Monday, January 21, 2013

My Pets!

     A while ago, I had a contest to give a way a carnivorous plant. When I announced the winner, I felt bad that the other two entires weren't going to get anything so I offered to let them both pick two topics for me to write about. Brett Minor still has to pick one topic but Kianwi has picked both of hers. (You can see Brett's first topic here; I'm pretty proud of how the post came out.)

     Kianwi said:

"How about a post about your pets? Or one of them? With pictures!! That would make me very happy. :)"

     Okay! I'm actually going to separate this into two sections on this post. My pets and Mom's pets. That's the only way to do it because I talk about them all. I'll try to keep it pretty brief since we have a few animals between us. (Wolfy, like most people, claim its a zoo. Until I get a tiger, its not a zoo.)

Mom's Animals:

The Big Dog:

     He's usually more like the first two pictures, even though he's like 125 pounds. The last one was because he was laying upside down. But if you fuck with us, he'll be like the last picture. And no, he wasn't like that when he gave me the concussion.

     Basically, Mom's boss had too many dogs and was giving them away to tenants. One of the tenants was actually never asked and it was their son who took him home, so he was sent back. Mom's boss refused to take him back to her house so we were supposed to watch him or take him to the no kill shelter.

     His paws were too big so they wouldn't take him. We gave him away to four different people (one of them, we gave him away twice) and he was literally back at our door within the hour every time. The last time we gave him away, it was to somebody I tried to warn her against but she didn't listen.

     He ended up being a crackhead who abused The Big Dog. He was starved, given so little room to move that he was constantly in his own bathroom, and we found a crackpipe burn between his shoulder blades. Now, he hates men, people wearing hats, anyone in the yard, trucks, motorcycles, loud vehicles, and basically anyone who is around Mom or I.

     As of April 20th, he'll be five years old this year and we'll have had him about four and a half years. He's happy and healthy now. He's a big baby for us but he'll eat anyone else. He tackles me all the time and thinks he's back to only being thirty pounds, which is hilarious because people literally hide when they see him.

The Blind One:

     The only color that she can see is red. Other than that, it has to be right up in her face. When she was born, we had a huge issue. Our outside cat had two daughters. One was Mom's and the other was a neighbor's, abandoned her. The other cat, who had been here once, ran in and gave birth when it was storming one day. The next day, Mom's cat (who we didn't even know was pregnant) came in and gave birth. One week later, the mother cat came in (who we knew had been pregnant but there was nothing we could do) and gave birth. Three cat litters at once and one cat wasn't even ours.

     Needless to say, it was impossible to keep up with all of them. We did our best to keep them all healthy and we started giving them away the second they were old enough (we looked for homes for them the second we saw the mother cat was pregnant but we had a lot more people to find after that). When we gave nearly all of them away, we finally saw that she was underweight because the others were bullying her away from food. Eventually, we gave all of them except her away, including the cats who kept getting knocked up. (Before somebody tells me we should have gotten them fixed, its literally impossible. The vets here won't fix an animal while their nursing or pregnant and they got pregnant while nursing.)

     She hates me but she's otherwise happy. She's a lazy mother fucker and is at least twenty pounds now. Somehow, she has everyone convinced that she's an angel but she attacks me whenever she gets the chance. She's actually next to me right now and I'm scared for my life.

The Little Dog:

     We actually chose to get The Little Dog. She was supposed to be mine but lots of dog treats from Mom changed that. She's insanely hyper and doesn't sit still for anything. The last picture is of her recent haircut. Or rather, just before it. We had to have her sedated before we took her because she was so insane.

     Her other nicknames include Gizmo, Dustmop, Swiffer, and basically things like that. When her fur was at its longest when she was a baby, she would run to the water bowl and then run across the kitchen. So she would drip water everywhere and run over it, back and forth constantly. She actually mopped the floors.

My Animals:

The Bunny:

     This is The Bunny. I rarely ever talk about her because there isn't too much to say. I had one bunny before her, Noel, who was a wild bunny that Mom's boss found. Its paw had been hurt with a lawn mower so they brought it to me, the only person who had time to care for her. We took her to the vet and they said that it would be better to give her to an animal rescue place because wild rabbits almost never survive in human care. Mom had already bought a cage and food and basically spent a hundred or more dollars so she was like "You've been bugging me for a rabbit since you were thirteen. Lets get you a bunny!"

     We got to the place and they had horrible living conditions for the rabbit. They tried to sell me a sick one who was probably dying. The cages were only wire and didn't really have bottoms so there was no food. No toys. The water was too high for the babies to drink. It was summer and they were kept in a barn with one fan. I wanted to turn them in but we didn't have their address. I also wanted to take all of the bunnies away but we could only afford one.

     She refuses to leave her cage now. However, she unties the band we lock her cage with and opens it (like in the last picture, that was her, not us). She'll poke her nose out but she stays inside. The cats will put their paws through the cage to pet her and she'll play with them. She's happy and healthy, even though she's not the cuddly bunny that I wanted.

The Shy Cat:

     I always wanted a black cat so when a cat had kittens, I got to keep her. She hated everyone except me, which I thought was funny. Now that's she's all grown up, though, she doesn't really like anyone. Most of the time, she hides. She'll randomly go on terrors throughout the house, jumping all over everything, but she usually just hides.

