog of random pictures, so here ya go. Some of these were sent to me, so I'm not going to take all of the credit for these. A lot of them are just random sunrises that I saw, when we were going home.

Random candy that my mom bought me. The ring lights up.

Um, duh?

Um, also duh?

Never would've guessed...

Found those when I bought my boots. They were very furry.

As furry as they were, they really were comfy. Just not comfy enough to ever wear again. Ever.

On the way home.

Still on the way home.

Still on the way home.

Momma bought car magnates for the fridge. The one on the bottom is now missing.

Found those at the gas station. Used to get them all the time when Mom worked at the zoo.

My feet when we went bowling.

I can't remember what it said but it was really stupid.

I wish I could remember what it said.

Yes, Sissi, they do. It's called dirt.

Found that in the gas station window. Almost died laughing.

Sunset at the outdoor mall.

On the way home.

Still going home.

Stiiill going home.

Eventually, we got home, but we were still driving.

We were almost home, I think.

We pulled over and trespassed so I could get this picture.

If we were going to trespass, I was going to get more than one picture.

Had to make it worth it.

After that, we got home.


  1. I love when they have to put dumb warnings or obvious instructions on things. It's sadly true that they are necessary! People really are that dumb!

    And Bimbo is a hispanic bread company! They had it in Honduras. They had these really awesome sweet you are making me crave them :)

    1. I can't believe some are really as needed as they are, but I guess nobody wants lawsuits or to be accountable for being stupid. It makes me laugh though.

      SO THATS WHAT IT IS! I've been wondering what it was since I saw the sign. I was like "Wow that's a little illegal, selling bimbos..." Oops... Wrong definition.

  2. We had BIMBO products in Puerto Rico as well. They had little juice bottles for kids called Li'l Bimbos.

    1. That... is just kind of great. How many kids went around saying "I WANT BIMBOS"?