Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pretend I Posted This Two Days Ago

     This post was actually meant for January 8th, but I didn't have internet because somebody (a certain puppy, I believe) likes to chew on things like the modem cord that provides me internet. So for the duration of this post, just pretend that its January 8th again okay? The day is very important because this is Sissi's birthday post!

     Sissi is now seventeen! Which I'm finding it hard to believe since we became friends when she was eleven. Like, what the fuck? How did that even happen? Or when did that even happen? A year from now, Sissi is going to be a legit adult and I met her before she was even a teenager. I find that completely insane.

     She likes to tell me that when we met, she looked up to me and wanted to impress me and that kind of stuff. But honestly, even though she's my little sister, I look up to her. She's insanely intelligent (if you saw her courses, you'd agree), she's crazy talented (art, writing, music, fashion, a bunch of other stuff I'm too lazy to list), she's a good person (which is a lot to ask for from people now), and she's fucking gorgeous (and I will kick any creeper's ass for asking what she looks like).

     Basically, she just needs to stop all of that. It's just not fair, Sissi. You can't have it all.

     I was going to include a list of random inside jokes but I can't do that without sounding like a complete psychopath. I'll admit we're not exactly sane but we're not psychopaths. Most likely. We do get a little psycho when there are a large crazy bugs in random places and start screaming and/or killing the large crazy bugs.

     So I'm just going to leave you all with a question that we used to ask everyone about a year after we became friends. Please answer in the comments below, for Sissi's birthday, because I think she'll laugh.

     Do you like dark chocolate?


  1. Happy belated birthday to Sissi :) And naughty puppy!

    I feel as though I'm walking blindly into a trap, but yes, indeed, I do like dark chocolate, preferably with salted caramel :)

    1. haha Thank you for answering the question! Its kind of a trap but not really. lol

  2. I can eat it, but am not really a fan of dark chocolate.

    Happy Birthday to your sister.

    1. Thank you! I'll tell her. I don't like dark chocolate at all.