Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Questions

     In my P post, I asked for ya'll to send me questions for me to answer in this post. I wasn't sure that I would end up with enough questions so I asked Sissi and Ashley specifically to ask me some things that I could post on here. Sissi was awesome and sent me three. Ashley sent me eight hundred. I am not even kidding. I would put screen shots up but that would take too long.

     I will post all of Ashley's questions at the bottom of this post. I will not be offended at all if you completely ignore this post. We decided to both accept the challenge and answer them all. Sissi's questions will be first and then Ashley's. That way you know where to look and don't have to read through eight hundred freaking questions. I will also try to keep all my answers short.

     Kidding. I won't post them all in one post. I'll split it up and post them randomly. But the rest was completely serious. Eight hundred freaking questions. But its a good thing I asked them if they had any questions for me to use because nobody else asked me anything. (If anyone does want to ask me something but haven't, then feel free. It's not a one time thing. I am always open to questions.)

Sissi Asked:

Favorite holiday?
     Halloween for fun, but Christmas for the meaning.

Favorite kind of food (Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, etc)?
     I think I would have to say Chinese. I'm kind of sick of Italian food but that's probably because I work in an Italian restaurant.

Worst medical experience?
     I don't quite understand this question. Worst experience with a doctor is when I was two and went to the ER for stomachaches. I was crying and the doctor hit me in the stomach and told me to shut up. He lost his job. Worst experience otherwise would either be the stress stomachaches I got in 7th grade, which caused me to drop out, or the concussion I got last October. I did break my ankle when I was four but I don't remember it being that bad.

Ashley Asked:

1) Whats your (full) name?
     Rachel, as far as this blog is concerned. My middle name and last name are both mentioned in my old posts, just not together. If you really want, you can go look for them. =)

2) How old are you?

3) Whats your birthday?
     September 22

4) What starsign does that make it?

5) Whats your favorite color?

6) Whats your lucky number?
     I don't think I have one. I like the numbers 2 and 14 though.

7) Do you have any pets?

8) Where are you from?
     All over the southern states. I moved around a lot.

9) How tall are you?
     5' 5 1/2"

10) What shoe size are you?
     Between a 7 and an 8, depending on the type of shoe.

11) How many pairs of shoes do you own?
     Seven, I believe, but I'm not getting up to go count.

12) If you were prime minister/ruler of the world, what rules would you make?
     Bullying would be punishable by two years in prison. Community service would be mandatory by everyone over the age of fifteen, for one day a week. And everyone would have to read Harry Potter (Momma).

13) If you were a super hero, what powers would you have?
     Being able to teleport places so that I never have to take another plane again.

14) And what would your name be?
     "OHMYGOSHWHEREDIDYOUCOMEFROM?" because that's what everyone would say when I just pop out of nowhere.

15) And what outfit would you wear?
     Whatever I happen to be wearing that day. Changing clothes seems like a waste of time when you have to save somebody's life.


  1. I love your superhero name! And I agree: changing clothes is a waste of a superhero's time. :)

    1. Haha Thank you! You can call me that, if you want. =)

  2. Oh that story about the doctor is awful!

    1. I only vaguly remember parts of it. I could never make any sense of it until my mom told me about him when I was older.

  3. Wow, I can't believe the doctor did that. I can't imagine any medical personnel getting irritated with a baby for crying when they are sick! It's good he got fired!

    You only have 7 pairs of shoes??? Wow, I feel like a shoe hoarder now :)

    1. I can't figure out why that even happened. Like, I was a BABY. Babies cry. Its what they do when they aren't sick too. I'm glad he got fired, but not even from a vengeful point of view. I just don't want him to be able to hurt anyone else.

      It may be 8 if I miscounted in my head. haha I don't own nearly as many as most girls though.

  4. lOVE these questions. But it would take me a month or two to talk about my worst medical experiences (thanks for your kind words of understanding).
    I'd love to teleport - wormhole- whatever got me instantly from one place to another without permanently scrambling my molecules...
    I'm 5'3.5".
    "In a good shoe I'm a 6, but a 7 feels so good, I buy an 8."
    "These are 8 1/2"
    Can you name the movie?
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

    1. I don't know that movie. =( It sounds funny though so I want to see it!

    2. Oh! I don't think I've ever seen it all the way through.

  5. Fun questions!

    visiting from A~Z