Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ignore That This Is 19 Days Late

     Back on the first of November, I was supposed to link to and thank everyone who joined in for the Anti-Bullying posts this year. And then I didn't do that. But I do actually have a reason (or a few), unlike when I just don't post for like three weeks at a time and don't. My excuses?

     I picked up as many extra shifts as I could in my last two weeks of work. I had a going away party that resulted in me crying when I hugged a couple of my friends goodbye (everyone was crying though, which is the main reason I even started crying) and that left me too exhausted to write. I hung out with friends every chance I got since I knew I wouldn't be seeing them. I hung out with my mom 24/7 otherwise, literally since she is no longer working in the park because her boss is quite literally losing his mind (she's okay though, but the timing really sucks). My anti-virus thingy wouldn't turn on on my laptop. And oh yeah, I moved in with my boyfriend. Half way across the country.

     I got here two days ago and I'm just now unpacking. I ran out of hangers though and I don't know where to put my stuffed animals yet, so I figured I should write the post that's nineteen days late. Honestly, I kind of feel like I should just thank everyone on Thanksgiving since I waited this long anyways since that seems like an appropriate day to do it, but we all know that would end up posted some time in 2014 at this rate.

     There really weren't that many people who joined in this year, but I had a feeling that would happen since I stopped getting as many page views and as many comments when I stopped regularly posting. Some bloggers can get away with that. I'm not super famous or crazy/weird enough for that one, which is weird to think about considering half the shit I've written about here before.

      Shannon Lawrence not only mentioned my posts in several of her own posts to help bring attention to it, but she wrote about what her son went through when he was only a little boy. You can read that here. Then to top it off, she had it arranged for a different post about bullying to be written on her other blog. Donnell Ann Bell is actually the author of this post, which is a perspective not many people think of. And of course, Kianwi joined in again this year. Her post is more about beauty being different than what most people actually see.

     I feel like I'm forgetting to include somebody and I really, really hope that I'm not. If I did, just send me an email and I'll fix it. I can access my email from my phone but not from the laptop right now, because I forgot the password (oops) and I have to find the paper with it written on. That's why I don't have my list of bloggy people to include right now. Hopefully next year will run a lot smoother than this year did.

     But anyways, back to the whole moving thing?

     Let me just answer the top questions that every fucking person I know keeps asking me, and if you have something to add, then I'll answer it in the comments.

     "What are you going to do for work?"
     Probably work in another restaurant until I finish school and the start of the next school year, which is when daycares typically start hiring. Then I'll see if I can work in one of the daycares around here.

     "What's your mom going to do? You're so close!"
     Well, I'm assuming she's going to keep breathing, eating, sleeping, and all other things required to live. She'll get a new job where she won't be pushed towards losing her sanity by/like her boss and she'll move out of the park so she doesn't have to deal with him.

     "Are you gonna get married?" immediately followed by "Are you and that boy going to be living in sin!?"
      Bitch, stop. You cannot ask me that. That is not a thing you can ask me, especially if I work for you and we aren't even friends. Go away. We're going to live together and we're going to see what goes from there, like basically everyone from this generation does now.

     "Do you love him?"
     That's just a dumb question. Why would I live with somebody if I didn't love them? If you ask this, you have lost your privilege to ask things for the rest of the day for being dumb.

     "What does your mom/dad say?"
     Momma is supportive but not exactly happy about it. She's texting me constantly and seems to have a new found obsession with cleaning now that she's not at work during the day. Mom, if you read this, then you need to go finish rinsing the dishes and then pick up a book but don't forget to eat.
      Not a clue about my dad. I only posted it on Facebook yesterday. We'll see how much longer it takes for him, his girlfriend, or one of my aunts to see it and flip their shit. Oh well.

     "Do you have family there? You boyfriend doesn't count in this answer."
     Well, Brother did move like 20 minutes away from here like two weeks ago. We're not technically related but I'm totally going with yes on this answer. (In case you haven't heard, he does have a name now because he has a blog after all hell broke lose on my Unity Day post, but I figured if I called him Tony nobody would know who I was referring to.)

     "What about your animals? Are you taking them?"
     Not yet. Sometime next year, I'm supposed to go back and bring my cat, but the others are staying with Mom. They won't be able to handle the move.

     You have no idea how many times I've answered those questions in the past month. There are a few more too but they weren't the most asked things, nor do I really want to post about it. Apparently, none of my friends have filters and they're all nosy as hell.

     This post ended up way longer than I thought it would be. I guess that happens when you have like six months worth of things to say and you try to cram it into a few paragraphs. Since I'm not currently working and I have a lot of things I never got to say, I'm going to try to go back to posting twice a week starting next Monday, so I have time to catch up on blog reading too. Probably back to Mondays and Thursdays?


  1. I hope you've very happy with your new living arrangements.

    Janie Junebug

    1. Thank you Janie! I plan on checking out your blog tonight!

  2. Ha ha ha, living in sin! Seriously, who says that anymore??! I was wondering about the pet thing, though, so glad to know the answer. Does your scandalous living in sin partner have any pets??

    1. Oh. My. Gosh. "your scandalous living in sin partner". I think I just died from laughter.

      But no, he doesn't! Pet deposit is too much right now, which is why I left my cat behind. But he does love dogs and he wants a hamster so we'll see if that changes soon.