Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rebecca Sedwick

     I'm not sure if you've heard of her yet, but she was a child who was bullied to death by a group of girls who used to be her best friends. Why did they bully her? "Boyfriend trouble in 2009". That's when they were nine to ten years old, back when they should still think that boys have cooties. Not bullying someone. Not causing them to cut themselves or jump off a cement silo to kill themselves.

     I watched it on the news, because that was what the TV was on when I woke up. I caught the last part, which said something about her asking questions such as "How many Advil do you have to take to die?" and "How do you get the blades out of a razor?" When I saw that, I was terrified that another victim of bullying had made the news for killing herself, so I kept the TV on.. and I was right.

     The worst thing about bullying, is that its torture. They might as well have just pushed her to her death to begin with and saved her all of the pain, the depression, the brokenness that comes with being bullied. It would be the same result, but she wouldn't have suffered with messages telling her that she was ugly, stupid, a waste of space, telling her that she should just go kill herself because nobody cared about her. I'm not saying that murder is a good thing, but it is the exact same thing as bullying and I hope with every fiber of my being that those bullies are caught and have to face murder charges.

     "That's harsh! They're just kids!"

     Well you know what, so was she. And now Rebecca is dead.

     She will never go to highschool, go to prom, fall in love, get married, have kids, have grandkids, make stupid mistakes in college that she'll laugh about when she's 30. She'll never even be 30 or an adult for that matter. No sweet 16, no graduation. She won't see her sister grow up or tell her mother that she was sorry for all the arguments when she was a teenager, that she didn't actually know everything like every teenager thinks they do.

     And why won't she get to do any of those things?

     Because those girls attacked her mercilessly. They attacked her even though she was pulled out of her elementary school, homeschooled, and sent to a new school. They never stopped attacking her, bullying her, slowly killing her. This is their fault and they need to suffer the consequences for it.

     And do you know what makes this even worse?

     Millions of people are being bullied right now, right this very second. How many more will follow Rebecca's example? It's not just Rebecca Sedwick, Amanda Todd, or Demi Lovato who are being bullied. They're just some of the people you know about.

     Now go give your children hugs and pray that they will never go through what Rebecca did.

     I saw it on the TV channel HLN but you can read her story here or here.

**I just want to put a disclaimer here, that I do not promote, endorse, or approve of anything that could potentially harm or kill someone. The phrase "They might as well have just pushed her to her death to begin with and saved her all the pain, the depression, the brokenness that comes with being bullied." is meant to illustrate how bad bullying really is. It does not at all mean that I approve of harming or killing anyone else, or yourself. **


  1. Bullying is terrible. I was shocked to have already dealt with it when my son was in preschool. Preschool! He never told, so we had no idea until he came home with bite marks on his neck. Even then, he wouldn't say who did it. It wasn't until I spoke with other parents whose kids were being hurt by the same child that I determined who it was. When I went to the school, I was told they couldn't intervene and that "God would handle it." Yeah, it was a religious preschool, the only way we could afford to send him to preschool. And bet your ass I went through the roof when that was their answer. By the time I was done with my campaign against them, they finally dealt with it. Turned out they had known about the bullying way before any of us parents did. And they were letting it happen because the child's parents were getting a divorce, so they felt he had the right to "act out." Meanwhile, our children were suffering. Some were terrified to go to school. My son started acting out at home against me because I was mom and therefore safe to behave that way on. I'm utterly terrified for when they get older. Preschoolers don't commit suicide, but they sure as hell suffer. The parents are lucky I never got to meet them face-to-face.

    Moving forward, I can already tell you who the "mean girls" are in my son's classroom. They broke out in 2nd grade. We'll see what happens when my daughter gets to 2nd grade. I watch her like a hawk, because what if SHE's the mean girl?? I don't want my kid to BE the bully anymore than I want my kid to be bullied.

    It breaks my heart every time a child is bullied so horribly that they take their own lives. I hope the kids who did this to this girl pay. To have hunted her even after she left the school takes it to a whole new level. I've seen adults behave this way. Grown adults. Mothers. Bullying never goes away.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. I'm so sorry about what happened to your son. I don't really remember much from being really little, but I remember that I never felt like I fit in. I never felt like I fit in, in any school that I went to, but things didn't get that bad until fourth grade and then really bad in seventh. I remember my mom talking about the daycare she had in a preschool, and how there were kids that were so horrible, the kids were specifically told to wear overalls so that they could be pulled apart easier. It amazes me that parents don't do something to keep their kids from being a bully.

      That's one thing that really made me happy about your comment. You're going to keep your daughter from being a bully, just like you're going to do everything you can to keep her from being bullied. Not many people want to see both sides of it.

  2. I still don't understand how you can stab someone and get convicted of murder, but if you relentlessly taunt someone and tell them, "Just stab yourself and die, you fucking waste of space" over and over until they finally do, it's not considered murder. It's just considered "teasing." "Horseplay." "Oh, they weren't serious. They were taking a joke too far." Yeah, joke, right. I make jokes for a living. Fucked up jokes, at that. I know jokes when I hear them. Those are never jokes.

    People who bully aren't properly punished, and so bullying continues to be a problem with no end in sight. It's really disheartening.

    1. I couldn't have said it better myself. If you're proven to have bullied someone, then you need jail time. Its as simple as that. Its just as bad as assault and murder. That gets people put in prison and so should bullying. It will never stop unless there are real punishments. Even then, there will still be people who do it, but it won't be anything like it is now.