Monday, July 1, 2013


     Before I get to the actual blogging part of this, Kianwi said she was going to drag me along into blogging this week, so we both blogged! How crazy is that? We actually blogged? What? Also, I am now committing to posting real posts on Mondays but answering the question posts on Thursdays.

     After tomorrow, I won't cover for anymore people on Tuesdays and I haven't been scheduled that day otherwise, so I should be able to be halfway awake to post. (In the past week, I agreed to cover five different shifts and turned down a sixth one. Plus, I'm already scheduled for a double shift on Saturdays and that meant Sunday ended up being a double too. Needless today, I spent today sleeping.)

     There you have it. Real posts will actually start happening again. I'd be more excited if I wasn't thinking about the oreos in the cookie jar, in the kitchen. Sorry.

     Anyways, a couple weeks ago, I worked a fairly busy shift. I don't know why, but I sold a lot of wine that night and since I don't know anything about it, it usually takes me forever to get the drinks out and rung up on the computer. It really sucked because one guy ordered a specialty drink that the restaurant has, that's apparently like a long island iced tea, or that's what a server told me. It took so long to find somebody who wasn't busy to make the drink, I was sure I would get a horrible tip from them.

     I got everything out as fast as I could and I apologized that it took so long, but I explained that I had to find somebody to make it and everything seemed fine. They were really quiet. Some tables really like joking and talking, which is pretty fun when you're not incredibly busy, but they were just super quiet. The quieter tables tend to leave me the worse tips and I'd already had a bad night with that, but then I opened the credit card book and found this.

They left me an average tip. Not good, not bad, but somewhere in between. Leaning more towards the good side though.

     I was smiling for the rest of my shift because of that.

     My mom and I went out to eat a few days later, after a really bad day on Father's Day. We should have had double the staff and been better stocked with food, but this was apparently the busiest Father's Day we've had in years so not nearly enough people were scheduled. I ended up getting double sat (being seated with two tables within 10 minutes of each other so that you can't even get out drinks) with two six tops, not once but twice.

     The other girl working the banquet room with me was double sat with two six tops and a four top. One of those six tops should have been mine before I even had the drink orders out when I was double sat the second time., but I was so stressed that I refused to take it. I worked the lunch shift and was called in early, but I didn't leave until 5:30 and my manager wanted to keep me there. I literally hadn't eaten since I had woken up that day so I texted my mom, who came to help me clean the banquet room because the other server was already an hour late to something she had to go do and offered to pay me to do it for her.

     As soon as we sat down at the restaurant, my mom told our server that I needed to get some sort of sugar in me before I passed out (thanks, Mom, I could have waited the extra thirty seconds for her to get your drink too) and she literally ran to get me sweet tea. After that, all I could think about was how nice she was and when she was going over to her other tables, they all seemed to get togo boxes or their checks at the same time, so it seemed like she had been double (or maybe triple) sat.

     At one point, she asked how we were and I told her I was tired and she said she was too. Her sister has cancer so she works at that restaurant so all the money can go to treating her with chemo and paying whatever bills possible. Both Mom and I listened for her to even vaguely mention that to any other table as a con, but we were the only ones she told. I also saw bags under her bloodshot eyes that looked like she was over worked and over tired, which is why I believed her.

     When we left, we gave her a really good tip and I left her a note on the receipt because I was hoping she would smile as much as I did when I saw the note left for me. I thanked her for taking care of me, for taking care of her sister, and wished them all luck. That was it but I'd like to think I made her smile.

     I've had a couple notes left sense then, but they were all written on the copies with the tip amount on it. That means I couldn't keep those. One said "Best server ever!" and another from the same table said "Best waitress ever!" I made about ten dollars from that table. They specifically asked my name, my schedule, and said they would only sit with me.

     Another was from a couple last Saturday night. I completely forgot lemons for the woman's water and apologized but she refused to let me take the blame. Every time they needed something, they apologized for asking, and they left me a good tip. They wrote "Rachel gave us 1st class service" and told my manager, so I got a free meal because of it.

     The thing is, even though the tips were all good, that's not what really made me happy. I mean, obviously I'd be upset if I had a good note but a crappy tip, but just the fact that they took the time to leave a little note to tell me something positive like that made me happy. The twenty dollar tip I got from somebody else on Saturday made me smile a bunch, but money comes and goes. Compliments and general nice human gestures will stick with you. Not enough people compliment each other regularly and they certainly don't take the time to compliment somebody that they might not ever see again.

     If I can suggest anything, is that if you do decide to leave a note, do not do it on the copy with the tip written out on it. We aren't allowed to keep those. We enter them into the computers and then we have to turn them it, so it will be a nice thing to see but then we can never see it again. I personally want to keep my little notes because they make me happy.

     Also, there's a project going around Twitter @thehopefulnotes for something like this. Its just being nice for no reason. I heard about it before I ever got my first note and I kind of brushed it off like "They probably won't really care". Yes, they will. They will care.

P.S. Just for the record, the title of this is the hashtag that a lot of the people use for The Hopeful Notes project on Twitter.


  1. You posted! Good job. And now I don't have to harass you ;)

    I love the idea of leaving the server a note. I've never thought to do it, but it's such a simple way to make someone's day. I'm not surprised that people like you so much, but it's great to hear about it.

    And thanks for the comment you left on my blog...that made my day, too :)

    1. haha Thank you! I'm so proud. I kept my promise!

      I never thought of it until I had the note left for me. Its just such a nice little thing. =) I bought a little pad of sticky notes today to leave around for people, since we rarely go out to eat.

      Yay! I'm glad I made you happy. =) Your comments always make me smile.

  2. What a wonderful note! I love this idea. What a great thing to do to make someone's day. ☺

    1. It really is. I wish I would have realized how much it means to somebody before I got that note, so I could have done more sooner. =)

  3. I always like to leave little notes of encouragement. But I do it for both good and bad service. And even though I am in no way wealthy- I ALWAYS leave great tips. Like double or triple what one would expect to get. I like to randomly bless people. Sometimes, I pick other people in the restaurant and buy their meals too. I believe in paying it forward. You never know what other people are going through, and doing little things like that can make a huge difference in their life.

    1. You should come see me at work. hahaha

      I would love to be able to randomly buy somebody's meal or just do something like that, but I don't get paid enough to be able to. Its something that I'm always open to doing in the future though. Until then, I'll leave a note and a good tip whenever we do go out.

  4. I never thought to leave a nice note on the receipt. I will now! And on the one that breaks everything down, not the one you write the tip and total on. I'm glad you got some nice notes. It feels good to be appreciated.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. Yay! I'm sure you'll have some very happy servers when you leave. Thank you though. It does feel nice to be appreciated. =)