Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Underground And Unrelated News

     I would just like it to be noted here that Wolfy gave me a bunch of different U words last night because I didn't have any topic for this letter. Also, Momma is watching Unsolved Mysteries and that starts with U so I thought it was funny. (If you want to read about unsolved mysteries, then you should check out this blog. It's been one of my absolute favorites during the A-Z Challenge.)

     A few years ago, when I was about fifteen (Mom and I just spent like five minutes trying to figure it out; I could've been fourteen but probably not), my dad wanted to see me for Thanksgiving. He drove down from where he was staying with his brother's wife's family (and my uncle, my aunt, and my cousin, of course) and picked me up. It was a last minute thing by the time I actually got to the destination and got to sleep, I was pushing 72 hours of no sleep. There was a lot of packing and other things that I can't remember because that was five years ago.

     I really can't remember a lot from those four days though. I didn't even remember much when I got back home, but that's probably from the lack of sleep that I had while I was there. I specifically remember my cousin watching Cartoon Network and passing out on the couch because I was so exhausted and bored.

     I also remember watching Ghost Ship for the first time and my cousin wasn't allowed to watch it with me. My friend recommended the movie but failed to warn me about the naked chick that appeared halfway through. Its a good thing my uncle was like "NO! NO! You cannot watch that movie. Go pick another horror movie and leave your cousin alone tonight."

     The best thing I remember about that trip, though, was we went to the longest cave system in the United States (or that's what I remember being told). We started off just walking into the mouth of the cave, but we were told that we were going underground.

     Every so often, I could feel a slant in the ground, but it just felt normal and flat. Lights were throughout the entire place but they were shut off in one room, just for a minute, and we could not see a thing in front of us. You don't know what dark is until you've been in something like that and its pretty terrifying, and disorienting.

     I think, the room we were in, was being dug up for some reason. I want to say that they had discovered some artifacts or something in there, but I honestly can't remember. I do remember thinking that they probably found an old burial ground in there but that might be because I watched a scary movie a day or two right before then.

     In another room, it was leaking because it had recently rained, but the water was just making its way down to the cave. In the very last room, we saw little bitty bats sleeping on the cave walls. I wanted to pet one but the lady said that if we woke them up during winter, then they would end up losing hibernation and that could kill them. I didn't pet them.

     We walked a long way. Either we walked two miles total or we ended up two miles underground, in which we had to take a staircase to get out of a second entrance in the cave. That was my least favorite part. There were a lot of stairs. I'm almost certain my dad stayed behind me the entire time because I cannot be trusted on staircases.

     It was a lot of fun and I wish I would have had a camera of some type to take pictures, but that was before I even had a phone (and a camera phone wasn't until a year after that). However, I don't like the whole claustrophobia of going underground, so I'm not sure that will happen again any time soon.

     Also, completely Unrelated News (it starts with a U, give me some credit). The A Beer For The Shower Boys (Brandon and Bryan) have written another novel. This one is called "Lost and Found" and its unlike anything they've written before. Or, they say it is. I haven't read it yet, but everything they write is always amazing. Go get the book here on Amazon for a digital copy or here for a paperback version. Write about their book and you might win a free copy. Information for that is here, but who doesn't love free shit?


  1. Oh yes, I remember the days when I didn't have a cellphone or in particular a camera phone I could just whip out and use to take pictures anywhere. I had to take my blocky digital camera around with me everywhere like some kind of tourist.

    Oh, and thanks for the mention! Yes, we say it's unlike anything we've written before, so that means it is. Our word is law on the Internet. You'll know this because we just said it.

    1. I never had a camera like that. I was always stuck with disposable cameras until I bought my own camera (when I was about seventeen). Then I was never taken to get the pictures developed!

      Your word is law! That makes complete sense. It explains all of the internet.

  2. Just the thought of being underground brings on my claustrophobia! How cool for you, though. :)

    1. It was a pretty cool thing to experience. Most of the caverns were pretty big so it wasn't too bad and that's what I like to remember.

  3. I love caves! There were some really awesome caves in Honduras where they found Mayan artifacts. I would take our American groups on tours there, it was so fun! I have never taken a cave tour in the United States, though. I have been wanting to plan a trip to Mamouth caves for a really long time.

    1. I think that might be the name of the cave that I visited, but I'm not positive. If it is, GO THERE. You will LOVE it. But, ohmygosh, bring your camera because there are a lot of amazing things to take pictures of.