Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Nice Ladies (And That One Guy)

     I was an absolute mess yesterday. As soon as I walked away from Wolfy's car and into the airport, I was sobbing my eyes out so much that everyone was stopping to stare at me. A lady who worked there took pity on me and helped me use the machine to get my ticket, before directing me to the gate I had to go to. I didn't even make it to security before I broke down again and ran into the bathroom to hide.

     A lady was at the sinks while I was trying to fix my makeup, which was pointless because I was still crying. Honestly, I'm an idiot for wearing makeup when I knew I would end up crying. But she patted my shoulder and asked if I was okay. I nodded some and she promised me that everything would be okay and that everything would get better. Then she left.

     Then I broke down again and called my mom.

     I stopped crying after a while and didn't even attempt to fix my makeup again. I decided there was no point to it because I was probably going to end up looking like a raccoon anyways when I got on the plane. To keep myself distracted, I went to the little airport store that they had and looked at all of the books, while Mom was on the phone. When I had nothing else to look at, I made my way over to security.

     A lady cop was sitting there to mark my ticket. She looked like she wanted to hug me and then told me, "Sweetie, this is only your receipt. You need to go back up to the front and get your actual tickets. Come through the first class short cut so you don't have to wait though." So I made my way back to the front, asked the guy to print up my ticket, and he did. He also looked like he wanted to hug me.

     I did what I was told and walked back through the short cut she told me to use. She checked my ticket before other peoples' and sent me through to go through the machine thingy. I didn't have anything in my pockets. I learned my lesson when Mom went through the airport security and got molested (like, full on groped beyond necessary) to make sure she didn't have anything besides her ID and cash in her pockets. But the buttons on my pants must have decided they were going to cause problems.

     The lady pulled me aside and told me to raise my hands. Then she lifted up the back of my shirt and checked my pockets really fast, before sending me on my way. She wasn't so lenient with the lady who walked through the machine after me.

     I wrote yesterday's post while charging my phone at a little phone charging station and tried to keep myself focused on anything else except the fact that I was leaving. The lady from the bathroom said hi to me before her husband led her away. And eventually, after waiting for about three hours, I finally got to board my plane.

     Then I started crying again.

     I was in the middle of an older guy and a lady, both of whom tried to pretend that I wasn't having some sort of emotional meltdown two inches away from them. The lady helped me hook up the headphones and set it up so I could watch the movie that was playing, which distracted me enough that I stopped crying. Then we hit the massive turbulence and I had a panic attack.

     The lady next to me held my hands and helped me catch my breath. She kept promising that everything would be okay and told me that I just needed to keep breathing, even when I got lightheaded. This lady, who had never met me before, took care of me, a complete stranger who was a complete fucking mess on all levels.

     Eventually, she got the guy on my other side to help me. They started talking about traveling and the places that they had been, about the layovers they had, about the weather, about where I needed to go to get to my plane in the next twenty minutes. As soon as we were allowed off the plane, everyone took off at a run because we were all late.

     I didn't have the chance to really thank the lady on the plane, or even learn her name. She was gone by the time I was off the plane. The man who sat next to me though, directed me to a board to find out where I needed to go. He even told me which way I needed to go to find the right gate. Then I started practically running to my plane.

     But it was snowing in Denver, where my layover was. So there was really no point for my running because the plane that was supposed to leave at 7:40, was originally delayed until 8:00. Then it was delayed until a team of volleyball players arrived. Then it was delayed until 9:00 because it was snowing too hard. (I think my shoes soaked through from the snow because I had to walk outside and I had to pull myself up a ramp with metal hand rails because it was too slick to just walk up.) Then it was delayed for deicing.

     That is why my post for M was late and actually posted at like 2 this morning. I was supposed to be at this airport at 11:14 but that just didn't happen. I could have posted it earlier but since nobody follows my Twitter, but everyone wants to know when I land, I decided to wait. Can I get away with that? I mean, it was written early...

     But this post was just a thank you to all of the people who helped me throughout the day. All of the people I never met before and that I will probably never see again, who took time out of their lives to actually care and try to help some girl who needed it more than she really wants to admit.

     They give me hope for humanity, which I really need, especially after learning about what happened in Boston. Nice doesn't even begin to describe them but I just needed to talk about these amazing people, who I never got to thank properly.

P.S. For those of you asking, I am doing better than I was yesterday. Not by much, but there's an improvement. I hope I'll have funny posts for ya'll soon, but please bare with me until then. Also, funny stories and pictures would be appreciated.


  1. I think there must be something about traveling that opens people's hearts. When I was 16 I traveled, by bus, on my very first trip by myself. I got stuck in New York City and then the bus broke down and I got stuck in Richmond. It was the kindness of a few strangers, also traveling and also stuck, that helped a not quite ready for adventure 16 year old not panic.

    I am constantly surprised by how amazing people can act when they choose to.

    1. That's amazing. All you really hear are horror stories about people ending up hurt because they didn't have anyone, but there are so many people out there who are as lucky as we were.

      I've been thinking of the people who helped me as "my guardian angels". They popped in when I needed them the most and popped right back out before I could tell them how thankful I am.

  2. There still are good people in this world. :)

    1. Sometimes I forget just how many good people there are but then I meet that many nice people and I realize how wrong I was.

  3. The helpers :) I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Just stopping by for the A-Z Challenge. Please check us out and sign up to follow if you like what you see. Juliet atCity Muse Country Muse

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I'll have to pay your blog a visit later. =)

  4. Oh, that's a lovely story, especially in light of what happened in Boston the day you flew. People can be good! I'm glad that they were there to help you.

    I hope you keep feeling better, even if it takes time. Hugs!

    1. I'm glad they were there too. I think everyone was scared to be on a plane that day and I think that might have helped make everyone nicer. Now that I think about it, some people might have assumed I was crying because of what happened in Boston.

      Thank you! Hugs hugs hugs!

  5. I loved this post, Rachel!! I read it a few days ago but hadn't commented. (Sometimes, I never know what to say...;) I'm glad there were so many people so willing to help and comfort you. What a lovely gift! xo!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for commenting and checking it out! I'm glad there were so many people there too. I was really lucky to have them.