Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daycare Details

     I am finally posting the final topic from my contest and announced the winner. Brett Minor had both of his topics written about (link one and link two) and though Kianwi picked two, I only wrote about one until now. When she picked this topic, she said:

"And for the other topic, talk more about the daycare you want to open. Where would it be, what kinds of activities would you do, etc. I'd like to hear your 'vision' of it. :)"

     Well, for those of you who are new to my blog, one thing that I want to do is to open a daycare. I don't agreed with the way a lot of daycares are run. That's coming from a kid's point of view (I was in one for a short time when I was little and did not like it) and from an adult's point of view. I want to open a place where a kid feels safe and where they can get attention that they might not get elsewhere.

     I should probably start of by explaining what I don't like about other daycares. Most daycares are way too crowded. The laws change depending on the type of daycare you want. Either one adult per four to eight kids, depending on the state and age of the kids. Or its one adult per eighteen to twenty-two kids. How can one adult possibly take care of that many kids?

     I know teachers can do it, but you also have to realize that those kids are in their seats, not running around and playing. Recess has several adults, or at least it did when I was a kid, just because its hard to watch so many kids at once. When I was in that daycare, which was "the best daycare" in the city I was in, I saw kids beating the shit out of each other because the adults were too busy with somebody else to notice.

     Mom used to work in one that was part of an actual school and she was the only one who noticed when some kids went to the daycare, drugged to out of their mind, on medicines because they were sick but the parents wanted to work. Her bosses didn't want her to do anything about it. Then a little girl, about two, passed out and an ambulance was called. Her mom, who worked in the daycare, had given her medicine to make her stop crying while she was sick and told the paramedics to just give her an IV there and call it a day. The girl was never allowed to be taken to the hospital.

     I do not want to be put in a position like that. I want to be able to have a smaller daycare so that I can interact with the kids, so I can help them when something is wrong and actually know about it before an ambulance is called. I want to be able to protect the kids from each other. Bullying is so horrible and so many people suffer from it, at school and at home. I want to be able to give them a safe place where they won't constantly feel scared or hurt.

     The daycare wouldn't really be for any specific age group. Well, anything about babies over six months old. Newborns scare the shit out of me. If they can't hold their heads up on their own, I'm terrified to hold them, especially if I'm the only one around.

     Even if they're older kids or maybe were there when they were little or maybe they're looking for something to do for volunteering, or things like that. I wouldn't just be like, "No, you're too old to have a place to go, go away". I need to look into the laws and regulations and stuff, but I would probably have them as volunteers when they get to a certain age (or if I can afford it, I might hire them), so that they can still be somewhere safe.

     I'm not saying it will always be a small daycare. Maybe after a few years pass, I'll have some really trusted friends who I can hire to help me make it bigger. Those would have to be best friends who I would trust with more than my own life, if I want to trust them with kids, but I'm sure I'll have friends like that (I actually already do, they just don't want to open a daycare).

     I honestly don't know where it would be yet. That depends on where I am living, when I can meet all of the requirements to be able to open it. It would be a good sized building, with a nice yard so that they can go outside. A kitchen, enough room for them to play, lots of books, their art work hanging up on the walls.

     Too many places let kids just sit around and watch movies or even play on the computer or with other electronics. I'm not saying thats bad, but its not good for them to do all day. I would focus more on simple art projects, reading, having them tell stories, group games (especially ones that teach lessons, like the game Telephone), things like that. More planning clearly needs to go into this but I am hoping to get a job at a daycare around here to get more experience than just babysitting. I do know that movies would be kept until the end of the day, when things are winding down, so that they can relax and be calm when its time to leave.

     One thing I would be really specific about would be any meals that I would be providing. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have snacks or eat unhealthy food, but I've seen school food. In one school, the brownies were literally wet when they were passed out and the rumor "they were soaked in cat piss" was going around, probably because of the smell, and their taco salad gave me (and several others) food poisoning. In another school, hotdogs were green and my friend's brother found a tooth in his food (I don't remember what he was eating). In most schools (and I went to... six schools, I think, with all the moving I went to one twice), I could take a thick handful of paper towels and put them on the food and they would come up dripping with grease and other gross things. In every school, the milk was hot, which is not only gross but dangerous.

     Even if it would cost a little more, it would all be healthy food. Like, "green" food. It will be healthy fruits and vegetables and lean meats and such. I'm not going to feed them some stuff that could be replaced with dog crap without anyone noticing. Yes, there will be allowed to be cupcakes or cookies or something for snacks, but not in an unhealthy amount. And they would most certainly not be served something that would potentially poison them.

     Something I've noticed is that parents expect schools to give their kids certain lesson while the schools expect the parents to do it. Like, how to behave yourself in public, how to deal with animals, how to treat other people, that bullying is wrong, etc. Then in daycares, the kids typically run wild and do whatever they want, which is usually acting out because they don't get a lot of attention from their parents. Thats not to say its always the case, but honestly, it is a lot of the time. It's not fair to the kids.

     I guess this was mainly about what I would like to accomplish with the daycare. Without having a budget yet, I can't really decide exactly what I'm going to do down to the last details. I know what my goals are and what I want to do, so I'll find a way to do it, but I also know that I am not prepared for it yet. Look at the list of stuff I have to do just to open it with all the legal regulations. Plus I have to be more specific about what kind of games would be played and things like that.

     I know I have a lot of work cut out for me. It's going to be a long time before I can do any of this. That's okay though. One day, I will open the daycare and do what I want to do. Until then, I ask that anyone reading this respects that it is my choice and my dream to open a daycare where kids can feel safe, and that I do not want to go to college to be something that will not make me happy later in life.

P.S. Telephone is the game where kids sit in a row and the teacher passes a message to the first kid. Then they whisper it to the second, all the way down to the last, who says it out loud for everyone to hear. It's to teach that gossiping and passing messages can change what it was to begin with.


  1. I loved the game Telephone =] We always got mad when we couldnt get more people to play. Everyone knows you can't play Telephone with just two people, otherwise, it's just dumb.

    1. I only remember playing it once specifically. We played it in the gym one day. I think it was a competition to see which group of kids could get the message closer to the other side, but that was back in fourth grade. haha

  2. Wow, great job! I can tell you've really put a lot of thought into it. You have some great ideas, too. It's all possible. I worked in a daycare for a few years, and it was a really well-run one. It had a lot of similar elements as what you are looking to do. It wasn't fancy by any means, but the director cared more about the kids and her staff than making a lot money. It sounds like you are being realistic, knowing that actually opening your ownis a ways away with all the planning that you'll do, but you also don't sound overwhelmed by that. I am excited to see what you are able to do! Good luck!

    1. Thank you! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please tell me. I want to be able to work in a daycare so I can really see what its like but finding a good one that won't make me tear my hair out is a challenge around the area I live in. I'm not overwhelmed now, but I'm sure I will be when its time to figure out how much to figure out the budget I'll have. I really don't like math and I'll probably need help with it when the time comes.

  3. This sounds like a great dream! There are some good daycares out there, and there are some bad ones. You're obviously very passionate about opening a very good one, and I have no doubt that you can make it happen. Have you considered taking some early childhood education courses in the future?

    1. Thank you! Most likely, I'll probably never go to college. I just don't have that money and the school I'm in doesn't do scholarships. Getting student loans would be my best chance, but I would rather not spend my life in debt, so I probably won't ever get to. Given the chance, I would like to take those classes, photography, languages, and even just the basics.