Thursday, May 16, 2013


     This isn't going to be a long post because I have been working every single day this week (well, since last Friday) and I have to keep working until Sunday, unless Momma needs me at the office on Monday. But there is good news with all of that! I have officially started my training as a server so maybe I'll be making more money than as a runner/hostess and I might even be able to buy something more expensive than a pack of gum.. like maybe a soda or something.

     I've basically been trained completely out of order. I wasn't even supposed to talk to the table until my second full night of training, but I was given my own table the very first day. Which considering I had help and wasn't even training the entire shift, wasn't that bad... even though there were five people.

     The second day I was supposed to train (as the lady manager told me) we ended up with a party of a shitton of kids for some school thing. I showed up an hour early to train, before any families were there, but the guy manager was like "lol no go sit in the office, clock in in an hour, and run the food". Neither the lady manager or the owner were happy to hear about that, since he was also specifically told that I was to train before the restaurant got busy.

     The second day I actually trained, I got my own two tables for the entire night. I also helped with a couple others but didn't get to do much. The first one, the girl training me kept going behind me to make sure everything was okay and did all of the computer work. I didn't do everything so I don't count it as my table, but as our table.

     The other table I had kept teasing me because I'm underage and don't even want to drink, so I knew nothing about the wine they were drinking. They also decided Rachels are supposed to have dark hair so I need to go dye my hair to really be a Rachel and kept saying that I was really sweet. I sold half a bottle of wine, two glasses of another wine, and got a ten dollar tip on a fifty dollar bill. Pretty badass for a first real table.

     Tonight, I was sort of passed around the restaurant for whoever wanted to teach me what. I was lectured on the alcohol and bar, but I can't remember shit. The server (who is best friends with the girl who hates my guts) was the one who did that. He not only wrote a bunch of stuff down for me to study and remember, but he also showed me the written test I have to take and basically told me all the answers and every time I passed him, quizzed me on whatever he thought of. Another server showed me how to carry two glasses in one hand, but I can only do that when they're empty so I need practice. I was also shown side work, what to do when cleaning up at the end of the night, and other things.

     I had two tables. The first one, they were nice and told me that I didn't need to be training anymore. They left a pretty good tip too, but since they didn't directly hand it to me, restaurant policy is that the server who dose the training gets to keep it. Which kind of sucks, but my check is more while in training, so whatever. The second table seemed to like me enough but I don't know if they left a decent tip. I only got to pick it up and hand it to my trainer. Then she made me show the dessert tray (with about seven desserts on it) to a table. Including naming and describing each of them. They were not impressed with all the stuttering I did and I forgot half of what I was supposed to say. Oops.

     Now you are caught up in my life and it is 1:22 in the morning so I should probably sleep soon. But I won't because I never do. Oops.


  1. Hang in there! (And here's wishing you a few ZZzzzz's!)

    1. Thank you! I think your wish worked. I did get some Zzzzz's last night (well, early this morning).

  2. It sounds like the restaurant needs some work on how to train...and that you'll be just fine. You don't have to dye your hair, just get a wig for when that cool table comes in.
    I'm a varsity drinker, so if you need to know anything about alcohol, I'm your girl!
    I'm not so good with spells, or I'd just transfer all my vast drinking knowledge to you long distance. I bet Hermoine could do it...she can do any spell. She rocks. (Glad to meet another fan!)

    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. They really do need to figure out how to train people better. I think it really helped that it wasn't busy and I've been there since October so I do know a lot.

      Ohh! Hermione would really be able to help us out! Maybe she could give me a spell to make carrying trays easier too. Those things are heavy!

  3. I hope you get your first table again, too. :) Sounds like a great group.

    Have a nice weekend. ☺

    1. They were really awesome. I haven't seen them but its only been a few days. I'm still holding out hope!

      Thank you. =) You too. I plan on sleeping when I'm not working.

  4. Replies
    1. I told them that. They asked me if my hair was naturally dark and I said, "I don't even know my natural hair color anymore" and they laughed.

  5. I hope that you had a good night sleep. Hang in there. Some young people who worked with me were waiting on the weekends and said that if you understand what age group likes what and what age group likes who to wait on them it works out for every one.
    Good Luck and I am sure with time, things will be smooth.

    1. I will really keep that in mind. I've learned that with older people, its best to offer them coffee with their dessert. With families, the parents are more likely to leave a better tip if you only offer them dessert, very quietly, so their kids don't get really excited for nothing.

      Thank you! Things already seem to be getting better.

  6. I just don't think I could do it. I admire you so much, and I know you will be fantastic! I can't wait until you are done training and the tips start coming in.

    Keep working on that dessert tray...that is my favorite part of my meal, having them present the dessert options to me, ha ha :) But seriously, if anyone was annoyed that you didn't give a completely smooth presentation, that's ridiculous. It's just dessert!

    1. Ohmygosh, thank you! I admire you as well, Kianwi. =)

      My mom stayed to eat today and I waited on her. She had me show her the dessert tray and I only stumbled over one, but my trainer explained it all to me so hopefully I won't forget again. haha The lady manager has plans for me to serve her on Tuesday, to see if I'm ready yet.

      If you're ever in my area, you should totally come to my restaurant and request me. lol

  7. I got exhausted just reading this. This is a job I wholeheartedly admit I could never do. It sounds like you did pretty damn well considering how they just kinda threw you around.

    1. Last Sunday, my shift was ten hours long. I expect you to have fallen asleep by now.

      But thank you. It hasn't been too hard, minus describing the food and showing the dessert tray, but working so much is really starting to make me tired. I'm hoping my schedule will be a little more decent once I'm certified.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm sorry about your eyes, but I do not currently plan on changing the color scheme of my blog. I spent hours working to get it the way that I like it. Even if I did want to change it, I just don't have time like that to spend editing everything.