Monday, March 18, 2013

The Reappearance Of Cheese Man

     Friday night, on the way home from work, Mr Fix-It told me, "I'm going to cut those things... the tree things that come up out of the ground. I don't know the word." I guessed he meant "roots" and when he said that was right, he finished what he was saying: "I'm going to cut the big roots for the tree at your new house so you and your mom don't trip because I tripped the other day." I laughed and told him, "Well, Mom would be screwed. I would be okay as long as I don't break my right arm or my legs...or hit my head."

     Saturday started off okay. Momma woke me up early enough that I could go next door to take a bath, since my back was hurting and the tub in the current house leaks when its filled up. So I gathered up everything I would need to get ready for work over there and we went next door.

     I poured the bubbles into the tub while the water was running and kept going back and forth to see if food would be ready first or if the bath would. When the tub was filled about 1/4 of the way, the water started running cold. Long story short, it took an hour to boil enough water to be able to relax at all since I needed to do something to make my back stop hurting at least a little bit.

     When I was ready and things had been done to get us ready to move in, we started taking the little dogs and stuff we needed (like my soap) home. The Little Dog was in Mom's arms and she opened the gate on the porch. My puppy ran through the gate and when she reached down to grab him, but she let go of the gate and The Big Dog got loose. I caught my puppy but The Big Dog was long gone.

     I was still trying to get the rest of my uniform on (my second shirt and my belt and trying to tuck in both shirts) and also trying to find him. When I ran out, I had my phone in my hand. And I tripped over the bricks that are in the dirt to keep you from slipping on mud. Completely twisted my left ankle and I threw my phone about five feet (both are, by some miracle, completely okay).

     Ten minutes after he got out, I caught The Big Dog and put him on the chain outside. Finally, at 5:25, we were able to leave so that I could be at work by 6:00. We got there seven minutes before I needed to clock in but I ran in and clocked in anyways because the entire parking lot was filled and everyone was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

     The own ran into the kitchen and told me, "Set up a silverware station in the togo room and go start rolling it. Make it pretty. We're already running out and we have parties coming in because its prom season. Make it pretty, Rachel." The next two hours were spent in the togo room, which lacked an A/C but had the full heat of the kitchen. Unless I went to dry storage to get more linen to roll the silverware in or unless I went into the dish washing area to get more silverware or the few trips up to the hostess station where I begged the hostess to save me because my fingers were starting to feel raw and I could barely stand up straight anymore.

     Finally, I was allowed to go carry trays when things slowed down and there was enough silverware rolled that we weren't going to run out in the next few minutes. I took one tray out to a table, but when I got there, their drinks were there but they weren't. I had to go back to the kitchen and find out where they had gone. RWA didn't believe me and we got into a fight (the manager heard me yell at him, oops, but I didn't get in trouble). This is basically what happened:

RWA: Why did you bring this back?
Me: They weren't there. There were a bunch of drinks but no people.
RWA: Where did they go?
Me: I don't know. They just weren't there and I can't leave the food on the table to get cold.
RWA: So you're telling me there aren't any people there?
Me: There are no people at that table.
RWA: So if I go out there right now, there won't be somebody sitting at the table?
Me: Then go out and look for yourself, if you don't believe me! I don't know where they went, but there is no body there!
RWA: Fine. Get the tray. I'll go with you.

     There was nobody at the table. We stood there for two minutes, waiting to see if they would come back. Turns out they were talking to somebody several tables away, who I could have sworn I knew, but I was too busy gloating that I was right to think much about it.

     A few minutes later, I had to get another tray. It was to the same table that I had thought I recognized. I didn't realize that until I took the tray out, set it on the tray stand, and turned around to ask who had which dish. That was when I realized it was Cheese Man and his wife, Mrs Cheese Man. The very same couple I served last week when they joked with me about loving cheese, used the entire bowl, and then he bluntly said "I'm diabetic" when I teased him back.

     They recognized me. I was so surprised, all I could say was, "Ohhi!" and hope that they didn't bring up that incredibly awkward moment. I asked Mrs Cheese Man if she wanted cheese and when she did, I put cheese on her food. I asked Cheese Man if he wanted cheese and he held out his hands, so I just handed him the bowl and kept my mouth shut until he was done. Then, once the bowl had been emptied, he handed it back and I went back to the kitchen.

     When we left, I got some tea since I had gotten so overheated that I was getting a headache. I told Mr Fix-It about how I tripped over the bricks and he apologized for jinxing me and he said he felt bad because I looked like I was in a lot of pain. "No. Its not my ankle. Its my back. Again."

     I finally got home and the second I walked in the door, I dropped the tea on the floor. And my pants. And my shoes. It really just went everywhere.

     Saturday was just a really crappy day.

P.S. On Sunday, I tripped over a rock. I still haven't tripped over the tree roots yet.

P.S. #2 When I was leaving, all of the servers kept coming up to me and thanking me because they didn't have to roll any silverware. I was probably their favorite person that night even though most of my thoughts were "fml" related until I finally got to leave.


  1. I love a lot of cheese too. I like to make it look like Christmas on my pasta.

    1. He put it on his pasta, his chicken, and his broccoli. Like last time, an entire soup bowl was emptied and I couldn't see his food. I like cheese, but omg, not like that.

  2. It's funny that Mr Fixit is so concerned about the tree roots, when you are tripping on every other thing! Be careful!

    Soon you will have to charge cheese man extra if he keeps eating all your Cheddar!

    1. I agree! I think its hilarious. I'll try to be careful! I didn't trip today. =)

      hahaha I'm surprised the owner hasn't already, since he's all about money.

  3. Oh, man. I've had days like that, too. Plus, I can be super klutzy. I trip over things all the time, walk into walls and tables, and about a month ago, I fell down the stairs. Yay, me...

    Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours back. Looking forward to your A to Z posts!

    1. Another klutz! That automatically makes us best friends, just so you know.

      Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what you have in store for the Challenge. =)

  4. I don't think I've ever tripped over a tree root. Also, I hate klutzy days. Those are like the days that your arms and legs have decided they're going to forge a mutiny against the rest of your body.

    1. That is exactly what it was like. I forgot to post it, but at one point, I hit my head getting into the car. I never fully recovered from the concussion I got in October so I almost knocked myself out even though it was barely a tap. I think my body was trying to kill me.