Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cat In The Box

     Before I start, I just want to say that I promise a non-animal related post on Monday. But I'm just giving you guys an update from the post where I wrote about The Kitten having surgery and The Shy Cat loving feet. I'm not sure what my topic will be on Monday, but I will make sure it is not animal related. In the meantime, you can squeal over how cute my cats are in the video.

     I feel like I should explain a little bit. Basically, Mr Fit-It made me a pizza at the restaurant because I didn't want to make dinner at home and I have no money. (Can somebody please explain why the cooks who make $15 per hour get free food but runners/hosts who make $5 and servers who make $2.13 plus tips have to pay half price? Yes, the cooks cook the food, but that doesn't mean its their food since the restaurant is paying for it. They make three times as much as anyone else and still get it for free? It should be the same for all employees. I think that its fucked up. But that is not the point.)

     When I got home, I sat on the counter with the pizza box and The Kitten sat behind me, so I gave her some pepperoni, which she didn't eat. After I finished eating what I was going to eat, I put the other pieces of pizza in the fridge and The Kitten got into the box and started eating the crumbs out of it.

     The back ground noise is Mom talking about how my puppy knocked her drink over and the TV talking about volcanoes. I don't understand the point of having cable when there is nothing on.

     The other video is The Shy Cat, when I was getting ready for work. I sat down to put my socks on and when I put my feet down, so she attacked. The first time I tried to take a video, she stopped. The second time, I took a great video only to realize that it didn't actually record. The third try is what's on the video. I consider it proof that she's obsessed with feet.

     Now, I want to ask basically anyone reading this for tips. Ashley and I want to do something about anti bullying. She had the idea to start a Facebook page. Does anyone have any ideas on what else we (or I) could do? Does anybody know the legal aspects of it or where we could find it out so we don't screw something up? Pretty much any advice you have on that would be amazing. If you don't want to leave a comment about that, you can email me at and I'll be sure to show Ashley everything.

     And on a lighter note, help me kick her ass in the poll we're having. Scroll up and click your favorite Disney movie! Or click "Other" and it will take you to the Poll website where you can comment your favorite.


  1. As for the legal aspects of anti-bullying, it really depends on what you are wanting to do. Are you just wanting to start an information site? Are you collecting stories? What do you have in mind? Will it be internet based?

    Once you know what you want to do, then you can look at what you can and cannot do.

    1. I've talked to Ashley about it, since I wanted to make sure that she and I are on the same page. We want to start it off as spreading information. From there, if it goes well, we would like to start helping raise awareness for where people can donate time/money to help the victims of bullying. We want to stay open to ideas and to growth, so we can always help more people, but start off as spreading information to see what we're up against.

  2. Darn it, now you made me order a pizza! I was perfectly content with my healthy dinner, but then I started craving pizza :)

    Those kitties are so cute :) I love cats in boxes, they are so funny. And the foot smelling kitty is adorable in action :)

    I think the Facebook idea is a great way to start. And/or create a blog just for anti-bullying, and you could have Twitter and Facebook representing the blog. I'm sure you could do as much with it as you wanted!

    1. haha Sorry!

      If I ever find videos on Youtube, I'll send them to you. lol Sometimes the cuteness just has to be shared!

      That's a pretty good idea! I think we're going to start on Facebook and then move to the blog. I'm not sure. We have a lot to discuss about it.

  3. What Kianwi said. Facebook has a huge reach, especially when helping a blog. You've got a great message, so I'm sure it would take off like wild fire.

    1. I really hope you're right. We want to help people.