     She also has an obsession with feet. It's kind of scary. She'll run out of nowhere and tackle your feet and start rubbing her head all over them. Then if you try to move, she'll bite your toes. Not hard enough to hurt you, but more like she's trying to grab onto you and keep you there. Now, even if I wanted, I couldn't give her away because she's so terrified of people.

The Loud One:

     She is unreasonably loud. She's a kitten that we were never able to give away during one of the surprise cat pregnancies before we could get everyone fixed/give the unfixable ones away. All of her siblings got homes but nobody wanted that sweet little face. I still can't figure out why. She's small and sweet and, come on, look at her.

     Mostly, she's just as shy as The Shy One. I've been trying to go to sleep a few times and I felt the bed move and something near my face, so I would open my eyes. That literally scared her into running away and hiding. I'm making her appointment to get her fixed tomorrow, so hopefully it'll calm down her insane moments. She randomly just starts crying for absolutely no reason and nothing we can do makes anything better. Or shuts her up because she's loud enough to cause a headache.

The Kitten:

     That's the very first picture I took, right on top. The day I got her. Her full story is actually here so I'll give you a quick summery. She was brought to me at three-ish weeks old and she was starving to death. I ended up feeding her and saving her from hypothermia. Mom has trained her to know me as "Mommy" and that's pretty much what I am to her. I've never even spent the night away from her since I got her.

     Two weeks ago, she got fixed. I was a mess the entire day. Now she's okay. She's going tomorrow to get her stitches out. And she's been running around, causing trouble everywhere. Jumping on things, knocking stuff over, stealing things. I'm convinced she's holding a grudge.

The Stud Dog:

     This name fits him better than I thought it would. When I got him, I was supposed to move out within a few months. Obviously that didn't happen, but I kept him anyways, because duh. My plan was to breed him because he's a purebred and there's a lot of money in that. (As long as I'm not the one with the female he knocks up, I don't see the problem.) Now that The Little Dog is in heat (and to be fixed in a few weeks), he hasn't wanted to leave her alone.

     Now he's behaving (somewhat) and acting like a big baby. He has this thing where he will throw himself backwards and demand a bellyrub. He doesn't bark much but he growls to get attention. Mostly, he's just like "okay, sure" with everything and doesn't now how to be a dog. I think he thinks he's a cat.

In Other News:

     Ashley and I had a poll up on my blog for a while. We wanted you to decide what was better. And now we have an answer!

     I win! My answer was "I would rather be called a bitch than a whore" and I won! There will be a new poll up within ten minutes of me posting this and I hope you'll vote! I'll leave it up until the last day of February and then we'll move onto a new poll.


  1. I loved this post! I know you put a lot of work into it.

    I really like the Stud Dog. I might just steal him from you!

    PS I think someone voted for little mermaid..

    <.< >.> It wasn't me...

    1. Yay! I'm glad you like it.

      Sure. You can take him for a while. I need a break from that brat. lol

      PS I think someone voted for The Lion King too. Whoever could it have been?

  2. Wow, that is quite a collection! I'm glad I asked :) I love seeing pictures of people's pets. I feel so bad for big dog! Poor thing. I'm glad he finally got a permanent home with you guys.

    I really would love a bunny. I had one when I was in high school, but I ended up giving it away to a family with small kids. I would get one now, but my dog who has killed 5 or 6 rabbits now is not trustworthy, obviously :)

    Thanks for all the great stories on all those cute babies!! It did, indeed, make me happy :)

    1. haha It is a collection, isn't it? I'll have to tweet more pictures for you to see! I'm glad we were able to get him back. He went through hell.

      You can enjoy pictures of my bunny? lol I don't trust my dogs or cats around her, so I guess its good that she gets mad when she's taken out of her cage.

      I'm glad you liked it so much! I spent like three hours trying to get all the details right and finding some of my favorite pictures. lol

  3. I saved a kitten like yours once when it ran into a store I used to work at. My dog is too rough, so I had to take it to the animal shelter. But it wasn't going to stand a chance out there by herself.

    1. I'm glad you were able to save the little kitten. She was lucky you were around to save her.

  4. Wow, I kept scrolling and scrolling and still there were more animals. I love it. I have 4 dogs and a cat, and we'd have more if it were up to the wife. She's always wanted a bunny, even if they invade the neighborhood and eat the wiring of my cars... at least they look cute doing it...?

    1. haha Yeah, there are a few animals. I'm glad you like it. I want more animals, but not at the moment. No more animals now. If my bunny ever decides to multiply, I'll send your wife all of the little bunnies.

  5. I only have one pet and people rarely want to see a picture of it. Snakes freak most people out.

    I have your second post decided. What was your happiest time? Whether it be a particular day or an entire summer, when was it and what made it so great?

    1. I don't mind snakes that much (especially compared to when I was little). As long as they're small and not poisonous, and under control (either by their owner or in a container), then I'm fine with them. Lose ones, dangerous ones, or large snakes freak me out.

      That's a really good topic. I'm going to have to think on it for a little while.