Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Values

     I almost forgot to post again. But I didn't. Win for me!

     I value a lot of things in life (and, you know, life in general). I'm not going to list people or animals specifically because that's sort of obvious. Instead, here's a list of things that I value and if you agree to everything on the list, lets be best friends!

1) Equality- I'm not talking just race and sex. I'm talking age, sexual orientation, appearance, beliefs, work, finances, everything. Nobody should ever feel or be treated as though they are less than somebody because the person treating you less than equal, clearly needs to work on themselves before they start judging.

2) Life and Death- Obviously, I value life because I'm glad that I'm alive and that people I love are alive and that the guy at the table who gave me a tip just for taking their drink order is alive. But death goes hand in hand. Without death, we can't recognize life. The dead were once people too and when I see people walking on graves (or one time, sitting on a headstone), I just want to punch them in the throat and ask how they would feel if somebody did the cha cha on their grave.

3) Honesty- If something is done that might make me mad, I can guarantee that I'll be 100 times more angry if I'm lied to about it. Have some balls (or lady balls) and own up to what you did or when I find out (and I will find out) it will be so much worse and it's guaranteed that you'll have to earn my trust back (if possible).

3) Random Acts of Kindness- I've had random people throw a dollar or change on the counter or look the other way when I'm trying to buy something but didn't have the cash. (It happened much more often when I was younger since now I always try to be prepared). I once had another table pay for my table's food and the ladies started crying because if was so nice. People holding up traffic just so I can cross the street when I'm in a hurry. So many strangers asking if I was okay and trying to comfort me (one even holding my hand) when I left Wolfy last year to go back to my mom's house and couldn't stop crying until my mom gave me a nerve pill (true story). Just... It can literally save someone's life if you do one good deed.

4) The Bad- Without it, we would never notice the good. It may be hard to handle but you will walk away stronger and happier in the end. 

5) Change- Its something that can't be stopped or avoided so you might as well enjoy it. Maybe that's why my hair never stays the same.