Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

     I've been asking people what kind of posts they would like to see me write on here. I guess I should have known that Christmas would be a popular topic, since it's, you know, Christmas time. But that's perfectly fine. I don't think I've ever written a Christmas post before.

     My friend Ashley just told me to talk about Christmas. My brother Tony specifically asked me to talk about traditions that I've had, and traditions I would like to start with my boyfriend, Wolfy. He also asked about gingerbread houses, hot chocolate, and snow. Kianwi (of Simply She Goes- her blog is having technical difficulties but she will be back soon) asked me about our decorating and holiday plans.

     Let's just get started with this.

     That is the tree this year. It doesn't have any presents under it because we opened them all because we don't have our parents telling us not to open them before Christmas. The only reason we actually have a tree is our roommate bought one on sale to "welcome me to the apartment". That thing it's on? This laundry basket and an old sheet. That thing by the tree? I'm not really sure but I think it's eyes follow me around the room.

     That's all the decorating we really did this year. Wolfy had pulled out some extra Christmas lights but those never got used. We just never got around to hanging them up this year. Next year, I'll probably want to do a little more to celebrate, but considering I just got here, I'm surprised there was even a tree.

     Our holiday plans this year? He actually has tomorrow off, so we'll probably sleep in. Tonight, he's having some friends over when he gets off work. That means I had to put on real pants, which doesn't happen very often unless I'm going somewhere, which is almost never. I've worn makeup a total of three times since arriving, not including when I was on the plane.

     Other than that, I honestly don't know. Like I said, we already opened presents. He found out what his was early so I let him unwrap it and he didn't even bother wrapping my present. From our roommate, he was like, "Hey. You can open it now." so I was like "...Okay." and then we opened our presents from him. Today, the box from my mom came in the mail, so we just opened that too (that resulted in the room being totally trashed).

     He just texted me and told me that he got the last eggnog in the store since he's been telling people all day that they were out. So, apparently we're going to have eggnog.

     Um... I don't know. Is that all we're doing? We'll probably end up watching Netflix all day tomorrow. I honestly don't know.

     For traditions I would like to start? Actually opening presents on Christmas. Maybe actually cooking something when we have a bigger kitchen (or food- we really, really need to go grocery shopping). Decorating with Christmas lights because they're pretty. I dunno.

     When I was little, my grandparents used to invite all the family who couldn't stand each other and make massive (not very tasty) meals, with corny Christmas music and throw "classy" parties to show off to all their friends. Those are my general memories of Christmas as a kid, plus presents. But we couldn't just open them. There could be my grandparents, two uncles, their significant others, my great-grandparents, my second cousin and her husband, my mom, and anywhere between 5-8 cousins. We each got to open one present, "ooh and ahh!", take a picture, and then move on. And we would get in trouble if the card wasn't read first.

     Then when I got older, I started spending them with my dad. We all know how I feel about him, but let's just ignore that part and continue with this little story. Memaw is... Let's put it this way- She should never be allowed in a kitchen. She was always in charge of dinners. Depending on where my dad currently lived, we would have a Christmas with one family member and then all go to his parents' house to repeat the process. It's a good thing I stopped going when I did, because I once caught my cousin's friend stealing my underwear and that's the favorite stocking stuffer (I typo'd that as "suffer" but it still fits in this) from that family. Which you have to open in front of everyone.

     The best Christmases I had were the last couple years with Momma. She would cook. I would help by stirring and making sure nothing spontaneously combusted when she would go to the bathroom. And we would watch the parade and open presents. And I would piss her off by guessing what was in each present before opening it, until last year when she duct taped everything too much.

     All I really know is that in future Christmases, I want them to be more like the one I had with Mom. Not chaotic. Just simple and about actually celebrating good things, instead of trying to show off or show everyone in the family what underwear which person owned. One year, I would like for it to snow on Christmas. I've never had snow that time of year, only around Valentine's Day.

     I've almost never been around snow since I lived in the south my whole life, but when we did get it, we would be buried. I would get to wake up, run outside for like three hours, and the snow would be melted. But it was awesome and I want that to happen on Christmas one year- which will probably be more likely if I didn't live in a desert, but oh well.

     Also, I only ever had one gingerbread house. Momma and I tried to build it. We couldn't figure out what we were doing and then something happened and it broke and it was messy and just a super bad idea. It makes me a little sad, since my friend from the restaurant and her toddler nieces just made a gingerbread house and it looked pretty good.

     As for hot cocoa... Yes please. I would like some. Hot cocoa is good. I prefer it with milk though, instead of water, and we don't have any milk. Which is why I couldn't eat cereal this morning. We're adult enough to eat the food we have, but then we run out and forget to buy more.

