Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Tigers

     Tigers are my favorite animal. I used to have a custom tiger poster that my grandma made, when she still owned her own printing/computer design business.

     I would like to introduce you to Teo and Taz. (Its pure irony that they both start with T. The tigers have names on their tags and the irony is just awesome.)

     Wolfy got them both for me. Teo is the one in the hat I sometimes wear. He was my first Valentine's present that wasn't from school or my mom, before Wolfy and I were even together.

     Taz is the one in the bandana that he's wearing like a cape. (I don't wear the bandana but its plaid so I like it.) He was for my nineteenth birthday last year (along qith The Hunger Games movie).

     Apparently, being all dressed up, they are gangster tigers. That means they'll kick your ass...or at least protect me from any monsters under the bed, right?

P.S. Since they're on the shelf in my closet, they probably keep the monsters out of there too. Either way, they make me happy.