Sunday, April 27, 2014

W is for Work

     I don't care that its almost 1 am. I haven't gone to bed yet so technically this totally counts.

     I can't go into many details about where I work because I don't want to lose my new job if my blog were to be found. I never signed anything or agreed to not posting about it, but that hasn't stopped other places from firing other people. So details will be minimal.

     Over all, I really like the restaurant I'm in now. The money is much better than what I was making before. Generally speaking, everyone is nice to me. I was only "trained" five days.

     The first day, I was given lessons about where everything was and customer related things. The second day, I was given a more thorough lesson on protocols and what customers like. The third and fourth days, I was a runner and busser who kept getting yelled at and having the computer taken away from me when I was supposed to be doing everything with supervision. Day five, I just ran food with a manager as expo. Day six, I was put right out on the floor without the final test I was told I would have.

     My first real shift was pretty decent. My first table was easy, my second table asked a million questions to the point I had to just bring a manager with me, and my third table was easy again. I wasn't given any side work that night though but I'm not sure why.

     My second real shift was fantastic. Great tables, great tips, I was busy but I was completely fine. I only ended up with minor issues that were either not my fault or so easy to fix that nobody really cared about it. Lunch shifts don't have a bunch of sidework though so I had almost nothing to do.

     My third real shift was last night- Friday night. It started off with me being double sat with a family of 5 outside of my section and then a table of 2 in my section. I made great tips but I couldn't catch up the entire night. People kept seating themselves at my tables, whether they were dirty ("excuse me but this table is filthy, are you going to clean it now?") or not. I just could not catch up the entire night and when it came time to clean my section and do sidework, I realized that nobody had shown me how to do anything for sidework and I had about 75 rolls of silver to polish and then roll. I tried to be done as fast as possible but nobody had the time to teach me anything until I had been cut for like an hour and a half, but I said I would do better.

     Tonight, I had only four tables so I did well with the tips I made, but one table kept me running back and forth constantly. Before they sat down, I had even had time to start polishing silverware for later. After that, I was fucked. Nobody told me I was cut, my last two tables stayed to chat so I had to stay near the front to keep an eye on them but I was also trying to be in the back to roll silver but the manager kept having me drop everything to run food. Then, it was a whole new set of sidework and none could be done til closing anyways so I put that last on my to do list. I have no idea what time I was cut but it was apparently too long because I was yelled at four times.

     I don't like being yelled at. One manager talked to me and let me explain and agrees that I need time to be taught what to do and having late tables threw me off. The other one wouldn't let me get a word in and said that once somebody is cut, they have 45 minutes to basically get out. I'm not sure how I can clean 4 tables, polish and roll 75 sets of silverware, and do sidework in 45 minutes. Even with knowing what to do. Then I was yelled at again for calling my boyfriend to pick me up after I was clocked out and all I could say was, "I'm clocked out. I was about to tell you. I'm just calling the ride I mentioned before because I don't want to walk with cash at night." and I don't think he believed me.

     This all coming from the manager who I thought liked me the most. At the end of lecture number four, I almost broke down crying. Talk to me if there is a problem, but screaming at me is only going to make me resentful and angry and probably have some sort of break down, and it might get results but I'll have an internal monologue that a sailor wouldn't even say.


  1. There's no excuse to ever yell at someone at work, especially over something so small and nitpicky. It seems like the managers that have unrealistic expectations do so because they have no idea what your job actually entails. I hope things get better for you.

    1. I think part of it is because it is a large, cooperate restaurant. But that is still no excuse to yell. There's this one thing that I learned when I was a small child, called "discussing the problem", which works so much better than raising a voice and lecturing.

  2. I won't tolerate people yelling at you. I simply won't, and you can tell them I said so. When I worked at the nursing home, a nasty nurse yelled at me for something that wasn't my fault. After the problem was solved, I asked to speak to her in private. I told her what had actually happened and then said I had been abused and could not tolerate people yelling at me. She never did it again.


    1. I'm not sure if he was having a bad night or what, but if it happens one more time, I'm going to be like, "Look, I know whatever I did was wrong, but please talk to me about it instead of yelling at me. Explain it. Teach me. Show me. But yelling at me just won't work and I'll spend more time being angry and upset than I will thinking about whatever I can do to improve myself." (Except probably more professional.)

    2. I think that's very professional, but you need to work in a "fuck" somewhere; i.e., don't yell at me, you fuck.

    3. I'm pretty good at adding a "fuck" into just about any sentence. I'm actually sort of proud of it.