Monday, January 28, 2013


     I promise that I'm going to get to the last two posts that were picked out for me by Kianwi and Brett Minor. I haven't forgotten and I'm not going to go back on my word about posting. However, I'm not going to write about either in this post. One requires a lot of research on my end and the other requires a lot of typing and thinking. Mostly, I'm just lazy and its been a really crappy week. But don't worry, its not another post about my pets!

     This is going to be a post of random and weird facts/confessions/fears that I have. I'm hoping it's going to be silly... but I'm also really hoping that I'm not the only one.

1) I'm actually really scared of living dolls or any inanimate object that moves and isn't supposed to. (You can blame Mom for this one, by letting me watch The Twilight Zone when I was six. It was an episode about a little girl turning her babysitters into Barbies and they were still alive. My room was full of Barbies.)

2) I cannot have the windows open at night because I feel like I'm being watched. That makes it hard to do laundry at my dad's house because his kitchen doesn't have anything to cover most of the windows and you have to go through it to get to the laundry room, where the blinds are usually left open. All blinds/curtains must be shut. However, I love opening the blinds/curtains during the day, even if its raining.

3) I remember when things happened by what color hair I had at  that time. I'm not sure why, but that's the easiest way for me to remember. (12-15 I was blond, sometimes with streaks. 16 I had brownish hair. 17 I had red hair. 18 I had brown, black, and red hair. 18 I had black hair. 19 I had black hair and... You'll see what I have now later on.)

4) I now freak out when anything gets remotely close to my head. That means I spend a lot of time ducking at work, when RWA (Runner With Attitude) runs trays.

5) Given the chance, I would literally have my own zoo and make everyone else take care of  the animals while I played with them. Including tigers, wolves, pandas, bats, other big cats, pandas, and maybe even a small non-poisonous snake.

6) I used to be terrified of snakes, but now I'm only scared of the ones that are not in containers, big snakes, or snakes that are poisonous. (Has anybody seen that thing on Tumblr about what snake venom does to blood? Freaky shit.)

7) When I was little, I found a picture of a huge boa in a toilet and when I asked my dad how it got there, he had me convinced that it went up through the pipes. (Kind of like Harry Potter but before the movies came out.) I was terrified of a snake coming up through the toilet and biting me in the ass until I was eight.

8) Also thanks to Mom letting me watch The Twilight Zone when I was six, I was terrified of answering the phone for about a year because I thought my dead grandma would call me and tell me to kill myself. My grandmothers are all still alive today.

9) I once had about a month straight of dreams where I died in various ways. (Not really a dream every night, but every dream I had was about that.) I forgot all except the last one, which made me cry because I was betrayed by friends and not because I died in the dream.

10) I can handle being yelled at. I can handle being cursed at. However, if I'm dealing with both, two things can happen. Either I will blow the fuck up and put that mother fucker in their place, or I will cry.

11) I often think that I curse too much. Then I post something like #10 and decide I should work on my brain-to-mouth filter (or brain-to-keyboard filter, in this case). But then I write something like #10 again.

12) I get mad when somebody tells me that they're sorry that something bad happened to me. Unless its their fault, I don't want an apology. Most likely, the best thing that can be done is saying, "I'll kick their ass for you."

13) I complain about having to go to work, but I also complain about not getting to work. It would probably be easier to just pay me to shut up about it.

14) I have a friend who thought that koalas were from Japan and that the panda in Panda Express was actually a koala. She also thought that Keith Urban was British, not Australian. Another friend thought Kieth Urban was auditioning for American Idol. Not really about me but I had to share because omg.

15)  It's taken me nearly two hours to come up with all of this stuff. I had a lot better stuff when I was falling asleep last night but then I forgot it.


  1. pshh. who's the idiot in point 14 who thought a Koala was a Panda? .....

  2. On my 100th post, I listed 100 things about myself. It took almost a month to create the list. Especially since I was being careful to only say things I have never mentioned in my blog before.

    1. I couldn't imagine trying to do that. That would take forever to do.

  3. That Twilight Zone one was great. I watched that as a kid and was terrified. I watch it now and... it's really cheesy. However, if my dead grandma did call me, I'd probably crap my pants (she is also still alive, for the record).

    1. hahaha I was terrified when I saw it when I was little. Now, it doesn't scare me. Sissi was actually watching a marathon and saw the episode with the phone recently, so we put it on to watch and it didn't scare me. I can't say the same thing for the living doll episode because I haven't seen that one since I was a little kid. If anything like in The Twilight Zone happened to me, I would probably cry and run away like any intelligent person, since sticking around can't possible be good.