Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Y is for Yesterday

     And also the day before yesterday when, or, yesterday's yesterday.

     Day before yesterday, I was enjoying my day off. I slept in, I ate waffles, I had plans of just doing some laundry and doing my nails. Then at 2, I was called and asked to pick up a shift at work. I'm new and trying to get on my boss' good side so I said yes.

     The shift could have gone smoother but I'm still new to even having four tables at once, so it didn't go too badly. I did almost crash into some old guy who was coming out of the bathroom so my automatic response was to stop, almost trip over my own feet, and blurt out how sorry I was even though I hadn't actually crashed into him.

     He looked me up in down (in my baggy uniform you can't see a damn thing in) and said, "Wow I wish I had crashed into you, with you looking like that." I awkwardly laughed and tried to flee to the kitchen. He got mad. "That was a compliment." No it wasn't. You're older than my grandfather and quite possibly a decaying corpse, nor was I treated with any respect. It's awkward, uncalled for, unwanted, and I would tell you to fuck off if you ever thought of saying that to me outside of work. I bit my lip, gave the most sarcastic "thank you" I have ever said, and walked into the kitchen.

     I'm getting quicker with getting things done but I still don't know all of the sidework. As it turns out, the girl I was on that particular station with once before had told me wrong and then I had to be retrained to do it. It actually didn't take me very long to do sidework or clean my section, its just that damn box of silverware. It just all builds up and takes time.

     After I clocked out and got my money, I realized something. My food handlers card was missing. Here in Arizona, you must have it to legally work. I had been told to have it on me when actually they are supposed to have it. Like three weeks and nobody told me different? So I told my manager, found out they were supposed to have it, and promised I would get a new one before my shift Wednesday (today) if it didn't turn up.

     When I got home, I was covered in dish water and soda, so I didn't even think about writing my X is for X-Ray post.

     Yesterday, I got up and got dressed before starting my search in the path I walk to work. No luck. I stopped at the gas station next to my apartment and asked if anyone had turned it in- no luck. So I texted Wolfy and it was decided I would go to the library to print up a new certificate saying I passed the test and he would take me to get the card.

     It turns out I didn't need the extra certificate and I got my replacement card without issue. On the way home, we stopped at work and I walked in win frizzy hair, no makeup, and a bitchy "where is my relaxing day off" attitude but I smiled, handed the card to the managers, and left.

     After we got home, I just wanted food and sleep. Then I remembered I hadn't posted for X and it was too late to post for X and Y. So now Y is on the day of Z and X is on the day of Y and nothing is on the day for X. Z should come either later tonight or tomorrow. I would reccomend coming back for that one. It's gonna be my attempt at writing a horror story based on a nightmare I had.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog post. I've never had a job in a restaurant. That honestly looks like one of the hardest jobs ever! And I had to chuckle at the old man wishing you had bumped into him. I used to get creepy comments like that when I worked in customer service years ago. Some people think they can say anything they want when you're working and they're a paying customer... no matter how inappropriate. Ew! I'm glad you got your food handler certificate/card situation worked out. I hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy a real day off!

    1. Haha You should read if you really want to learn about restaurant jobs. I can agree with about 99% of what he says.

      I'm glad somebody thought it was funny! I wanted to slug him and also hide at the same time.