Wednesday, April 23, 2014

S is for School

     I was supposed to post this yesterday. So sue me. I was pushed out of training and into my first real shift, which went smoothly, but it was stressfully exhausting.

     People keep asking me about the school that I'm doing now. For those new readers or those just stopping by, I'll give a big of a background about why I'm 20 and still in high school, not college.

     To sum it up, I was bullied so horribly that I was in the hospital about once a week from incompasitating stress stomachaches. I literally woke up unable to move and dry heaving into the toilet from just the thought that it was Saturday morning and I only had two days before going back to school Monday morning. I won't get into all of the details here (I have many other posts with that) but I dropped out when I was 13, halfway through failing out of 7th grade.

     There was a long time when we weren't sure what to do. Homeschooling was either crazy expensive, too far away for testing, or I would still have to go back to my old school once a week or so for testing. We couldn't work with any of those options and the school district (like every one that I've lived in) was like "no you live here so you go to this school, the other school is too over crowded to bring in more students" so transferring was out of the question.

     By the time I was fifteen, I sort of just have up home on a diploma and decided to enroll in GED classes on my 16th birthday. And then we ended up without a car. It was about a fifteen-twenty minute drive to get to the testing center and about a ten minute drive for the classes, but without a car and no busses going to either route, it couldn't be done. I didn't have any friends left in Alabama at that point and my mom is so quick to tell people to fuck off that we only knew two people with a car- but they always took her grocery shopping so it felt wrong to ask for more favors.

     Finally, after getting madder and madder that I wasn't getting any sort of education, Sissi texted me when I was almost seventeen. She was like, "Heyyy my sister just got her diploma online through these classes because her school life sucked too. Here's the site you need to go to."

     The classes weren't exactly cheap and it took a few months to arrange a good budget as well as get the information correct (my mom had accidentally entered me into only 12th grade classes when I needed 9-12... or, you know 7-12, but 9th grade was the lowest option). But I was finally put into the right program and given an account to start doing everything.

     And then the printer broke.

     It wasn't required to print the books up but on that laptop, I think it was the screen that was too small. I couldn't focus. I couldn't absorb anything fromthe  screen. I flew through the books that were printed up and got A's in all of them, which I was quite proud of. But doing school work from that laptop was next to impossible and left me with migraines. I could get very little done and then I also started a full time (basically on call from such short notice) babysitting job so it fell to the backburner since I needed a new printer and quite a few other things.

     And it stayed on the backburner when I got the job in a restaurant when I was nineteen but I had discovered another problem- I couldn't do any of the math. Four courses and absolutely nothing made sense, so I decided that part of my money would be saved for a tutor (which is crazy expensive, by the way).

     And then life happened again.

     It wasn't until I moved out here that I was able to make any real progress in anything. My boyfriend's laptop is bigger than my own was so that's why I think I struggled so much on mine. I can't figure out what else would have been an issue since they're both laptops and one just worked without giving me migraines.

     Unfortunately, due to the laptop breaking here, things are a pain and it feels like I'm never going to get my diploma. I was able to finish up the last non-math courses by hooking the laptop to the TV screen, but I had to call in backup with the math. Sissi got me through my entire 9th grade math course but she's in college level classes so when she says something about my 10th grade math course, it's gibberish to me. Then, the amazing Tina was like, "I used to be a math teacher and I tutor kids and I did my own taxes while getting ready for the A to Z Challenge and also living a normal life and stuff that normal people can't do" (actually she only said the first part but the rest is true). So I was like "OMG YES HELP PLS". And now she is.

     The only hold up now, is time. I literally got out of job training last night and she and I both have a lot going on. It's not going to take the backburner again though. Maybe the side burned and I can switch between my working days and then school work on my days off if I'm not passing out tired.

     It is a very good program though. It gives me 28 courses to total the 24 credits that I need for a diploma. It's made for people 16+ who want a diploma and a full high school education (GEDs have a lot of education, but only the basics, as opposed to me getting to take two psychology classes for example). We only had to pay up to a certain amount, no matter if I finished in a day or in 50 years. Over all, I'm happy with it, just not how long it's taking to finish it.

     I currently have a 3.95 GPA and 21 out of the 24 credits that I need to graduate. Also, I don't care if you know where this school is located because I've never even been to Florida. So ha.


  1. I have no idea where Miramar, Florida, is. It took me 20 years to get my college degree. It was worth it. You will get your GED and continue to learn.


    1. 20 years and you still got it. You really are persistent, aren't you? That's something to admire.

  2. Look at those grades! I'm so proud of you! It was really sweet of you to mention me. We will get back on track once this April insanity is over. I've been enjoying your posts (that come in my mail) but haven't always had time to come by and comment, but I wanted you to know how proud I am of you. You're doing an amazing job juggling everything and with your determination, you are going to do this! You go girl! And remember to treat both sides of the equation fairly ;-)
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

    1. Thank you! You deserve so much more than a mention (without a link even, shame on me!) with going out of your way to help me! Math was never my strong subject but you've helped me to actually understand what I'm looking at instead of getting a 22 but the closest answer is 103 and I end up thinking "meh close enough" so I don't run out of time and paitence. Seriously, I've done that, but maybe not those exact numbers.

      After April is over, I think I'll relax more. I've had to put all my energy into work so I can learn what I need and start making tips. I think by the end of the month, I'll be able to calm down and breath again. haha