     Is there anything I left out? Are there any other blog topics you'd like to suggest?

P.S. Don't suggest details on school, about the move, what it's like here, or what we do for fun. Those topics have already been suggested.

P.S. #2 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all of that stuff.


  1. Isn't it just wonderful when you no longer have parents around telling you what to do? My kids are probably thrilled that they don't live with me. This morning, Willy Dunne Wooters and I stayed in bed until 11 and then we went out for breakfast. It was fantastic. I had strawberry pancakes. Now we have a turkey in the oven and Willy is snoring softly next to me.


    1. Sounds like you had a great day! I made pancakes in the morning. (By morning, I mean like one, when we got up.) We spent most of the day doing nothing and it was awesome.

  2. Hot cocoa made with milk—definitely! :) I hope you had a great Christmas and some well-deserved rest. :)

    1. Thank you! I got the rest I wanted. =) I hope you did too?

  3. I love your tree, especially because the roommate bought it to welcome you to the apartment. How sweet! I'm terrible about waiting to open gifts, too. I was always lucky as a kid, because Santa came to our house on Christmas eve while we were at church, and we opened presents when we got home. I always thought it would be torture to have to sleep all night waiting for him to come!

    I'm just glad Christmas is over. Bah hum bug, I guess ;)

    1. It was really nice of him. He also got me a present (which I have yet to get him one- oops) even though I basically never see him. He works the night shift and usually stays in his room all day, until like 9 at night when he leaves.

      When I was little, I had more fun guessing and harassing my mom for answers. Most people stopped telling her what they were getting me because she would tell me, which really sucked when they got the same thing as she did. One year, I got Beauty and the Beast twice (back when it was still VHS tapes omg), so I was allowed to sell the extra and keep the money. hahaha

      I feel sort of indifferent about that. Glad the holiday stress is over (even though I'm lucky about not having much this year) but also wishing that it was still Christmas... because Christmas. lol

  4. Thanks for catching me up! I somehow missed that you moved...are you telling us where? I'm on lots of drugs for the flu, which is gone, but I have to finish the drugs, and they steal my brain. This is my brain on drugs...sigh. Two more days!
    I like your ideas for creating your own traditions, and I agree that the childhood Christmases you, um, lived through, would be enough to make one want to start fresh. Your tree is very nice. Mine is too tall for a laundry basket, but I have a table cloth around the bottom because I don't have a tree skirt...
    I subscribed by email! Thanks for having that and letting me know.
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. Oh gosh! haha I moved in with my boyfriend on November 17th. And now Brother is like 12 minutes away and he has a blog so his name is Tony. lol

      I guess I can tell you that I'm in Arizona now. Which is ironic because the A-Z Challenge happened when I came here last time. I moved from a southern state on the other side of the country, but for my mom's sake, I won't say where.

      haha Thank you! They were pretty... crazy. I was never the same age as any of the cousins either. I was the oldest born grandchild with the other little cousins being like 5 or younger, but the adopted grandkids being 13 or older. I was around 8-11 for the bulk of those Christmases.

      And thank you for subscribing! I'm glad you want to read what I have to say enough to do that.

  5. I think the best Christmases are those first ones together when you don't have a ton of stuff and your tree is perched on a laundry basket. Seriously. We've got all the trappings now (I've been married 17 years), and I still look back fondly on the days when we lived in a one-bedroom apartment with crates covered in tablecloths as side tables, hand-me-down furniture from our parents, and a desk chair we pulled out of the garbage and cleaned up.

    We typically leave Christmas morning for our kids' gifts and open our gifts to each other at some point before Christmas.

    Reading what you wrote, I think it is sometimes good that we lived clear across the country from our extended family and had our own private little Christmas celebrations! I imagine my parents missed their families, though. Then again, maybe not. ;)

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Awww! That's really sweet! I've heard a lot of people say things like that. And I have to agree. Even if we have everything as decorated as Santa's house, this was our very first Christmas that we got to spend together. That alone makes it more special than any decoration.

      Haha Extended family always brings...entertainment. Whether good or bad, its still entertainment.

  6. Usually we pack up 5 people in one car, drive 3 hours south, stay there all day with family that is awesome but can't cook to save their lives, and then drive 3 hours back. It's exhausting. So it was nice this year just to sleep in, hang out at home, watch Christmas movies, and relax.

    Suggested blog topic: neo-classical existentialism and its post modern effect on society.

    1. Yeah... I would be dead on my feet by that point. After the first three hour trip, I would just tell them I'm spending the night and if they don't like it, they can pay for a hotel. lol Then leave the following day, since Christmas food makes people almost as filling as Thanksgiving food.

      You know what? Fuck it. I'll do it. I just need a dictionary.