Monday, January 7, 2013

The Kitten Had Surgery

     This isn't going to be a long post because I have gotten one hour-ish of broken sleep since yesterday. That gives me an excuse for anything that is incoherent, stupid, misspelled, or anything like that. So no laughing at me.

     Warning. The next paragraph is gross. You may not want to read it if you're eating, about to eat, or just don't like gross things in general. Proceed at your own risk.

     Basically, when The Kitten went into heat and it lasted for six weeks. I should know since that was six weeks of swapping out my two blankets to be washed since she was bleeding everywhere. It almost stopped for about two weeks and then she was suddenly to the point, I literally used the mop to mop up blood. It looked like a crime scene. We always knew she would have to be fixed but it was never a big rush, until then.

     Okay. It should be safe to read from here on out.

     Lately, I haven't been able to fall asleep until early morning hours. Even worse than usual. I can lay down for two or three hours and still not be able to sleep. I had to have her at the vet around 7:30 this morning so I decided, that I just wouldn't sleep. There are two reasons for this.

     Reason number one, getting one or two hours sleep and then waking up makes me feel groggy and sick and gives me a headache. It also makes me a cranky bitch. I didn't really want to go through that and it seemed easier to just stay awake.

     Reason number two, by staying awake I would be so exhausted tonight that I should be able to fall asleep at a decent time. Maybe that will force me onto a decent sleeping schedule and I can kill two birds with one stone.

     We dropped The Kitten off and The Little Dog went with us since she was going to the groomers next. The dog was so hyper that she got two shots in the ass so that she would be able to be groomed. She ended up with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, her eyes bugged out, and totally snoring.

     The Kitten was terrified and I hated leaving her, but we did. It drove me crazy all day, not knowing what was happening. When was she being put in surgery? When was she being cut open? When would she wake up? When could I take her home?

     I hung out with Momma at her office all day in an attempt to stay awake. I lasted until about one and then I fell asleep with my head on her desk. I remember her bugging me and trying to wake me up but all that did was make me try to curl up in the chair. Then we left at two and I could barely stay awake in the car.

     We picked up The Kitten about an hour ago (at four). She is completely stoned right now from a shot and seems to be pretty okay with whatever happens. No food or water until 8 tonight and then, we can only test her. If she throws up, no food until tomorrow. She has pain medication to be given twice a day, by crushing it up in her food and not giving her anything else until she eats it. She has to spend the next 5 days in her cage to keep the other animals away from her and to keep her from stretching or otherwise moving too much. In two weeks, she gets her stitches out.

     I'll probably continue posting random updates on Twitter so you may or may not want to pay any attention to me for the next few days. (If you do, its @whenalionsleeps.)

     Now I'm going to try to stay awake for at least another five hours so that it will be a decent sleep time. Most likely, Momma will come take my earbuds out of my ears from whatever Youtube video I'm watching.


  1. Ah, poor kitten. I hate it when pets are sick, or need surgery. I get sooo worried about mine when something wrong, it's pathetic!

    Hopefully she is on the mend by now :)

    1. I was freaking out all day. I have literally never been away from her since she was given to me and the whole nursing back to health thing. She's doing great now. Kind of mad that we've been keeping her in a cage all day because she's been trying to do everything she isn't supposed to but she's doing pretty well.

  2. I hate taking my animals to get any kind of surgery done, but they're kind of funny when they're stoned. I have some great pictures of my dog sleeping with her mouth wide open and her eyes half open. I hope your kitten feels better soon!

    1. It was horrible. We're taken animals to get fixed before but it was much different this time, with The Kitten. She's doing great now, totally milking all of the attention she can get.

      I got an awesome picture of The Little Dog with her tongue halfway out of her mouth and her eyes wide open from getting a shot. I'll post it soon.